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The Best and Rarest Materia in the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake"

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The Final Fantasy 7 Remake will provide you with a ton of Materia. A lot of the spells can be bought in stores, but the more unique Materia must be unlocked or found in the main story. Every character can use Materia, but you there is a limited amount that can be equipped. Additionally, it costs MP (magic points) to cast Materia. MP can be restored with items like Ethers and Turbo Ethers. Completing side quests and resting at benches will also restore your MP. Note, items cannot be utilized on the hard difficulty.

Offensive Materia like Fire can be upgraded to Fira and Firaga with AP (ability points). You'll acquire AP by winning battles. Complete side quests when playing as Cloud Strife to find more enemies. Side quests are not as complex as the main story, but they offer you a chance to level up your Materia.

It can take a long time to upgrade the spells in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Make sure to swap Materia after a character leaves the party. This article will cover some of the best and rarest Materia in the game.


First Strike Materia

The ATB gauge fills slowly over time and when you attack enemies. The First Strike Materia is one of the best spells in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake because it increases your ATB gauge faster. When fully upgraded with maximum AP, you'll have a large ATB increase at the start of battle, allowing you to swiftly attack an enemy before they can make a move! Unfortunately, acquiring the First Strike Materia is a bit tricky and confusing, but it's worth it.

Where is the First Strike Materia?

You'll have to complete the Battle Intel: Stagger Effect Pt 1. It is a side quest for Chadley's Secret Research. After completing it, Chadley will sell it to you for 100 Gil. There is no other way to get the First Strike Materia in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Completing the Stagger Effect quest is kind of convoluted. The game tells you to use unique abilities on staggered enemies and charge the ATB gauge 10 times. The unique abilities are the triangle attacks like Cloud's Punisher mode. Using Braver or Triple Slash does not count. You must utilize a character's triangle ability, not their special moves.

The best way to complete the Stagger Effect quest is to fight enemies with a lot of HP. You won't stagger weaker enemies because they will be defeated before you have an opportunity. Use your triangle attacks after staggering powerful enemies.

Consider battling Shiva in the VR simulation. She has a lot of HP and can be staggered by casting a couple Fira spells at her. If Tifa Lockhart is in the party, use her triangle attacks.


Healing Materia in the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake"

Curing your party's HP is extremely important in combat. Formidable foes can deal serious damage if you're not paying attention to the HP bars. Healing Materia is absolutely paramount for surviving the toughest bosses. Cure can be upgraded to Cura, Regen, and Curaga. Spells like Cure can even be cast outside of battle. Ideally, every party member should be equipped with Cure, not just Cloud Strife.

Regen is unique because it heals a character over time. It is excellent to use during boss battles or when facing a lot of enemies. Regen is best used during the beginning of battles when HP is already high. Cura or Curaga should be cast when a party member is about to be knocked unconscious.

Although Prayer is not considered Healing Materia, it is very similar except that it heals everyone in the entire party when cast. It does not provide a lot of HP until it's fully mastered or leveled up a couple times.

Auto-Cure Materia

Chadley sells Auto-Cure. While it is not the best spell later on in the game, it is nearly indispensable during the earlier chapters in Final Fantasy 7. When a character is equipped with Auto-Cure, they will cast Cure on an injured party member, assuming they have enough MP and ATB. It does not work if you're controlling the character that is equipped with Auto-Cure. When upgraded, it can be used 10 times per battle! I loved equipping Tifa Lockhart with the Materia because she saved me when my HP was low.



The original Final Fantasy 7 had ALL Materia. The Magnify Materia is quite similar in the new game. It allows you to damage multiple enemies with one cast from spells like Fira or Blizzara. In order to use Magnify, it must be linked to another Materia. It is possible to link it to Healing Materia as well.

Initially, spells will be weaker when Magnify is linked. For example, Fira will bounce to other enemies after being cast, but the overall damage per enemy will be less. If Magnify is upgraded, however, it will deal more damage per enemy.

Location of Magnify Materia

During chapter 9 of the main quest in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you'll travel through an area called the Collapse Expressway. Aerith will be in your party. The Magnify Materia is located in the third mechanical arm puzzle where you have to stack crates. Aerith must be lowered down to pick the item up. This is the only Magnify Materia in the entire game!


Elemental Materia

Only a couple of Elemental Materia are in the entire game! The first can be obtained during chapter 7 after you activate the Sun Lamps. It is laying at the edge of a catwalk on the H-07 platform. Look for a sparkly orb.

The Elemental Materia can be linked to all the elemental spells. Equipping it to armor makes you resistant or immune to the element you linked. Equipping it to a weapon slot makes that weapon deal extra damage depending on what element is linked.


If you want a strong party defense, link Barricade with Magnify. When upgraded, Barricade becomes Manawall. Manawall halves physical and magical damage. Some of the boss fights in Final Fantasy 7 use both physical and magical attacks. Casting Manawall will protect your party members HP a lot!