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The Blue Feather Breed: The Best "Harvest Moon" Bachelors

Some of the bachelors all dressed up from Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town including my favorite - Cliff!

Some of the bachelors all dressed up from Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town including my favorite - Cliff!

What Makes a Good Bachelor?

While taste in men may vary from player to player, the characteristics of a good Harvest Moon bachelor are pretty definite. A unique character design and mysterious and interesting backstory are key components. However, character development is essential to making this list. I also consider their difficulty to court, how their lifestyle affects your character and potential children, and how they interact with the other villagers.

Ray From Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

Sweet, passionate, and awkward, Ray has always had a place in my heart. He was my first Harvest Moon husband and second love (with Cliff being the first who I never got around to marrying). He spends his time near his favorite fishing spots, but he has no known home in the game, unless of course you decide to marry him.

Ray's Personality & Backstory

His only interests are fishing, cooking fish, and if you choose to court him, you and your family. He is an excellent chef and enjoys cooking what he catches. Ray also hosts a variety channel if the player views their TV set, even after he's married.

There are no real secrets with Ray, but he seems to live a lonely life. This is illustrated by his dialogue when you give him one of his "loved" items, as he states "You're actually a good person, you know? Not many people would give me something like this. Thank you." To me, this always hinted at a sad backstory that isn't mentioned in the game.

He makes no other mention of other characters and seems to only really interact with you. The game provides no backstory and you can only assume he has no other family to speak of.

Courting Ray

A simple, wandering fisherman, Ray openly admits he knows a lot more about fish than girls. In spite of this, he warms up to you rather quickly. He makes no obtuse, flirty remarks and instead shares his interest—fishing of course—with you and is happy with your friendship.

As to be expected, Ray loves most fish and fish dishes with his favorite being Yellowtail. When you reach five hearts in Magical Melody, he gifts you with a dish of Salmon Meuniere that he caught and cooked himself. Like most other marriage candidates in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, he loves moonstones, and unless you love to fish, this is your best bet to win Ray over.

Marriage and Family Life with Ray

Ray continues to be shy even after you're married, but openly expresses his love and devotion. He continues on with his fishing and comes home in the evening, staying off the farm and out of your way during the day. Ray continually says how happy he is to be with you and how kind you treat him. Even when you have been married a long time and have maximum affection, he says "I'm nervous and feel jittery in a way. I have to get used to it." When you are in the clinic about to give birth, he is nervous and soft-spoken as usual. He paces, waiting behind the curtain with Woody after Martha shoos him away. However, when he hears the first cry of the baby, he rushes over and tells you good job. He is immediately infatuated with the new baby, and tells you that the name you picked was wonderful.

Skye in his signature leopard blouse and purple pants

Skye in his signature leopard blouse and purple pants

Skye From Harvest Moon: DS Cute

Skye is a special character in DS Cute with no rival and no traditional farming skills. This dashingly charismatic silver-haired bachelor, however, makes a wonderful companion, if you can get over the fact that he's a manipulative, smooth-talking thief.

Skye's Personality & Backstory

Mistrusted by the other villagers, Skye only lurks in the valley on clear nights. He walks the village grounds, from the dig site to the mansion. He has no known family and seems to shy away from commitments, from relationships to jobs. This only adds to the level of suspicion held by the townspeople.

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Skye is definitely a charmer and talks his way out of trouble using cheap flirtations and his secret spell, the Maiden Chick Beam, which literally freezes females in their tracks. His attire—purple pants and a silver leopard shirt with matching shoes—even hints at his lady-killer attitude.

While he is an unrepentant thief, Skye appears to only steal what he needs at the time, and has no real ill intentions. Although he does take bottles from Griffin's bar in his Purple Heart Event and appears to be after valuables at the dig site in the Blue Heart Event, he never hurts anyone or makes violent threats. He doesn't take large amounts or steal from people in desperate situations.

Courting Skye

Being a special character, this "Prince of the Stars" is a difficult catch. He only shows up late at night and only happily accepts expensive gifts, with his favorite being Finest Curry. Skype loves to toy with the player, and will often challenge them to try and rid him of his thieving ways. However, as you progress in heart events, he changes his attitude and begins to take you more seriously, even telling you his secret hobby: curry-making.

The proposal event to Skye has always stood out to me and is what made him one of my favorite Harvest Moon bachelors. When you first propose to Skye, he has a scornful look on his face and asks if you are going to give your love to someone else. However, the next day, the player wakes up to a note saying "Tonight I'm going to steal your heart away. Yours Truly, Phantom Skye." When he comes back later that night, he says that "stealing Blue Feathers from maidens is my forte," and then is surprised when you offer him the Blue Feather again. He then goes on to tell you that he's used to women "confessing their love" to him, but is unsure how to admit it himself. Skye then admits that he was scared you would give your Blue Feather to someone else, and says he has been attracted to you from the beginning. He snuck into your house late at night to steal the Blue Feather, so you could never ask someone else.

Marriage and Family Life with Skye

Perhaps due to a steady supply of food and a happy home life, Skye has completely given up his thieving ways and has settled into a quiet life at the farm. He constantly compliments you, saying that your beauty is greater than jewels, Still, he spends most of his days sleeping and never gives up his long walks to the Goddess Pond. Even if you heart levels go down, Skye will continue to tell you how much you mean to him and how beautiful and important you are to him. He is also a doting father and is always happy to play with your son or daughter.

Cliff and his trusty falcon, Cain.

Cliff and his trusty falcon, Cain.

Cliff From Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

Cliff was my first love in the Harvest Moon series. Intelligent, introspective, and rough-around-the-edges, he made my eight-year-old heart soar. He is a little hard to court, but so are all of the eligible bachelors in the early games.

Cliff's Personality & Backstory

Cliff is a true outdoorsman. He lives off the earth and is unemployed, unless you help him get a job at the winery during your first winter. He is a gentle soul who understands the balance of nature, even if it's cruel. Cliff appears to be very religious, and spends a lot of time in the church, which is where you first meet him in More Friends of Mineral Town.

While it appears he doesn't have family, a cut scene in the game reveals that he left behind a mother and sister to start a new life for himself. When he returned, his mother had passed away and his sister had left. Mineral Town reminds him of his home which he feels he can't return to. You seem to be the only villager that knows about his sad past, as Cliff tends to keep to himself.

Marriage and Family Life with Cliff

My favorite thing about Cliff is how devoted he is to his family. When you first get married, he tells you how happy he is to be so close to the winery where he works, and asks you if he can keep working there. His routine doesn't change much after marriage, but he is there when you wake up to greet you and tell you how happy it makes him to see you every morning.

Sahara's Best Harvest Moon Bachelors

Who is your favorite Harvest Moon bachelor? Comment below to share your thoughts and mention anyone I missed!

© 2017 Dani Merrier

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