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"The Elder Scrolls: Blades" Abyss Farming Guide

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Abyss Farming Guide


The Abyss

The Abyss is an endless dungeon in The Elder Scrolls: Blades. The entire purpose of the dungeon is for the player to see how many levels they can make it through. It's built in a way where each level is representative of a player level. That means a level 7 player can be expected to beat level 7 in the abyss, and potentially get further, though further would be more difficult, and as such has additional rewards.

You can always start at your highest completed level rather than having to start over from level 1. This is good both in how insanely annoying that would be, but also given the gold, experience, and reward structure.

Basic Rules of the Abyss

The Abyss functions slightly differently than standard dungeons.

  • Gold and XP rewards are granted for each level completed rather than from monster kills. (However, monsters may drop a bit of gold, but no experience.)
  • There are no map objects, including food, chests, or item drops from breakable objects like vases.
  • There are no forks or multiple paths. The map may wind around a bit, but there are no forking paths.
  • Your item rewards are granted by killing enemies to fill a gauge in the top right corner. Upon filling a gauge, you will earn that item, and you will start earning a new item.
  • You can use potions and switch gear.

Abyss Reward Structure: Gold and Experience

You are granted gold and experience at the end of the run based on the levels you complete. However, this gold and experience can be multiplied if the levels you complete are above your current level. For each level above your player level, you will also face extra difficult enemies. The gold and experience rewards in the Abyss are generally very poor, so hitting these multipliers is the only way to make them even noticeable. Refer to the table below.

Rewards Granted Versus Floor Level

Player v. Floor LevelGold & XP Multiplier


1.25x Gold/XP Granted


2x Gold/XP Granted


3x Gold/XP Granted


4x Gold/XP Granted

Abyss Reward Structure: Item Gauge

While the gold and experience rewards are underwhelming, the item rewards can be very desirable. Your item reward gauge fills up by killing enemies. Upon being filled, a new reward will become available. As a side note, you will often get a random item at the end of your run that was not granted from the reward gauge for no apparent reason. It may be a bug.

This is important! The speed at which your reward gauge fills is driven by the level of the monsters you kill! Fighting monsters 10 levels below you will not fill the gauge at all whereas 5 levels will barely move. At higher levels, the gauge fills rapidly, and you can even earn multiple items in a single kill.

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Additionally, the rewards follow the same pattern regardless of what level you start so you can get an idea of what rewards you will be earning.

Abyss Item Gauge


Abyss Runs Rewards

Reward NumberItem


Random: Void Salts, Honeycomb, Fire Salts, Limestone, Lumber, Glow Dust, Imp Stool


Wooden Chest


Random: Lavendar, Garlic, Iron Ingot, Leather


Copper, Imp Stools, Honeycomb, Limestone, Glow Dust, Void Salts


Silver Chest [REMOVED 4/11], Void Salts, Imp Stool, Deathbell, Fire Salt


[need more data] Can be a rare item such as a Garnet


Some piece of gear

Abyss Farming Strategy

Pulling this all together, you end up with a very significant strategy.

Wooden Chests and Copper are two of the most important items in the game.

  • Wooden Chests only take five seconds to open, meaning you can accrue all sorts of valuable materials by farming and opening tons of them. They only drop two items in a chest versus the four or five in a Silver Chest, but you do not need to wait for them, and thus they overall are much better!
  • Copper is a very restricted resource and is used to construct and upgrade buildings. Your town level can only progress as fast as you have Copper to use!

So, a hyper-efficient farming method for Blades is to:

  1. Enter an Abyss 2 levels higher than you (maybe 3 if you're feeling strong)
  2. Play to item #4 (Hopefully it's Copper!)—This should take about 1 floor and a few monsters on the 2nd floor.
  3. Be sure to complete at least 1 level to earn your floor gold and XP rewards. I do not recommend repeating at the 2nd item to claim your Wooden Chests as you will not complete a floor and pass up the chance to earn Copper.
  4. Leave and repeat (approximately 1 minute 30 seconds for a run).
  5. Alternatively, you can push for item #6 and hope for a rare drop. Pushing for item #7 and getting a piece of gear is likely not worth it as it can be difficult to get.

You will accrue a lot of equipment damage, but your gold earnings will offset that easily given you're playing floors higher than your level and enabling a high multiplier. You will not earn a ton of XP, but you will be racking in all sorts of valuable items.

Abyss Farming Run


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