"The Elder Scrolls: Blades" Chest Guide

Updated on July 16, 2020
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"The Elder Scrolls: Blades" Chest Guide
"The Elder Scrolls: Blades" Chest Guide

Chests in The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Chests are one of the primary ways to earn the items, materials, and resources necessary to progress nearly every system in the game. Whether you need Copper to upgrade your buildings, Ingots to craft and temper gear, potions, or just gold, you need to open Chests.

Chests also function as one of the major timers of The Elder Scrolls: Blades. Each chest takes time to open, and after waiting, you will get your rewards. You can pay gems, the game's premium currency, to rush this process.

Chest Rarities

There are five different rarities of Chests:

  • Wooden Chest: This chest takes 5 seconds to open and contains 2 items. These chests seem to drop Copper about 6% of the time. They also drop Gems (~4–6 gems) about 5% of the time.
  • Silver Chest: This chest takes 1 hour to open and contains 3–5 items. These chests seem to always drop Copper.
  • Gold Chest: This chest takes 1 hour to open and contains many items. In the store, this costs 250 gems, or roughly $2.50. These chests seem to always drop Copper.
  • Elder Chest: This chest takes 12 hours to open and contains a lot of items. However, it does not drop from random chests, and you will only occasionally get one from special quests and from jobs less than 1% of the time. In the store, this costs 750 gems, or roughly $7.50. These chests seem to always drop Copper.
  • Legendary Chest: This chest opens instantly, as it can only be purchased from the store. It contains a guaranteed Legendary and a ton of items. In the store, this costs 2500 gems, or roughly $25. These chests seem to always drop Copper.

It's important to note that Chest value scales based on your player level. Chests will grant more gold and higher level gear as you level up yourself.

Various Chests in "The Elder Scrolls: Blades"
Various Chests in "The Elder Scrolls: Blades"

Where to Farm for Chests

Chests are fairly easy to come across and have quite a few sources. The sources for chests include:

  • Quest rewards
  • Job rewards
  • The Abyss (Wooden Chest as your second reward, Golden Chest later on, Silver Chests were removed during Early Access)
  • Scattered around the map while playing the game (Just tap it to claim it, and it will be added to your Chests)
  • The store, including the free rewards in addition to purchasable chests

Job Chest Rewards Cycle

Jobs will grant a "mystery chest" reward, and you'll only find out which chest it is after completion of the job. However, similar to other mobile games, these rewards aren't actually random. They instead follow a cycle of 500 pre-determined chests with the following breakdown:

  • Wooden chest: 230
  • Silver chest: 230
  • Golden chest: 38
  • Elder chest: 2

You can actually determine your location on the list in order to find out what chests you will be getting next. To do so, I recommend using the following online tool.

While Legendary Chests are not on the reward list, you will be able to get Elder Chests every once in a while, and those do contain quite a bit of value.

The Most Efficient Farming Methods

Obtaining Chests is easy, and there isn't a ton of room for very specific strategy; however, there are a handful of things to be aware of. The following chest farming strategies can be useful in specific circumstances:

1. Abyss Farming

The second item in the Abyss is always a Wooden Chest. Wooden Chests are very useful given you only have to wait 5 seconds for them. They may be low value, but for someone engaging in the game at a pretty high rate, it's a great way to rack in items where otherwise you would just be stuck waiting. Wooden Chests also appear to have about a 6% chance to drop Copper.

Furthermore, the 4th item in The Abyss can occasionally drop Copper.

Lastly, if you get far enough along, you can good a Gold Chest, which effectively is your 'overnight' chest and is pretty well loaded with value.

For more complete information on The Abyss, check out my guide.

2 Running Standard Jobs

This is likely the best way to stock up on chests in general because The Abyss will leave you without any Silver Chests which can be useful to open throughout the day. Basically, run standard jobs if you only want to play a little bit and want to keep your chest timers maxed out to keep racking in items. Use The Abyss instead if you want to play for a while and lock down a lot.

3. Story Quests

These can have "hidden" areas which will guarantee offer a Chest. Story Quests will also occasionally drop higher value Chests. However, searching our hidden areas takes time, and even adding in the occasional high-value chests doesn't really make this the best way to farm Chests.

The Abyss Rewards
The Abyss Rewards

Final Thoughts

Maximizing chests will let you do more of pretty much everything and is critical to progress your buildings with Copper.

The TLDR of Chests are:

  1. If you have lots of time to play and are already sitting on a bunch of Chests, farm The Abyss
  2. If you don't have many Chests, won't play a ton, and want to keep up your timers, play regular Jobs to ensure you have enough Silver and Gold Chests to last a while.

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