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"The Elder Scrolls: Blades" Copper Guide

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Copper Guide


Resources in Blades

Just like any Elder Scrolls game, Blades is full of various resources and items of all types, used in all different ways.

Resources in Blades allow you to do many various things including:

  • Crafting weapons, gear, and decorations
  • Tempering weapons and gear
  • Enchanting weapons and gear
  • Brewing potions and poisons
  • Constructing and upgrading buildings

You'll find yourself hoarding all sorts of various items and resources as you play through the game. Among those resources, Copper is particularly critical and you'll find yourself wanting it a lot.

Classified as an uncommon (Green) building material, Copper is one of the most constrained grind-able resources in the game. This makes it incredibly valuable as it's normally the material holding you back from moving forward with things. Obviously, it is also fairly rare and difficult to gain in high quantities. However, there are some strategies you can follow to obtain it.

Where Copper Is Used

Every single building in Elder Scrolls: Blades requires Copper to construct or upgrade regardless of the level or number of buildings you've already constructed. You will have to make very careful decisions between whether to upgrade buildings or build new ones solely because you will not likely have the Copper to do so.

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Buildings that use Copper to construct or upgrade:

  • Alchemy Laboratory (Shop keeper - Brewing potions and poisons)
  • Dwelling
  • Enchanter's Tower (Shop keeper - Enchanting weapons and armor)
  • Homestead
  • House
  • Smithy (Shop keeper - Crafting or tempering weapons and armor)
  • Workshop (Shop keeper - Crafting decorations)

There is one exception to this rule! Upgrading or restoring a Wall does not require Copper and only uses the more common standard materials such as Lumber and Limestone. However, this isn't really a building and thus far does not provide a function other than aesthetically making your city look better, so I'm still saying that all buildings require Copper.

Buildings are the way you push your city prestige further and level up your "town level." They also unlock access to new weapons, items, and gear. In fact, Town progression is arguably more critical than your player level. All the various shop keepers are key to moving your progress forward as well, allowing you to buy/sell items, craft, temper, enchant, and more. The higher level those shop keepers are, the higher quality of gear, weapons, and enchants you'll have access to. While those specific actions do not require Copper, Copper is the way to get access to all of that through buildings, so it's very critical to get as much as possible.

Copper Used for Smithy


The Best Ways to Get Copper

Unlike many other types of resources or materials in the game, Copper only comes from a handful of sources and can be difficult to specifically chase after. These sources include:

  • Chests of all rarities, though higher rarities are more likely to drop it.
    Wooden Chests have a stack of 1 material
    Silver Chests have stacks of 1-2 Materials
    Golden Chests have stacks of 1-3 Materials
    Elder Chests have stacks of 1-5 Materials
    Legendary Chests have stacks of 1-5 Materials

    In my tracking thus far, a Wooden Chest has about a 6% chance to drop Copper.

  • Abyss rewards. It's an uncommon drop in the 4th item reward slot and appears to drop there about 30% of the time. For more complete information on Abyss Rewards, check out my full guide.)

  • (Rarely) Job rewards and it isn't a very meaningful source so you shouldn't count on Jobs helping you out here.

  • Special offers such as the "Imperial Shipment Offer" which contains 200 Copper among other things for 550 gems. You'll receive several of these as you level up and if you're willing to pay for access to stuff, this is a good option.

Unlike many other types of items and materials, Copper does not drop in dungeon environments such as broken vases or skeleton bodies. It also cannot be salvaged from anything similar to how you can salvage Steel gear to reclaim Steel Ingot. So combining the fact it's already a rare drop with that it does not have many sources, Copper can be very difficult to obtain. My favorite method for grinding Copper (and grinding items in general) is to do Abyss runs.

Imperial Shipment Offer with Copper


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