"The Elder Scrolls: Blades" Town Leveling & Prestige Guide

Updated on April 13, 2019
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Town Leveling & Prestige Guide

Towns in Blades

One of your primary objectives in The Elder Scrolls: Blades is to re-build a town that has been destroyed. Re-building this town gives you access to all sorts of stuff and is arguably the primary goal for a player. You can even name the town. Unsurprisingly, building or upgrading places in the Town require resources that you must earn by playing the game.

Town Leveling & Prestige

As one of the primary methods of progress in the game, Town's have their own level that increases by earning prestige up to a maximum level of 10. Town level has a significant impact on your access to various things and also increases the population of your Town.

Prestige can be earned by completing various tasks related to the Town including:

  • Constructing new buildings
  • Upgrading buildings
  • "Customizing" a building to a Timber, Stone, or Castle look
    This includes customizing your Walls
  • Placing a decoration in an empty spot for the first time
  • Crafting a decoration
    While this amount is very low, it is significant to note that this is the only source of Town prestige that is not limited. All other sources are finite (max level, max building spots, max decorations) and will come to an end eventually. This is worth noting for the future.

The majority of your prestige will come from constructing and upgrading buildings. This will require large quantities of Copper, one of the more scarce resources in the game. For more complete information on Copper and how to farm it, check out my full guide.

Prestige from Building a Dwelling

The green bar extending from your existing town level prestige bar indicates how much prestige you will earn for building or upgrading a unit.
The green bar extending from your existing town level prestige bar indicates how much prestige you will earn for building or upgrading a unit.

Why Town Level Matters

The level progression of your buildings is gated by the level of your town, even if you would otherwise have enough resources to build or upgrade something. For example, your Smithy cannot be a higher level than your Town has reached, gating many new types of weapons and armor behind your Town level. Additionally, some buildings required a certain Town level to be built in the first place (Refer to the table below).

At this time, during early access, Town level can go up to level 10 but there are no further unlocks after level 5.

Town Level
Smithy, Timber Customization
Alchemy Laboratory, Stone Customization
Enchanter's Tower
Castle Customization

Building Unlocks by Level

As you upgrade your buildings, you will unlock new options, perks, items, etc. That building's shop merchant will also have more gold and more items stocked which becomes very valuable later in the game. In fact, building multiple of a merchant is generally considered to be a wise strategy purely to have more merchants and thus more access to buying / selling items. While this isn't incredibly helpful early on, later in the game it can be critical.

  • The Smithy unlocks new materials to work with for each level up.
    Level 1: Iron Weapons and Armor
    Level 2: Steel Weapons and Armor
    Level 3: Silver Weapons and Armor
    Level 4: Orcish Weapons and Armor
    Level 5: Dwarven Weapons and Armor
  • The Alchemist unlocks more powerful potions and poisons, each getting slightly stronger but remaining the same durations.
    Level 1: Cordial Potions and Minor Poisons can be brewed
    Level 2: Tincture Potions and Weak Poisons can be brewed
    Level 3: "Potion" Potions and Standard Poisons can be brewed
  • The Enchanter's Tower unlocks new types of enchants as well as more powerful versions
    Level 1: Unlocks fire, health, and shock enchants
    Level 2: Unlocks frost, stamina, magicka, and poison enchants
    Level 3: Unlocks stronger versions of fire, health, and shock enchants
  • The Workshop unlocks additional decorations to craft
    Level 1: 5 small decorations can be crafted
    Level 2: 8 small and 2 medium decorations can be crafted

As a side note, customizations are also unlocked by Town level. For example, you cannot customize a building to the "Castle" look until Town Level 5. Customizations let you tailor your Town specifically to the look and feel you desire. In the case of walls, it also turns them from smoldering smoking rubble into a proper functional looking wall fit to deter outsiders. Customizations are somewhat expensive, and do use Copper, so it's likely wiser to avoid them until you have most of the upgrades and unlocks you desire.

Customization Options

These customization options are expensive, but let you change the look and feel of your town. Additionally, they grant prestige though it is comparatively minor.
These customization options are expensive, but let you change the look and feel of your town. Additionally, they grant prestige though it is comparatively minor.


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