The Elder Scrolls Online: Beginner's Guide to Healing

Updated on May 17, 2017

Support Role: Healing

Although DPS has always been my niche, when I noticed how difficult it was to find a Healer, I decided it was time to give it a try myself. Soon after, I started to realize the appeal of support roles and began to really enjoy the feeling of aiding and supporting my group. It made me feel truly important! Magicka DPS and Healing are very similar in terms of the statistics you're aiming for. Similarly to DPS, where your damage abilities are scaled off of your max Magicka and spell damage, your healing abilities also scale off of these same values. In short, the higher your Max Magicka and spell damage, the stronger your heals will be.

Kagrenac's Hope

Regardless of what others may say, it is entirely possible to run a hybrid Magicka DPS and Healing builds, assuming you have fairly good group composition, and you're not healing trials. However, I would highly recommend Kagrenac's Hope - a craftable armor set you can access by completing the Fighter's Guild questline. This armor set is personally my absolute favorite in the game.

If you're debating between Law of Julianos and Kagrenac's Hope, I would highly recommend putting on Kagrenac, especially if you plan to go the healing route at some point. As a Templar, known for their quick resurrection passive, there is simply no better set that would compliment that class. In PVE and PVP, you will be getting your allies up off the ground at the speed of light. How quickly your group manages to resurrect a dead ally contributes so much to your overall success. Kagrenac offers unmatched utility, power, and survivability, which can go as far as preventing your group from wiping on a boss fight.

Spell Power Cure and More

Additionally, it is important to mention that many groups, especially those comprised of Veteran players, will often request certain armor sets from their healers in Veteran Dungeons and Trials, especially Hard Mode versions. These sets are generally Worm Cult, also known as Worm's Raiment, Mending, and Spell Power Cure. However, all of these sets aren't necessarily easy to obtain because they require dungeon and trial farming.

Picking the Right Abilities

It is true to say that most healers have their own style of healing which is often determined by their class and who they're playing with. Still, a good healer considers both proactive and reactive healing extremely important. Buffing your group, maximizing your group's DPS, and keeping your HOTs (healing-over-time) abilities active at all times are all equally important. Utilizing Healing Springs (Restoration Staff) as your "spam-able" ability, while keeping a 100% uptime on 2-3 HOTs (such as Mutagen), buffing your group with Combat Prayer (Restoration Staff), and having a big, strong healing ability in *oh shit!* moments such as Healing Ward or Breath of Life is a very cost-effective rotation to start off with.

Dead Healers Can't Heal

Also, keep in mind that the quicker your group kills the enemies, the fewer hits they will take, and the less healing you will need to do! That is why, for example, Combat Prayer is so important because it contributes to not only your group's survivability but also their damage. Moreover, it is important to make sure you can take a few hits - a dead healer can't heal! Invest in a little bit more health, and 1-2 pieces of heavy armor if you're really taking a beating.

Don't Forget to Have Fun!

Healing takes practice! Don't beat yourself up when your teammates die. And, they will. A good group takes more than a good healer. It also takes a great tank and even better DPS. When I first took up healing, it gave me insane anxiety because I was always worried about my friends dying. Before anything else, have fun - you will all improve and become great players together!


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    • KristianHowe profile image

      Kristian Howe 

      3 years ago from UK

      Interesting article!

      As a support main in many games I can understand why you would enjoy it. I am a support main in League of Legends and used to play a tank in World of Warcraft.

      For a small time I played tank in ESO too, although I feel the tanking aspect of ESO fairly simple. The only real concern that I found was "over taunting".

      I would love to see a follow up article around the specifics, for example positioning, skill tree options or races / classes to heal with.

      A good read all the same!


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