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"The Elder Scrolls Online" Walkthrough: Bleakrock Isle – Tracking the Game

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The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

Man, hunters. Hunters on Bleakrock Isle are just not good at their jobs. It seems like every single one of 'em needs your help to drive back the deadly wildlife, and though it's a bit more understandable in Tracking the Game, you'd still expect a slightly higher level of competency—especially when going up against a creature like the insidious Deathclaw. Ah, well, just means more gold for you in the end...

Tracking the Game

Location: Bleakrock Isle

NPC: Hoknir

Level: 4

Reward: 42 gold

  • This quest is part of a longer questline involving the people of Bleakrock Village at large. Completing this quest is entirely optional, but it's also not that difficult—and it's worth finishing, thanks to some of the items found along the way.

Find Hoknir

  • The NPC needed to trigger this quest, Hoknir, is in a rather innocuous little section of Bleakrock Isle. Pull up your map and follow the roads that meander east out of town. One of them goes north, to Skyshroud Barrow; another continues south to no discernible end. The southern path is the one you want to follow. You'll know you're headed in the right direction if the path slopes downward and you have to pass through a small gate.
  • On the other side of the gate the land spreads out again, and soon enough you'll see a camp ahead. Approach the camp and you'll find the man you want, Hoknir, sitting by the fire.
  • Hoknir's in a bad way. He's lost his foot thanks to Deathclaw, a rather dangerous bit of game that Hoknir's been contracted to kill. He can't do the job now, and he wants you to carry the contract out for him. Sounds like a plan, Hoknir. Tracking the Game begins!

Follow the Gear...Or the Path

  • Hoknir advises following the gear he dropped to locate Deathclaw. You can if you wish, though Deathclaw's lair is pretty easy to find—just follow the path to the right of Hoknir's camp. It winds up into a hilly area, brimming with wolves. Be cautious as you make your way forward. (Though keep your eyes open on the sides of the road. I found tons of Iron Ore along here, as well as a locked chest. No clue if it appears for everyone or not.)
  • Near the end of the path, you'll find a huge boneyard. Investigate the biggest heap of bones to complete one of the prerequisites, and investigate the dead deer for Critter Meat. As far as I can tell, neither is necessary for completing the quest, but... eh. Why not. (You'll probably see someone else fighting Deathclaw before you even reach these bones. He likes to flit out in pursuit rather often.)

Defeating Deathclaw

  • Head into the cave. It's pretty small, and Deathclaw will spawn very quickly if he's not inside already. Deathclaw is a fairly powerful foe, a cut above your average beast in strength and a bit difficult to target, but overall you can handle him at level five or beyond. I wouldn't worry too much about being overwhelmed, either, as this is a constant hangout spot for players waiting for their own Deathclaw Talons. Expect a bit of competition when looting Deathclaw's corpse. (And try to be polite. Helping others kill Deathclaw after looting the kill yourself is just good manners.)
  • Take the Talon back to Hoknir. He'll congratulate you on the hunt and hand over your reward: 42 gold. Woo! You're rich now!
  • Aside from the fairly copious amounts of Iron Ore, as well as the gains from killing Deathclaw over and over again, there isn't much else to see out here. Best head back to town and carry on saving those townsfolks.

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