The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Bleakrock Isle: Underfoot

Updated on August 1, 2016
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Hunters on Bleakrock Isle seem to have a heck of a time surviving the wilds - though where other bands might fall afoul of fierce monsters or cold weather, one little band in particular has fallen prey to a crazy mage. Now they're suffering from a rather distinct case of Skeever Syndrome, or some other terrible pun, and they need your help to relieve their chittering woes.


Location: Bleakrock Isle

NPC: Molla

Level: 4

Reward: 42 gold

This quest is part of a larger quest line that involves rescuing everybody living on Bleakrock Isle, because apparently they're bad at existing on their native island. The rest of the quests associated with Underfoot can be found in another article. (Coming shortly.)

- Underfoot is triggered by speaking to Molla, a silver-haired hunter who's typically found wandering north of Bleakrock Village. She won't always stay in the same place, so you may need to hunt around a little bit to find her. Don't go too far from the Bleakrock Waypoint or you'll probably miss her. I most often found Molla lingering near a gateway leading to the Waypoint from the northern exit of Bleakrock Village.

- Speak to Molla and agree to follow her, despite her odd chitterings. She'll lead you a short ways across Bleakrock...

- ... to the resting place of a Gnarled Wand. Pick it up and return to Molla to zap her back to normal. Molla now has a new task for you: help her three friends, who were transformed into full Skeevers by a crazed mage using this same Wand. Her friends are Faltha, Runs-in-Wild, and Brend, and they're scattered in various places across Bleakrock Isle. This will require a bit of travelling, and one of them is annoyingly far away, but it's not a difficult quest overall. Just... make sure you don't go slicing up any Skeevers you find (they're big rats).

Save Faltha

First up is Faltha. Pull up your map and look for the Paddlefloe Fishing Camp in the north, represented on the map as an eye. Faltha is on the opposite side of the shore from the Camp, by the edge of the water. Approach her and use the Wand to zap her back to normal. Not terribly thankful, she'll dash off back to Bleakrock Village. (For the record, this is a great place to fight Frostbite Spiders. They appear here in fairly large numbers, and respawn often.)

Save Runs-in-Wild

Next is an Argonian turned rodent, Runs-in-Wild. This hunter is located to the east of the entrance to Orkey's Hollow, on the same island as the small dungeon. Make your way across the ice floes and check the south-eastern foothills of the mountain that comprises Orkey's Hollow. Runs-in-Wild is wandering around the trees here. Keep an eye open for Bears while you're searching.

Save Brend

Last up is Brend, who is quite a distance from his contemporaries. You can find Brend southwest of Bleakrock Village, near a rather enormous rock formation. If you find Halmaera's House, you'll be headed in the right direction. If you're still having trouble finding him, follow the thin, winding road that snakes west and then south from Halmaera's House on the map; Brend is beside the bigger chunk of brown as you make your way towards the water.

After saving all three of her comrades, return to Molla. She's now hanging out in Bleakrock Village, to the east of the docks. Walk up and talk to her and she'll happily fork over your reward, 42 gold. Not bad at all, considering how easy it was to complete. (You can also chat with Molla's companions for some amusing reactions to their rattish forms.)


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