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"The Elder Scrolls Online" Walkthrough - Davon's Watch: Through the Aftermath and Wayward Son

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"The Elder Scrolls Online" owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

"The Elder Scrolls Online" owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

The outskirts of Davon's Watch are a war zone so shocking that even the dead find no rest. Phantasms of tortured, grisly intent are rising out of their graves to assault the living, and it's up to you to put them back down before the situation gets out of hand . . . or, if you're up to it, to capitalize on the situation instead. (How evil.)

Through the Aftermath

Location: Davon's Watch

NPC: Sergeant Rhorlak

Level: 5

Reward: Rhorlak's War Axe, 116 gold

  • The NPC responsible for Through the Aftermath, Sergeant Rhorlak, is located in a military camp south of the city. You can easily find him by jumping to the Davon's Watch Wayshrine and walking west a short distance.
  • Speak to Rhorlak. There are tons of ghosts about, and he's not sure what he should do about them. Two of his subordinates have ideas, but for sooooome reason, Rhorlak isn't sure which he should choose. He asks for your input.
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  • Speak to the two brothers, Furon and Giron, in turn. Furon will give you a Smoky Pendant to test out on the ghosts nearby. Go through the holes in the barricades, find a Spectral Warrior, and beat the snot out of 'em until you receive the option to use the Smoky Pendant. This will put the Spectral Warrior on your side. Run back to Furon to tell him the good news.
  • Now for the other option. Speak to Reesa, the Argonian who's also standing by the fire. She thinks it better to simply free the spirits, and she'll give you a Talisman to do just that. Repeat the process a second time, beating up one of the spirits and rushing back to report your results to Reesa.
  • Speak to Rhorlak after weighing your options. You can either suggest enslaving the army or setting the spirits free. Speak to the victor after choosing their plan.
  • Regardless of the path you chose, you have to do basically the same thing: find items related to General Radrathren, Captain Andrana, and Capyain Rysari.
  • First, General Radrathren's Skull. You'll find it inside a burial mound within a war tent in the northwest of this spiritually-unsound camp.
  • Second, Captain Andrana's Skull. It's in a less-conspicuous burial mound on the other side of the small lava pools running through the area.
  • Last, Captain Rysari's Skull. It's found on the east side of the camp, away from the lava.
  • After collecting all three, head to the west end of the camp. You'll find a sizable dais where the winners of your little contest await. Use the items you collected in the brazier, then fight off the spectre of General Radrathren that appears. He's tough, but in the end, he's just a bit above average as far as the spectres in these parts go.
  • Once Radrathren is gone, speak to either Furon or Reesa to end the quest. If you went with Furon's plan, you'll also unlock the quest Wayward Son. (I have no clue if this is true of Reesa's plan as well. Does anybody know? Let me know in the comments.)

Wayward Son

Location: Davon's Watch

NPC: Furon Rii

Level: 5

Reward: 46 gold

  • To access Wayward Son, you must choose in favour of Furon's plan. He won't like the aftermath, and he'll ask you to do something about his brother, who concocted it in the first place.
  • Hop off of the dais with the brazier and look to the south for a secret Cave Entrance. It's down the hill, at the base of a massive rock jutting out of the earth.
  • Enter the cave, kill any cultists you find along the way, and proceed to the cult's largest chamber. You'll find a few more cultists inside (including Giron, though he's no stronger than the others) and, on the northern-most platform, you'll find a Worm Cult Tome. Snag it. Check the bookcases in this room before leaving for some small boosts to your proficiencies.
  • Return to the camp and speak to Furon. He'll thank you for your grim news and fork over a modest reward. Score.

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