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"Elder Scrolls Online" Walkthrough: Dhalmora: If by Sea, Finding the Family

The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

You've escaped Bleakrock Isle, but that's just the beginning. The Covenant is still on the move, and they're bound to ravage the countryside if Davon's Watch is not alerted immediately. Time to play hero yet again by saving these people from the bad guys...

If By Sea

Location: Dhalmora, Bal Foyen

NPC: Captain Rana

Level: 6

Reward: Earth-Turner Axe, 122 gold

If By Sea is triggered by completing the Bleakrock Isle quest line and retreating from Bleakrock Isle. After fleeing you'll wind up in Dhalmora, and speaking to Rana will complete that quest and trigger If By Sea. Bleakrock is pretty much abandoned at this point, so unless you want to fight a bunch of low-level Covenant troops, don't bother going back.

Rana wants you to send warning of impending invaders by entering the local Watchtower and lighting up a signal.

  • You can reach the Watchtower by heading west through Dhalmora until you reach the large, central marketplace, then heading north when the road splits. The watchtower sticks out like a sore thumb.
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  • Climb the stairs and enter the base of the Watchtower. Investigate the ledger on the ground to learn that you need Kindlepitch Powder at Fort Zeren, the local garrison.
  • Hop off of the walkways surrounding the Watchtower and follow the roads and cliff edges southwest, past the paddy fields. You'll find Fort Zeren across a large, arched bridge.
  • Enter the Fort and climb the stairs, one after another, until you see a storage area full of barrels and crates to your right. Quartermaster Urona watches over them all. She has no Kindlepitch, though, and recommends you check out the Foyen Dockyards.
  • Leave Fort Zeren through the northern exit, following the stairs and the roads through the small canyons beyond. Fort Zeren is a short jaunt northbound. Quartermaster Lineem is in a small pavilion on your right, near the docked ships. She'll give you the Kindlepitch Powder you need, and she'll lead you to a Secret Passage on the edge of the docks.
  • Go through the Secret Passage and you'll pop out back in Bal Foeyn. Now you have to light two Signal Fires. The first is far to your left upon emerging, on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea; the second is across a knobly bridge from the first.
  • Trek back south to Dhalmora. Look for Aera, one of the people you saved in Bleakrock, outside the marketplace. She'll let you know that everyone has left to go to war - and she'll give you your reward.

Aera has another quest for you, but it's somewhat larger and deserves its own article. For now, you can content yourself with a smaller quest, located nearby, which will familiarize you with the land surrounding Dhalmora a little better.


Finding the Family

Location: Dhalmora, Bal Foyen

NPC: Esqoo

Level: 6

Reward: 24 gold

  • Look for the NPC trigger for this quest, Esqoo, in Dhalmora. He's across the street from Patience Breeds Wealth, the local bank, on the eastern side of the large central market. Esqoo is a bit of a weirdo. He praises his Guar family, and he wants you to bring home his three missing pets: Corkie, Rollie, and Pale-Hide. They're scattered throughout the region.
  • Look for Rollie first. Leave Dhalmora by the northern road and follow it until you reach a river that leads south to the local paddy fields. Rollie is standing beside a huge mushroom rock, on the side of a stream that runs down to a waterfall.
  • Corkie is next. Follow the water all the way south through the paddy fields until you reach a large, arched bridge. Corkie's also by the water's edge.
  • The last, Pale-Hide, is in Fort Zeren. Climb up to the bridge and use the road to reach the fort to the southwest. Pale-Hide's at the top of the central steps, beside a fallen cart.
  • Leave the Fort and cross the bridge. Esqoo's on the other side with his flock, and he'll fork over your reward. Woot.

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