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"The Elder Scrolls Online" Walkthrough—Ebonheart: Restoring Order

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The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

Ebonheart looks like a nice, unified town on the surface, but there are some deep misgivings cracking its happy facade. The various factions in town are not happy with one another, and they're unwilling to help defend Ebonheart against the Covenant. Fortunately for you, there seems to be a single culprit behind the mischief which you can target to set things right again.

Restoring Order

  • Location: Ebonheart
  • NPC: Nilthis
  • Level: 10
  • Reward: Redoran Archmage's Robes, 130 gold

Triggering this quest is as easy as approaching Ebonheart. Nilthis is like the messengers in the other Elder Scrolls games, and can find you anywhere. Warp in, approach from the field, whatever you do, Nilthis will be one of the first person you see in Ebonheart. Speak to him.

Nilthis speaks of a Covenant invasion, and a request for your help from the Dark Elves. For once, though, he doesn't want you to fight: he just wants you to convince the townpeople to fight for their city. This necessitates speaking to three groups: the Argonians, the Nords, and the Dark Elves.


Convince the Argonians: The Sapling

  • Location: Ebonheart
  • NPC: Zasha-Ja
  • Level: 10
  • Reward: 65 gold

The Argonians are represented by Zasha-Ja, who lives in a huge house in the north of Ebonheart. You can get inside by following the road 'round the northern half of town and looking for a door into her hall.

Speak to Zasha-Ja to learn that the Argonians' Hist has been poisoned. They need four Ashreeds and three Mudcrab Meats to heal the tree. You can find both resources in the shallows right outside Zasha-Ja's home; mind that you'll have to kill the Mudcrabs to get their meat.

Zasha-Ja will run up after you've collected the items. Choose to approach the tree when prompted. With her in tow, move up to the Hist (the bulky tree in the middle of the water just outside Zasha-Ja's house, surrounded by Argonians) and use the items.

Return to Zash-Ja's house. She's attended by a Dark Elf who poisoned the tree. Speak to her, then the Elf (name's Biiril), then speak to her again to end the quest.

Convince the Nords: A Bit of Sport

  • Location: Ebonheart
  • NPC: Hraegar Stonecrush
  • Level: 10
  • Reward: 65 gold

Head to the southern outskirts of Ebonheart. There are Nord tents set up out here; look for Hraegar Stonecrush in the northern tent.

He agrees to help fight the Covenant soldiers, but he demands you prove your worth by fighting his men and to do it drunk. Check the Keg of Black-Briar Mead for a Mug of Mead, then drink up.

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Look around the camp for Nords to fight. You need to take on a Lumber Wagon Guard, a Log Roller, and a Wood Sawyer. There are plenty of each in the area. Drink up and speak with one to start the fight. The Nords are tough, but so long as you block or avoid their power attacks you won't have any trouble winning.

Speak to Hraelgar after beating down all three to earn your win, and the allegiance of the Nords.


Convince the Dark Elves: Night of the Soul

  • Location: Ebonheart
  • NPC: Disciple Sildras
  • Level: 10
  • Reward: 162 gold

Head to the temple in the west of Ebonheart. A man named Sildras waits inside, deep in prayer.

Sildras is feeling faithless these days, and he wants you to burn flowers at three shrines 'round Ebonheart. He'll give you Roland's Tears and send you off to look for the shrines.

The three shrines are on the outskirts of the city. The first is by the southwestern bridge out of town; the second is by the eastern bridge out of town; the third is on the northern-most island within Ebonheart's boundaries. To complete each objective you must light the Pile of Offal beside the shrine, pray at the brazier atop the shrine, and speak to the ghostly servant that appears.

Return to Sildras after praying at all three shrines.

All that done, you have one last task to perform: speak to Drathus Othral. He's in Hlaalu House, the large, central building in Ebonheart. He'll thank you for your efforts and ask you to look for Rhavil, a Dark Elf implicated in Ebonheart's problems.

Leave the House and check to your right, near the local Wayshrine. Rhavil will emerge and slowly begin to wander through Ebonheart. Follow him at a distance. Get too close and you'll muck it up, so be patient. Eventually, he'll lead you to a shack on the edge of town; wait for him to go in and come back out before checking the shack out yourself.

Check the book on the desk inside the shack to summon two demons. Kill them off quickly. Nothing too difficult here.

Go to Rhavil's house. Check the drawers on the right side of the house, then turn to face Rhavil as he enters. Kill him. Nothing too difficult here.

Go back outside. Drathus is waiting in front of the house, and he'll give you your reward for beating the snot out of Rhavil.

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