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"The Elder Scrolls Online" Walkthrough - Ebonheart: Taking the Tower

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The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

Naril, Naril, Naril. The booze thief is at it again, this time in the fiery city of Ebonheart, and he wants some willing consorts to snag him another fine vintage from one of the locals. Should you go along with it and help the rogue out? Or might you realize that this is all very, very illegal?

Meh, thieving is fun. And profitable!

Taking the Tower

Location: Ebonheart

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NPC: Naril Heleran

Level: 10

Reward: Hiaalu Trader's Belt, 130 gold

  • In order to trigger this quest you must first complete the quest Exquisite Tears, found in Davon's Watch. This article covers the particulars of that little mission.
  • Once Exquisite Tears is complete, you'll find your old buddy Naril flipping his coin in Ebonheart. Look for him in upper Ebonheart, to the left of the pinky tree in the center of the square.
  • Naril's after another rare bottle of wine, this one called White-Gold Tower, and he wants you to get it for him. This one is owned by a mage of some power and renown, though, so snagging it out from under her nose may be a little trickier. She's now an innkeeper in Ebonheart.
  • The inn in question, the Ebony Flask, is a short ways east of Naril. Pop inside and have a look around. There are two people inside whom you can speak to regarding the innkeeper: the first, Amil the Deft, is in the entry hall, while the second, Bameli the Pure, is in the room on your right. Speak to both of them to learn a little more about Lady Fedrasa. You'll learn two things: she hates loud noises and she hates lizards.
  • You now have two options for completing the quest. The first is to exploit her hatred of loud noises. Head to the left when you leave the inn and check out her next door neighbour. Inside this house, in a drawer on the second floor, is Flash Powder. Steal this and you can return to the inn to scare Fedrasa's pants off.
  • The alternative is to exploit her fear of lizards. Go down the tall stairs a short ways north of the inn and you'll soon wind up on the edge of the water, near the Argonian section of town. In the tall grass down here you'll find Lizards scurrying about. Grab one and take it back to the inn. Make sure you target Lizards within the circle marked on your map - any others found out in these swamps won't count.
  • Either way, head back to the inn. Use whichever method you selected to draw the innkeeper out of the room on the left and into the foyer. While she's distracted, run in and grab the bottle of White-Gold Tower from her desk. Be quick about this, or she'll spot you and zap you out of the inn. Annoying.
  • This is rather a troublesome mission. I don't know for other players, but Fedrasa has a penchant for not moving even if you use the lizard or the Flash Powder. I believe this is tied to other players using her as a merchant, as she doesn't seem to move until she's back to studying her books. Just wait until the guilty players moves, then grab the bottle. You can use your lizard or Flash Powder as many times as you like to distract Fedrasa, but bear in mind that they haven't worked until she physically leaves the room. Try stealing the wine at any other time and she'll zap you out of the inn.
  • One other addendum: you can also just wait until another player distracts her, then grab the bottle. Might take a while, depending on how busy the server is, but it's always an option. Weeeee!
  • Take your ill-gotten prize back to Naril. He'll compensate you for the crime, and, uh, who knows? Maybe you'll see him down the road sometime.

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