The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Fighters Guild: The Prismatic Core

Updated on January 9, 2017
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The Fighters Guild is knee-deep in a plot hundreds of years old and rooted in the machinations of the evil Malog Bal himself. Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors needs your help to unearth the details behind a weapon long thought to be destroyed - and good 'ol Merric requires your assistance with a forge far cooler than the water buckets you typically have to use.

The Prismatic Core

Location: Stormhold

NPC: Guildmaster Sees-All-Colors

Level: 25

Reward: Forgemaster's Band, 408 gold

  • In order to trigger this quest you must first enroll in the Fighters Guild and complete several quests. The Dangerous Past will trigger the appearance of a messenger in your current city; speak to her to begin The Prismatic Core.
  • Travel to Stormhold after completing enough quests to get somwhere in the vicinity of level 25. (A level or two below will suffice.) You'll find Sees-All-Colors in the local Fighters Guild branch, south of the Shadowfen Markets. Sees-All-Colors is in a back room.
  • Sees-All-Colors will tell you a little more of the crystal and tome that you found in the previous quest. Keep talking to her to your satisfaction and, eventually, she'll zap open a portal in this room that will take you to a new dungeon.

Exploring the past during the Prismatic Core quest of The Elder Scrolls Online.
Exploring the past during the Prismatic Core quest of The Elder Scrolls Online.


  • Speak to Sees-All-Colors upon arrival. This will change the dungeon - and you - into a relic of the past. Interesting. (No worries, you still have all of your weapons and abilities. You also have Sees-All-Colors following you, but she's useless.)
  • After your spectral companions leave, take the southern path. Check the various bookshelves ahead for skill points, and fight off any skeletal warriors that get in your way. Many of these skeletons are slumped against the wall and won't rise until you approach, so watch the walls for signs of an imminent fight.
  • In the next large room you'll find a significant number of skeletons, and among them a boss-like enemy, Prince Malyon. The Prince is quite strong as a solo opponent, and can be suicidal if you take him on with anyone else nearby. Destroy surrounding skeletons before approaching the kneeling man. Though he's a melee opponent, Malyon can summon a circular patch of frost that will hurt you if you touch the edges. Stay near him to avoid this effect and smack away at him.
  • There's a split down the passage ahead. Take a left (the right takes you to a cool statue and naught else) and you'll see a beam of blue light ahead and down some stairs. This is Queen Palolel, another power mini boss you need to bring down. Palolel will summon a Flesh Atronach; otherwise she's just a melee fighter. Standing on the stairs is a good way to avoid being hit simultaneously by both, so long as you're standing lower than the pair.
  • At the bottom of the stairs, amid a huge chamber with several more bookcases, is the watery Mortuum Vivicus. Destroy it and you'll be tossed out of the dream state and back into the real world. Speak to Sees-All-Colors once here. She'll reveal more plot details, then summon a portal to another new area.

Protecting the massive Earth Forge during the Prismatic Core quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Protecting the massive Earth Forge during the Prismatic Core quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Earth Forge

  • Speak to Merric at-Aswala upon exiting the portal. He'll lead you into the Earth Forge; follow and speak to him at the base of the Forge when he stops running.
  • You need to follow a specific set of steps next. First, stoke the flame with the bellows. They're to Merric's right. Next, activate the Forge Valve to the left. Hit the Bellows one more time after this to create a small fire that Merric needs.
  • Now Merric needs a larger fire. Use the Forge Valve three times until it's no longer an option, then trigger the coals. Pull the lever to Merric's left twice once the fire is too intense for a medium fire.
  • Last? A big fire. Use the Bellows once, the Forge Valve three times, and the Coals once. Then all you need do is wait for Merric to finish up with his work.
  • Speak to Merric once all this is done. You'll trigger an attack on the Earth Forge from two waves of skeletal warriors, and, once they're gone, Queen Palelol. None of them are very difficult, so long as you roll away from their AOE attacks (which is almost exclusively what Palolel uses in this second fight). Speak to Merric after they're toast.
  • Follow Merric out of the Earth Forge. He'll lead you into a little cut scene. Speak to Merric again when it's done to leave the area, then speak to Sees-All-Colors to finish up the quest.


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