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"The Elder Scrolls Online" Walkthrough - Hrogar's Hold: Kinsman's Revenge

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Yikes. You've managed to successfully defend Horgar's Hold from a terrible attack by a mixed coalition of goblins and spiders, but that's not the end of the debacle. Both of Hrogar's sons have now gone missing, and with his men focused on protecting the property, you're the only one available to look for them. Yet finding the sons is only the beginning of this fight, as ending the threat to Hrogar's Hold once and for all means taking out the ringleaders behind the deadly attacks.

Kinsman's Revenge

Location: Hrogar's Hold

NPC: Fafnyr

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Level: 11

Reward: Pauldrons of the Holdfast, 138 gold

Hrogar's Hold, the home of the Kinsman's Revenge quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Hrogar's Hold, the home of the Kinsman's Revenge quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

  • To trigger this quest, you must first travel to Hrogar's Hold and complete another, Protecting the Hall. After this is done, leave the hall to find Fafnyr waiting. Speaking to him will complete the old quest and begin Kinsman's Revenge.
  • Fafnyr has bad news: both brothers are now missing. He suspects they've been captured by the spiders and webbed up for later eating. He suggests looking for webbed-up bodies on the farmgrounds. (He actually says the beach, but you needn't go so far.)
  • Run down the hill in front of the manor towards the fields. You'll soon see large cocoons down here, usually watched over by spiders or goblins. You need to kill their guardians, then split these cocoons open. One of them contains Bjorick. (I found him in the cocoon nearest to the bridge/gate that leads to the beach. I don't know if his location changes each time. If it does, there are plenty more cocoons to check beneath the bridge and nearer to the beach.)
  • Go under the bridge to find the beach, which, predictably, is absolutely lousy with spiders. Fight your way to the cave on the other side of the shallow pools in the area. Inside you'll find a cocoon on your right; break it open to find Gar. He'll immediately rush off into the caves. Follow him deeper inside until you find a door. Go through to find the Goblin Cave proper, a large-yet-small area festooned with spider eggs.
  • (For the record, I found this entire area fantastic for mining Iron Ore. The enemies are only located at the entrance of the cave and conditionally in the Goblin Cave itself. If no one else happens to be around you can make quite a killing.)
Killing spiders near the Goblin Cave of Kinsman's Revenge in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Killing spiders near the Goblin Cave of Kinsman's Revenge in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Goblin Cave

  • Gar's in a wide area beyond. Speak to him to learn of the Goblin Warlord and the Spider Queen, two miscreants plaguing the area. He'll suggest a method for bringing them out to scrap: smashing spider eggs. Sounds... delightful. Smashing two eggs will bring out a pair of normal spiders; kill these and smash another egg to bring out the Warlord and the Spider Queen. Don't crush any more eggs or you'll just bring down more wrath upon your head, which, at this point, you won't be able to afford.
  • If you're on your own, even with Gar helping, this is a relatively tough battle. The Spider Queen is just a beefed-up normal spider, granted, but this can be fairly problematic in conjunction with the Warlord's ability to bolster his strength when standing inside the area of influence offered by his banner. Back away from the banner and attempt to fight these enemies one-at-a-time. The Warlord seems to enjoy sticking by his banner, so take on the Queen first, then go after the Warlord. This battle may be made easier or complicated by the presence of other players - they can help, true, but they may smash other spider eggs and bring normal spiders into the mix. Watch the fight carefully, wait for an opening, and strike. If you keep dying on your own, feel free to wait until someone else summons the bosses and jump in on their battle.
  • After killing the pair, speak to Gar again. He'll tell you to take the good news of the victory to his father, Hrogar, back in Hrogar's Hold. Return to the giant manor and the lord will happily fork over your reward for completing the quest.

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