The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Mournhold: The Dungeon Delvers, The Light Fantastic

Updated on October 18, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Most everyone in Tamriel is busy focusing on their bleak futures, but some are more interested in manipulating the past. Enter a pair of siblings who, ignoring their own wellbeing, decide to go dungeon delving in a Dwemer ruin. They seeeeeem like they can handle themselves - but, ah, maybe they could use just a little bit of help.

The Dungeon Delvers

Location: Bthanual, Mournhold

NPC: Raynor Vanos

Level: 18

Reward: 177 gold

- The NPC that triggers this quest, Raynor Vanos, is found in the hills to the west of Mournhold. It's easiest to find him by jumping to the Mournhold Wayshrine and walking onto the path to the west. Follow it and you'll find Raynor on the right side of the path, not too far from the dungeon Bthanual.

A Dwarven Prism, part of a puzzle in the Dungeon Delvers quest of The Elder Scrolls Online.
A Dwarven Prism, part of a puzzle in the Dungeon Delvers quest of The Elder Scrolls Online.

- Raynor's sister is in potential trouble. She's walked into a dwarven ruin - and in doing so, she's accidentally left behind her brother's Control Rod. Without it she'll be attacked by the Dwemer constructs that prowl the dungeon. He begs you to take the rod to her in his place. Forgetful family, this.

- The entrance to Bthanual is just down the road. Head inside. You'll find plenty of Dwarven Spiders inside; the chances are pretty good you've fought them before. If not, try your best not to get penned in by packs. They're resilient, but not terribly strong on the offensive front.

- Kireth Vanos is right down the initial hallway. She'll chastise her brother and ask you for help; if you can Intimidate her she'll offer you an extra share of the spoils. (Though to be honest I don't know that this option makes any difference to your ultimate reward.)

- Enter the large spherical room ahead. There are Dwarven Spiders in here, and you need to use the Control Rod on them until you successfully capture one. Trigger the Rod at five of them; the fifth will stick and start following you around. (Don't kill the Spiders in this room. Other people need them for the same quest. Take what you need and leave. It's just good manners.)

- You'll find Kireth down the northern passage. Speak to her once you've netted a Dwarven Spider and she'll ask you to keep up with the Spider harassment, though in this case you have to trash the little creeps. Return to the previous room... yes, again... and hunt for Spiders. Smack each until they're dead, then use the Control Rod on the body. Do this five times. There's typically a lot of competition from other players over the Spiders, so start tapping the activation button for the Control Rod before the Spider is even dead. Otherwise someone else will invariably steal it on you. (You should also keep an eye on the ruined husks of other Spiders in case someone missed theirs.)

- Return to the northern room and speak to Kireth again. She'll finish up the quest for you and trigger another.

Battling the massive Dwarven Greatspider during The Dungeon Delvers quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Battling the massive Dwarven Greatspider during The Dungeon Delvers quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Light Fantastic

Location: Bthanual, Mournhold

NPC: Kireth Vanos

Level: 18

Reward: Dungeon-Delving Slippers, 177 gold

- Kireth will begin fiddling with the machinery in the room. You can Persuade her to fidget with the focusing crystals here if you have the appropriate skill; otherwise you'll have to adjust the prisms yourself. Approach each one and mess with them so the red beam they're emitting zig-zags around the room and hits the circular structure in the south. Don't get too close to the prisms or you won't be able to target and adjust them.

- You'll open the 'huge door' by hitting the final structure. Beyond you'll find a Dwarven Greatspider. Use the Control Rod on it, then beat it up. It's just an upgraded version of a normal Dwarven Spider. Loot its body for the Dwarven Key, then use the Key on the chest behind the Spider to find a Dwarven Harmonic Tuner.

- Return to the prism chamber. Kireth is waiting nearby. Speak to her (and Intimidate again, if you wish) to complete your quest and earn your reward.


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