"The Elder Scrolls Online" Walkthrough - Mournhold: Trade Negotiations, The Trial of the Ghost Snake

Updated on March 4, 2019
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Most of your quests have to do with big town people in the urban districts of Tamriel, but not always. There are just as many troubles in the countryside as in towns and villages, and the Mabrigashi of the Vale of the Ghost Snake are no expection. Thing is, they're not the ones with lives on the line...

Trade Negotiations

Location: Mournhold, Vale of the Ghost Snake

NPC: Apprentice Savur

Level: 20

Reward: 185 gold

- The NPC for this quest, Savur, is standing on the western outskirts of Mournhold. Look on the left side of the main road, beside a tree. Savur will ask you to head further down the road, to a Hlaalu Trading Post.

- The Trading Post is marked by a few pavilions lit by torches, and by them stands the NPC Teyvynni Hedran. Her master, Raston Vendril, has gone missing while dealing with a local tribe in the Vale of the Ghost Snake. She asks you to go searching for him on their behalf, suggesting you speak to one Gulakhen Harrinat.

- To the east is a palisade, and inside a camp of Ashlanders. You'll find Gulakhan inside. Speak to him and you'll learn that the merchant leader insulted the locals. He suggests you speak to Wisewoman Iru-Ahan. She's standing at the eastern entrance of the camp.

- The Wisewoman wonders at your presence - but your conversation is cut short as a pack of ghosts appears. Follow them through the camp (you can't attack 'em, so don't bother) until they float around another NPC, Farseer Bodani. Wait near here for the ghosts to vanish.

- Talk to Bodani. She's not willing to give up Raston, who's struggling nearby, but your presence may help expedite his release.

- Speak to Raston. You'll learn a small part of what he actually had planned for the area and bring the quest to an end. This will also unlock another quest nearby.

The Trial of the Ghost Snake

Location: Mournhold, Vale of the Ghost Snake

NPC: Farseer Bodani

Level: 20

Reward: Snakeskin Belt, 221 gold

- Bodani believes you will play a role in the future of the Vale. She tells you to seek the counsel of the Ghost Snake itself - and to bring eight Rats as an offering to the thing. Yay. That's a real nice Critter Sack you got there.

- Take the southeastern path out of the camp, past Iru-Ahan, and follow the road. Now you're in the Vale proper. The path through here is filled with Ghosts and Giant Snaks, both of which can be deadly enemies if approached in packs. The Snakes in particular are tough, as they have wide AOE attacks and can fully restore their HP if not interrupted or killed quickly. And you must fend them off...

- ... while looking for Rats. It's a little tricky to find the things here, as the grass is thick in places and they blend into their surroundings. Keep your eyes on the ground while searching, and do so in areas with open terrain. You may get lucky and find them in the grass, but it's not likely.

- After collecting eight Rats, follow the wriggling road to its teminus point near a stone circle. Offer the Rats up at the offering bowl and the Ghost Snake will appear. Talk to it and you'll be forced to face it in battle.

The Ghost Snake, giver of trials and vicious final boss of The Trial of the Ghost Snake quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.
The Ghost Snake, giver of trials and vicious final boss of The Trial of the Ghost Snake quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Ghost Snake

The Ghost Snake is basically a buffed-up version of a normal Giant Snake, which isn't a good thing given how tough Giant Snakes can be. You'll want to spend most of this battle constantly circling the Ghost Snake and chipping away at its health as you go. Staying in front of it will expose you to its AOE attack, a tail lash that tosses you right in front of it and opens you up to more attacks. It doesn't do as much damage as you might think, but the Ghost Snake has a ton of HP to eat through - and it will regenerate its HP partway through the battle, though you have a long few moments to mitigate its restoration cycle.

Having trouble? Despite the somewhat ethereal nature of this battle, you can fight it with someone else. Either bring in a party or wait for someone else to run up and speak to the Snake. You'll be teleported to the same arena to fight it.

- The Ghost Snake will offer to teleport you back to the Farseer from earlier after you win the battle. Make the jump when you're ready, then speak to Bodani. Fetch her Snake Totem from her tent, then make a choice: burn the thing, or give it to Raston. Speak to everyone around for more info before making the decision, then either burn or hand over the Totem. Either way, the quest is done, and your reward is earned.

- (The reward listed above was gained by saving the merchant. Is it different if you burn the Totem? Anybody know? Give me a shout in the comments.)


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  • MattWritesStuff profile imageAUTHOR

    Matt Bird 

    6 years ago from Canada

    10 gold difference? Huh. I wonder if the reward is the same and what I wrote down is just a small typo. I'll look into it. Thanks.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    I "suggested something else": 231 gold, Snakeskin Belt


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