The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Othrenis: Wake the Dead, Rending Flames

Updated on October 18, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Davon's Watch has been saved, but in their haste to prevent the destruction of the city the Indoril family has unleashed a terrible beast. Balreth, a spirit borne of sacrifice and destruction, is happily tearing up the landscape near Ash Mountain. It needs to be stopped before it can regain its full strength and loose itself on the rest of Stonefalls. Are you the man/woman for the job? Or is Balreth just too much to contain...?

Mystery of Othrenis

Location: Ash Mountain

NPC: Garyn Indoril

Level: 7

Reward: 26 gold

- To trigger this quest you must first complete the short quest line ending with City Under Siege, back in Davon's Watch. Once it's done you'll be sent out to the base of Ash Mountain to speak to Garyn Indoril. Follow the southwest road out of Davon's Watch to make your way to the man.

- The creature summoned to save Davon's Watch, Balreth, has no desire to be unsummoned. It is running rampant, and the soldiers need advice. Garyn sends you to speak to an Argonian scout called Onuja to begin this process; he's found in Othrenis, a short trip southeast of Garyn's small volcano-side camp.

- Onuja is kneeling between two stone monuments. Speak to him to complete the quest and trigger a new one.

Mavos Siloreth, a short-tempered and caustic spirit met during the Mystery of Othrenis quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Mavos Siloreth, a short-tempered and caustic spirit met during the Mystery of Othrenis quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Wake the Dead

Location: Othrenis

NPC: Onuja

Level: 7

Reward: 53 gold

- Onuja recommends speaking to the spirit of Mavos Siloreth, who may know how to bind Balreth once more. To do this you'll have to pray to the man.

- Beyond are the ruins of Orthrenis, guarded by the restless undead. They're typical soldiers, which you should be accustomed to fighting by now.

- You need to light the Shrine of Veneration and the Shrine of Reverence. They're found to the right and left of this area; there are multiple ways to reach them.

- Return to Onuja, who's now kneeling near a blazing brazier in the center of the area. He tells you to pray at the brazier. Do so and a phantom will appear and attack you; strafe around the thing and chip away at its health.

- Killing the ghost will summon Mavos. Speak to Onuja one last time, then pass through the southern arch in this central area and approach the largest tomb. Mavos is at the top. This will end the quest and trigger another.

Rending Flames

Location: Othrenis

NPC: Mavos Siloreth

Level: 7

Reward: Ancient Warden's Greaves, 106 gold

- Mavos will perform the ritual to bind Balreth, but he needs a candle and a skull to do the deed. You have to fetch his implements for him.

- Run back down to ground level. Head left and, down some more stairs, you'll find multi-coloured lights pouring down into shrines. You need to set the shrines so they're emitting the right colour combination. From left to right, they need to be red, green / gold, and blue. This will pop open the chest in front of them, allowing you to snag the Kwama-Grease Candle inside.

A flaming, demonic portal that needs closing during the Rending Flames quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.
A flaming, demonic portal that needs closing during the Rending Flames quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

- Now for the skull. Run to the opposite side of Othrenis to find more shrines shining with coloured light. These need to be set to green, blue and green, in that order. There's a Skull in the chest this unlocks.

- Return to Mavos. He'll shoot you off to a new area. Once you appear, speak to the NPC Hedyn straight ahead. He'll beg you to use the powder in a Pouch he hands over to close a number of Daedric portals that are spawning innumerable Scamps in the area ahead. They're fiery little jerks and painful at a distance; get up close to take them out.

- The first portal is behind you and set between twin flows of lava. Take out any Scamps watching over it and use the Pouch to close the thing. One down.

- The second portal is hovering on a ridge ahead. Take the bridge on your right to the slope, then climb until you can reach the portal. Two down.

- Take a right on the path and follow it until you see stairs ahead. These lead down to the final portal. After it's gone, continue along the path to find your next NPC of note, Magister Enuse.

- Straight ahead you'll see Mavos restraining Balreth. To your right and left are two braziers. Use them both to summon guardians that will help Mavos. Wait a few moments for the first guardian to reach its position before trying to bring in the second.

- Speak to Mavos, then touch the altar at Balreth's feet. This will chuck you out of the dream state and back to the real world.

- Speak to Mavos again. Doing so will end the quest, and you can run down the stairs to find Onuja. He'll trigger a new quest for you: To Ash Mountain.


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