"The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough" - Selfora: Restless Spirits, Rescue and Revenge

Updated on March 18, 2019
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The Maulborn have been chased out of Mournhold, but the threat remains. Now their leader, Magistrix Vox, is fleeing to the east to escape your might - and she's left the hapless village of Selfora an absolute ruin in her wake. Can you save these innocent villagers before they meet a grim, phantasmal end...?

Chasing the Magistrix

Location: Mournhold

NPC: Almalexia

Level: 21

Reward: 47 gold

- This quest is triggered by first completing The Seal of Three. After defeating the Maulborn priest, speak to Almalexia. She'll wrap up The Seal of Three and, with enough chatting, she'll unlock Chasing the Magistrix.

- Leave Mournhold from the southern gates and head east. The long, twisting main road will eventually take you to the small village of Selfora.

- If you follow the main path you'll find a hill leading up to Selfora. A woman named Elynisi Arthalen is slumped against a post on your left. Speak to her to complete the quest and trigger the next one.

Battling through a town of vengeful, unhappy ghosts during the Restless Spirits quest of The Elder Scrolls Online.
Battling through a town of vengeful, unhappy ghosts during the Restless Spirits quest of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Restless Spirits

Location: Selfora

NPC: Elynisi Arthalen

Level: 22

Reward: 193 gold

- Elynisi is in a poor state, as she was injured during a sudden outbreak of spirits in Selfora. She needs to get to the inn; you'll have to protect her on the way.

- Selfora is full of spirits. They are, for the most part, plain 'ol soldiers with a fancy purple overlay. Follow the main road as it twists right and you'll find yourself at the inn soon enough. Speak to Elynisi and she'll recommend you check out the local temple for answers.

- Return to the bridge in the south of town and take a left before going through the tunnels at the bridge's base. The stairs will leap up and onto the bridge. Follow it west to reach the Selfora Temple.

- Speak to the Forlorn One inside the temple's entrance. He'll suggest using the Holy Water Decanter, found below ground level in the temple, on the blue fires in town. Hop down into the circle to find it. You may or may not have to face an angry above-average mage down here, though she's not that difficult. Before leaving, use the Decanter on the blazing blue brazier on the opposite side of the floor.

- Return to ground floor and speak to the Forlorn One again, then watch the vision he creates. Speak to him one last time to complete the quest. Keep talking to the Forlorn One to trigger another quest.

Battling restless spirits during the Rescue and Revenge quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Battling restless spirits during the Rescue and Revenge quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Rescue and Revenge

Location: Selfora

NPC: Forlorn One

Level: 22

Reward: Selforan Temple Sash, 193 gold

- Before vanishing, the Forlorn One mentions two more townsfolk who are trapped in Selfora's remaining homes. They are penned in by flames, and require assistance.

- Turn left upon leaving the temple and hop down the rocks. You'll wind up beside a house, the entrance of which is blocked by blue flames. Use the Decanter you received to get inside. Speak to Rilen Arthalen inside the house to save him.

- Back outside. Cross to the east side of Selfora. You'll find another house ablaze with blue fire. Quench, step inside, and save Orara Arthalen within.

- Return to the inn and speak to Elynisi. She's happy to have her brother and sister back, but her father is still missing. She'll recommend you check town hall, and give you the Town Hall Key.

- Town hall is outside and to your left. Pop inside. Look downstairs and you'll see a body; approaching it will bring the Forlorn One in to greet you. He'll reveal some more plot points and give you a new task for your Decanter.

- Down the stairs from the inn is a crater, and standing in it is the Forlorn One. Speak to him to summon the Echo of Vox, beat her into submission, then, when her health is low enough, use the Decanter on her. This will end the battle. Speak to the Forlorn One again and he'll vanish for good.

- Head back to the inn and speak to Elynisi out front. She'll grieve for the results of the quest, but will hand over your gift nevertheless. Completing this quest will also clear Selfora of ghosts, so you're safe to wander around from here on in.


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