The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Stormhold: Shadowfen Smorgasbord, Unwelcome Guests

Updated on October 18, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Most everything in Shadowfen seems doom-and-gloom these days, but not every citizen is fearing for their lives. Some are still engaged in the normal activities of life: killing crocodiles, avoiding nests of deadly wasps, wading through fetid pools of swamp water, and, best of all, betting. There's a pair of bettors in Stormhold who are undertaking a particularly vicious bet right now, and one of them - a hopeless drunk! - needs your help.

Also? Mercenaries. Lots and lots of mercenaries.

Shadowfen Smorgasbord

Location: Stormhold

NPC: Angwe

Level: 24

Reward: Belt of Elastic Girth, 100 gold

- You'll find the NPC for this quest, Angwe, kneeling just outside the Fighters Guild in Stormhold. She's one of the first NPCs you're like to come across in Shadowfen offering a quest, and she's a good one to trigger early.

- Angwe has made a foolish bet with her buddy, Veenaza, that she can hunt various animals and use their bits to pull together a sumptuous feast. The problem? She can't hunt. She begs you to pull off the bet in her stead.

Angwe provides details on the Shadowfen Smorgasbord quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Angwe provides details on the Shadowfen Smorgasbord quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

- You'll find Veenaza outside Stormhold, across a river to the east of town. Speak to him and he'll offer up knowledge of the beasts you need to hunt, and where to find them. You must go to the areas specified on the map to get the items you need; killing the monsters elsewhere in Shadowfen will not yield the results you want.

- (You can also tell Veenaza that Angwe put you up to this, if you wish. The hunt will carry on either way.)

- First, Wasps. You'll find them on the string of islands just north of Stormhold's Markets. They're easy to kill on their own, but if you fight them in the wrong place they'll swarm you and bring you down easily. Wait for the Wasps to wander into solitary positions before tackling one. These will drop Wasp Eggs.

- Northwest of Stormhold you'll find the nesting grounds of the Kagouti, not far from where you killed the Wasps. There are numerous other monsters in this area, so be careful when you're trying to isolate a Kagouti. They're strong, but they rely too much on power hits to be that dangerous. Killing one will earn you Kagouti Ribs.

- The grounds of the Mudcrabs are southeast of Stormhold, a very short ways north of the Bogmother Wayshrine. Collecting Mudcrab Claw Meat from the things is easy enough, as they're very weak; avoiding the Dreughs that also hunt this area is a bit trickier.

- The Alit are found far to the southwest of Stormhold, and is most easily found by using the Hatching Pools Wayshrine or the Hissmir Wayshrine. This is the most difficult of the ingredients to collect, as the monsters in these parts are the strongest of the lot and some of the most numerous. Kill a hardy Alit to earn an Alit's Heart. Save this one for last, as you need to wander over to a (probably new) area just west of their breeding grounds for the final stage of the quest.

- After collecting all four ingredients, head west from the Hatching Pools to Hissmir. Seek out Veenaza and you'll earn your reward. (This may change if you didn't rat on Angwe. I'm honestly not sure. Let me know in the comments. Thanks!)

A Mercenary Marauder, one of many troublemakers patrolling Stormhold during the Unwelcome Guests quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.
A Mercenary Marauder, one of many troublemakers patrolling Stormhold during the Unwelcome Guests quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Unwelcome Guests

Location: Stormhold

NPC: Doubts-the-Moon

Level: 24

Reward: Merchant's Favor Ring, 100 gold

- Unlike most quests, this one isn't found on the map. You must trigger it by speaking to Doubts-the-Moon, owner of Doubt Not These Prices. It's the western-most stall in the Riverside Markets.

- Mercenaries have taken up residence in Stormhold, and they're not wanted. Doubts-the-Moon asks you to make them scoot. You'll find the mercenaries scattered within a circular area just west of the stall; hunt down four of them (there are a lot more than four) and either convince them to leave the area or kill them. They're pretty strong, so try not to fight them two-at-a-time.

- Return to the shop and speak to Hjotild, the woman leaning against the leather flaps. She'll finish up the quest for you.


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