"The Elder Scrolls" Online Walkthrough: Three Tender Souls and Getting to the Truth

Updated on May 22, 2019
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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

As with every other territory held by the Pact, the city of Stormhold is in a bit of trouble. There's a mystery killer on the loose, and no one seems capable of unearthing the culprit. Can you bring down the murderer before they strike again? Or is there more to this dangerous situation than just one crazy dude with a knife...?

Three Tender Souls

Location: Stormhold

NPC: Aide Diina

Level: 24

Reward: 200 gold

  • You can find the NPC for this simple quest, Aide Diina, at the entrance to Stormhold, right beside the local Wayshrine. She's likely to be the first quest NPC you'll come across in the city.
  • Diina asks you to meet Vicecanon Hrondar, as there's murder afoot in the city. You can find him in the Fighters Guild of Stormhold, near the center of the city.

Crossing a bridge near Stormhold in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Crossing a bridge near Stormhold in The Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Hrondar is down the first set of stairs in the Fighters Guild and to your left. Speak to him to enlist yourself in the cause of finding the killer loose in Stormhold.
  • Leave the Fighters Guild. You now have to speak to the families of three of the people who were murdered. They're scattered throughout Stormhold.
  • The first, Tiiril Alor, is straight down the entry hall of the Fighters Guild as you come in...
  • The second, Gethis Omobar, is beside a forge by Stormhold's Riverside Market, and he'll give you a Mortuary Key to access his wife's body...
  • And the third, Dendras Indalor, is a short way southeast of the Under-Root Bank.
  • Now that you've spoken to family members, you need to inspect the bodies of the dead. You'll find them in the Mortuary, southeast of the Fighters Guild and on the edge of the city. As you leave you'll be approached by one Smith Halva; speak to her and she'll tell you that Gethis has seen his wife alive.
  • (Before exiting the Mortuary, scan the walls. There are lots of bookshelves down here, and they're quite handy for building up your skills.)
  • You'll find Gethis' home across the first bridge from the Mortuary. Inspect him upon arrival, then head inside and have a look at the body. The body's journal read, make your way back to Vicecanon Hrondar. You won't find him—but you'll find a Vicecanon Heita-Meen, who will end the quest for you. She'll also present another.

Picking a path through a set of Ruins just outside Stormhold during the Getting to the Truth quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Picking a path through a set of Ruins just outside Stormhold during the Getting to the Truth quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Getting to the Truth

Location: Stormhold

NPC: Vicecanon Heita-Meen

Level: 24

Reward: Stormhold Cuirass, 200 gold

  • Trouble. Hrondar isn't just indisposed, he's missing. Heita-Meen wants you to go looking for him and bring him back safe and sound. She'll send you to the Argonian Listens-to-Water for more information.
  • You'll find Listens-to-Water's hut on the west side of Stormhold... but he's kinda dead inside. Rats. Inspect the body, then check the journal on the table beside the body. It will point you to the Silyanorn Ruins, a little ways to the east of the hut.
  • The Ruins are very straightforward. Wind your way through the passages to the east and, after a number of small skirmishes with Dominion guards, you'll wind up in a large room that's teeming with bookshelves. Inspect the lot, then save Hrondar, who's tied up in the middle of the room.
  • Hrondar asks you to save other captives in the Ruins. Climb the stairs behind him and you'll find a series of corridors, manned with guards and leading to four prisoners. Two of them are in the west; two more are in the south. Once you've saved all four, check out the eastern corridor from the stairs to find the way out of the Ruins...
  • ... and into the Mortuary. Huh. Leave the place yet again and head outside to find Hrondar, who's sitting with the people you freed. He'll hand over your reward in thanks for your help and give you your next quest, Scouring the Mire.


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