"Elder Scrolls" Tormented Spire Walkthrough

Updated on January 14, 2019
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.

The Tormented Spire has tested your wits and combat prowess, and the most dangerous trials yet await. But you must press on, as Sadal yet waits within the volcano - and it's only a matter of time before some dumb fool decides to unleash it upon the world. Sally forth, and destroy the beast for good!

Opening the Portal

Location: Tormented Spire

NPC: Tanval Indoril

Level: 15

Reward: 168 gold

- To trigger this quest you must first complete Climbing the Spire. Piece 'o cake.

- Tanval believes that the only way to reach the Brother of Strife is to placate the spirits of this place. Cross to the platform where you fought Flamebinder and you'll find one such spirit, Genvis Faledran, and he'll ask you to find three Focus Stones.

- The first Focus Stone is to the south of the platform. Check the edges of the platform and the path leading to it for a series of rocks poking out of the lava. You can hop from rock to rock to reach a small back pathway leading to a plume of smoke. The Focus Stone of Flame is here. You can land in the lava and survive, but do your best not to linger in the stuff.

Solving a strange, spiritual puzzle during a trial while Opening the Portal in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Solving a strange, spiritual puzzle during a trial while Opening the Portal in The Elder Scrolls Online.

- Return to Genvis. He'll direct you to Leviissi Gilvayn, another spirit. She's waiting up the stairs that lead down to the caldera. She'll teleport you to a cave high above the caldera, inside which you'll find a series of spirits casting spells at one another in a chain. Follow the chain of spells exactly, moving from spirit to spirit, until you find the Focus Stone of Wrath in the rear of the cave. Return to Leviissi after retrieving the stone to complete the trial.

- Speaking to her will send you to Mavos Siloreth, the final member of the trials. He'll tell you to turn around and enter yet another cave. You'll see red columns of light inside, heralded by glowing circles on the ground. Avoid the circles and the columns as you weave through the cave. The Focus Stone of Binding is at the end.

- Mavos will zap you back down to the caldera after collecting the three stones. Place them on the three Daedric Panels on the platform where you summoned Flamebinder. That done, wait for the spirits to conjure up a portal for you to use, then speak to Tanval to complete the quest.

Sadal's Final Defeat

Location: Tormented Spire

NPC: Tanval Indoril

Level: 15

Reward: Sedura Morag, 168 gold, 1 Skill Point

- This is it. The spirits have opened the portal; all you have to do is step through. Inside...

Battling Sadal, the second demonic brother that has long been sealed in the Tormented Spire of The Elder Scrolls Online.
Battling Sadal, the second demonic brother that has long been sealed in the Tormented Spire of The Elder Scrolls Online.


Though similar to his brother in tactics, Sadal fights a little differently. He's stronger, for starters, and the battle against the fiend takes place in two sections. You'll have a numbr of helpers for both sections; pull back towards Walks-in-Ash if you get weak and she will sometimes heal you.

The first, shorter section of the battle consists of Sadal holding back near the lava while his minions go after you. Stay away from Sadal to avoid his AOE attacks and engage the skeletons that rear up to attack your party. Nothing difficult here, though fighting the skeletons and Sadal at the same time is not recommended. Eventually a pre-scripted event will trigger, Sadal will restore his HP to full, and the real battle will begin.

The second phase should be familiar. Sadal stomps around the small arena and tries to use physical and AOE attacks on you. His most common attacks include a downward strike, signalled by a small ring of flame appearing at his feet, and a spreading AOE attack that launches flame in a wide circle around Sadal. The latter is the most dangerous, as it will also knock you down for a few seconds. Get in close and smack Sadal, constantly strafing around him to avoid his pointed attacks, then roll out of the way whenever you appear to be caught in his AOE range. Pull back and let Holgunn aggro Sadal if you need a break. Repeat until the beast goes down. Try not to lead Sadal into the lava, as I imagine (but I'm not positive) that it heals him.

- After defeating Sadal, approach his spirit and investigate to trigger a little cut scene. This will effectively bring the quest to a close. Speak to Walks-in-Ash, Tanval, and Holgunn in that order once you've left Tormented Spire to finish up and earn your reward.


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