The Elder Scrolls Online Walkthrough - Narsis: Unwanted Guests, Fighting Back

Updated on April 10, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Something's fishy in Narsis. The Maulborn are at work here, that's plain to see, but there are enough guards about that they must be getting help from the inside. Somebody in Narsis' rulling house is not as they initially appear - and it's up to you to root out the traitor... as well as save some innocent lives in the process.

Unwanted Guests

Location: Narsis

NPC: Giron Sadri

Level: 17

Reward: Hlaalu Pauldrons, 173 gold

- You'll find the next NPC, Giron, upstairs in the Kinhouse. He's slightly miffed, but he'll give you your quest nevertheless: check out the Maulborn camps by the side of the lake outside Narsis. Sounds like a plan.

- Leave the city the way you came in and you'll be right beside the lake. There are three small camps for you to check. The first is on the island in the middle of the lake; the other two are on the east and west banks. You can choose which of the side camps to ransack, as one of the guards here will carry a Reminder: Don't Drink the Water, which is... suspicious. Once you have that, you can swim to the central island to collect the last piece of evidence, found in a box beside one of the tents. There are three enemies here, one of them a commander, and you should approach the camp with caution.

- There's a waterfall in the northwest corner of the lake. Visit it and you'll find several busted crates floating in the water. Investigate them, then speak to Naryu Virian, the woman who runs up. She reveals an extra layer to the plot.

- Return to the Kinhouse and speak to Varon Davel, by the fire. Turns out Giron and Ralden are gone, and that may not bode well for Ralden. Quest complete - and another begins.

Fighting Back

Location: Narsis

NPC: Varon Davel

Level: 17

Reward: 173 gold

- Speak to Varon to learn of some ill tidings afoot. Now you need to head out and locate Ralden. Varon suggests you go looking for Slips-Through-Fingers beyond the walls of the Kinhouse.

- Slips-Through-Fingers kneels outside the house. After she flees, peek inside the pack she leaves behind. It provides several hints as to where you have to go, including following a 'Star'. The Star is a cat nearby. Speak to her to receive the Key to Secret Meeting, then follow her as she runs through the city. Eventually she'll lead you to a house. Use the key to step inside.

- Go downstairs and speak to Slips-Through-Fingers, then talk to Madras Tedas behind the desk. He'll try to get you to help their group in saving their families. You can either agree to aid the group or turn them down and go speak to the guards instead. If you go to the guards, you'll find Guard Rila Lenith outside. Either way, this brings the quest to an end.

- Depending on how you decided to act, you'll get one of two quests. (I don't know what the other quest is, for obvious reasons. Anyone know? Give me a shout in the comments. All I need to know is the name of the quest and I can puzzle out the rest. Chances are good it's a small, simple quest like the one below.)

Ratting Them Out (if you helped the guards)

Location: Narsis

NPC: Guard Rila Lenith

Level: 17

Reward: 86 gold

- Lenith believes you can spook the townsfolk out of their crusade by finding, and releasing, rats.

- Head down onto the road. There are small, white rats all over the place. Approach slowly with your reticule on the rat until you're close enough to trap it. Then click. Don't get too close or it will flee. You need three rats for your Bag of Rats.

- Return to the house where the secret meeting is taking place and use the Bag on the front door. This will freak people out. Speak to Lenith after people flee and she'll tell you to return to the Kinhouse. Speak to Varon Davel in here for your reward. You'll also trigger a new quest, Hiding in Plain Sight.


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