"The Elder Scrolls Online" Walkthrough - Vivec's Antlers: The Coral Heart

Updated on March 5, 2020
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only.
The Elder Scrolls Online owned by ZeniMax Media Inc. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

The Covenant will do anything to bring down the Pact, even going so far as to exploit the natural world to combat their foes. Their ambitions have taken them to Virac's Antlers, home of a beautiful natural coral formation that is far more alive - and sentinent - than any visitor might expect - and it knows how to protect itself.

In With the Tide

Location: Ash Mountain

NPC: Walks-in-Ash

Level: 8

Reward: 28 gold

- To trigger this quest you must first complete The Death of Balreth, part of a long quest line that begins in Devon's Watch. After defeating Balreth and completing the quest you'll wind up at the base of Ash Mountain, and Walks-in-Ash will be mere feet away. Speak to her and she'll send you towards Ebonheart, where you're told to assist the soldiers fighting against the Covenant at Vivec's Antlers.

- You'll find Ebonheart, and Vivec's Antlers, to the west of Ash Mountain. Climb down to the road and follow it northwest to Ebonheart. Vivec's Antlers is on the west side of town, a short ways north of the Vivec's Antlers Wayshrine.

- Just north of the Wayshrine you'll find a pair of soldiers on the road, one of them named Sergeant Larthas. Speak to him and he'll tell you to speak to one Captain Noris, the man in charge locally, about an attack on Vivec's Antlers. You can find him down the small cliff to the north and in the middle of the camp. This will trigger the next quest in the line, The Coral Heart.

- Speak to Arethil, the dude in front of Captain Noris, to finish up the quest. On to bigger things!

The Coral Heart

Location: Ebonheart

NPC: Captain Noris

Level: 10

Reward: Alexandra's Froststaff, 130 gold

- Noris is in trouble. The Covenant forces appear to be embroiled in reviving the other Brother of Strife, and they need part of the local coral to get it done. He asks you to speak to Sings-with-Reed for more info, and she's kneeling at the top of a hill a short distance away. Speak to her for some more info.

- Well, that's something. Now you have a combat mission: save any survivors down on the beach. They're packed into Mud Piles throughout the Antlers, watched over by Dreugh, and they need some saving. To the rescue!

The Coral Heart, a massive, living organism that's central to the quest of the same name in The Elder Scrolls Online.
The Coral Heart, a massive, living organism that's central to the quest of the same name in The Elder Scrolls Online.

- Dreugh are fairly tough creatures. Not only are they capable of some powerful physical attacks, they can use electrical magic to shock you. Caught in pairs they can slaughter anyone at or below their level. Unless you're over-leveled, keep away from groups of the things.

- The Mud Piles are scattered throughout the area. You can find the first one down the hill near the soldiers and along the rock wall to your left; return to the hill and check to the right to find another one. Be patient if you don't find them, as they will regenerate with time.

- Walk along the beach roughly north and you'll see a cluster of rocks sitting in the middle of the sand. There's another Mud Pile here. There's a large cluster of rocks on your right further up the beach; a short distance in front of them is a fourth Pile. There's a fifth behind the rock outcropping, as well.

- If you get lucky you'll have found a soldier in each of the Mud Piles. If not you'll have to look for more Piles until you free four soldiers. You can either linger near the sea, waiting for Mud Piles to regenerate, or you can head west to the coral clusters and try your luck there. Many Mud Piles wait to be checked. Just be warned: the further north and west you go, the more likely it is you'll run into Covenant troops along with the Dreugh.

- After saving four soldiers you need to rescue one Lieutenant Galyn. Look to the north and you'll see a large ship in the distance. Fight your way through the Covenant camp and onto the ship. You'll find the lieutenant tied up in the hold, found via stairs on the ship's deck. Speak to her and she'll tell you of Alexandra Conele, the leader of the Covenant forces in the area.

- Leave the ship and return to the beach. (Note that there's another captive in an adjacent bedroom, one Priestess Brela. She'll offer you another quest, detailed below.) Pick your way through the Covenant camp and climb the rise on the west side of the camp. Sings-with-Reed is crouching up here. She'll give you three Argonian Eggs and tell you to place them in specific pieces of coral back on the beach.

- Head south out of the camp. There's a big cluster of golden coral on your left. This is the first place to lay down an Argonian Egg. Set it up and keep going.

- Turn west and head towards the next coral cluster in the distance. The cluster you want is behind this first one, a short ways down the beach. That's two.

- Walk southeast through the area. The final cluster is tucked against the southern wall.

- Look back north. There's a huge rock formation, topped with coral, in the distance. This is your destination. Approach it and duck into the small cave within to find the Coral Heart Chamber.

- Follow the path until you reach a large clearing. Sings-with-Reed is inside. Watch her carry out her duty, then prepare for a scrap.

Alexandra Conele

Considering Conele is little different than your average infernomancer, this is a difficult fight. The mage has a lot of HP, her spells hit quite hard, her AOE attack is difficult to avoid if you're a melee character, and she's able to fully restore herself at will. That said, you have two advantages: you have Galyn assisting you... and you can interrupt Conele's spells with a simple bashing attack. Wail on her constantly, bashing her whenever she starts to cast a spell to break her concentration. If your HP gets low, back off, let Galyn aggro Conele, wait for your health to recover, and rejoin the fight. Try to reserve your strongest attacks for the end of the battle, as Conele will almost certainly try to restore herself when she gets low. Don't let this happen.

- Take the Coral Heart after defeating Conele, then trek back to the allied camp. Speak to Holgunn, out front of the medical pavilion. Doing so will complete the quest. He'll then send you to Fort Virak to continue the fight against the Covenant. To Fort Virak!

... or not. Before you leave, there's one last quest to undertake while you're here.

Searching bodies on the seaside of Vivec's Antlers during the Cleansing the Past quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.
Searching bodies on the seaside of Vivec's Antlers during the Cleansing the Past quest in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Cleansing the Past

Location: Vivec's Antlers, Ebonheart

NPC: Priestess Brela

Level: 10

Reward: Gauntlets of the Akaviri War, 32 gold

- You can find the NPC for this quest, Priestess Brela, lingering in a bedroom in the ship docked on the north side of Vivec's Antlers. You'll find her via a set of stairs set into the deck.

- Brela is a dutiful priestess, and she wants to consecrate the dead. The Covenant isn't too keen on letting the other side wander around their turf, though, and they captured Brela before she could complete her work. She wants you to finish it up in her stead by anointing the remains of the dead with Blessed Oil.

- Leave the ship and return to land. To your right as you hit the sand you'll see a skeleton on the ground. These are one of the nine Skeletal Remains you'll have to anoint to complete the quest. Pick your way back through the Covenant camp and across the beach to find more such skeletons - they're all over the place, and they'll regenerate with time. Don't linger near the camp, as you'll ultimately need to return to the friendly camp on the far side of the beach.

- You'll find Brela near the largest allied tent by Ebonheart after anointing ten Skeletal Remains. Speak to her for your rewards.


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