Why Inigo Is the Best Follower Mod There Ever Was in "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"

Updated on May 28, 2019
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Ash has played "Skyrim" for several years now and enjoys writing about it and her various Dovahkiin.


Inigo is a custom follower mod for Skyrim. As I've mentioned in other articles, however, I only started using him in 2017, when I got bored with Skyrim.

I'd never bothered with custom follower mods before because they were usually poorly made. Also, I was fine with the vanilla followers in the game. One less mod cluttering up my load order.

I don't know what made me download Inigo. Possibly because he was khajiit and I really love the beast races in The Elder Scrolls and wanted to see more of them in Skyrim. At the time, I was playing a khajiit thief and thought it would be cool to have a khajiit follower.

Great Voice Acting and Roleplay

My screenshot of my khajiit thief approaching Inigo in his cell for the first time. (This was taken from my old blog.)
My screenshot of my khajiit thief approaching Inigo in his cell for the first time. (This was taken from my old blog.)

I'll never quite forget walking into the Riften jail cell to discover Inigo there. My character was already established as a thief and she lived in Riften, so she had plenty of roleplay reasons to go down to the cell and "stumble" across Inigo.

I remembering walking up to him and being very pleased and surprised by how good his voice acting was. Most follower mods have iffy voice acting because they're done by amateurs and hobbyists, but Gary—the mod author—voices Inigo and actually has talent.

My screenshot of Inigo in his cell.
My screenshot of Inigo in his cell.

It was also so cute how Inigo's facial animations played. I mean, you see it in the game from time to time but not nearly enough. He's such a cute little kitty. Who wouldn't fall in love with him and want to take him along?

Unfortunately, my thief khajiit was an unapologetic asshole who liked stealing and killing. That's the way I roleplayed her, so she and Inigo didn't have as close of a relationship as Inigo later had with my nicer characters.

If anything, he constantly criticized her, calling her a "void," while at the same insisting that—deep down—she was a good person and just didn't want to admit it.

I actually thought that was awesome because it was exactly the way I roleplayed my character. She was terrible but had some goodness in her—like adopting kids off the street and giving money to the poor.

And while my character didn't mistreat Inigo, she still wasn't very nice to him (I had to stay in character!). So in essence, she and Inigo had this sad relationship where my character was indifferently using him as a tank and a pack mule, while Inigo clung to what was clearly a terrible person just because he was so desperately lonely.

I love that Gary played up this dynamic and I hope he expands it in future updates. It has the potential to be very interesting and very tragic. Imagine if Inigo woke up and called the Dragonborn out for treating him like shit.

It made for great roleplay, anyway.

Such a cute kitty. ^^
Such a cute kitty. ^^ | Source

I also really enjoy how Inigo's story ties into the Dragonborn's.

As with most video games, the Dragonborn starts out at Level 1, with no skills and no knowledge, in rags, with no possessions, even though they are probably in their thirties and up. It leaves you wondering what the hell they were doing with their life to wind up like that.

Some games will give the protagonist an excuse for this game mechanic, such as Geralt having lost his memory in The Witcher or Shepard dying and being rebuilt in Mass Effect 2.

The Dragonborn, however, is an entirely blank slate. It has its pros and its cons.

The great thing about Inigo is that you can choose to let him share a backstory with you. I enjoy having Inigo be the reason that my character -- once an incredibly powerful mage -- now can't even light a candle. On top of that, she can't remember how she wound up with the Stormcloaks (it's because Inigo shot her) and is in a state of confusion during the beginning of the game.

Of course, all of this is optional. You don't have to share a backstory with Inigo. But I love that the option is there. I like it when your character actually knows people within the game's world. It makes it feel less like they were born yesterday.

Having a backstory and being a part of the game world is just one of many reasons I love games like Dragon Age: Origins, which was literally about your character's backstory and how they evolved from it.

AI Ahead of Its Time

My old screenshot of my khajiit thief and Inigo in Solitude.
My old screenshot of my khajiit thief and Inigo in Solitude.

Inigo is very well made. A lot of love and care went into this mod, which is part of the reason it's so amazing.

Inigo can comment on basically everything you do. As you can see in the screenshot above, I once made him wear an executioner's hood for a good hour after he insulted my khajiit thief. He doesn't like it if you're a thief and will occasionally criticize you in a mild way.

The entire time I made him wear the hood, he commented. And his comments were always new. His amount of dialogue is damn-near endless.

My old Argonian character riding away with Inigo behind.
My old Argonian character riding away with Inigo behind.

In the picture above, my Argonian character is riding away with Inigo, who is picking out a name for his horse. Lmao. The 80's references just add to the greatness of this mod.

Inigo also comments on practically everything in your inventory. Try carrying buckets, various alchemy ingredients, different daedric artifacts—he comments on everything.

His combat banter also never gets old. He reads books to you, sings you funny songs, chats with you about silly things, and has an entire backstory that is both tragic and, in his words, moving.

His replay value also goes through the roof because he can make different comments on the Dragonborn based on whatever race you're playing. I've played Inigo as a khajiit, a Nord, and an Argonian, and his comments were amusing each time.

It's especially fun if you play a werewolf with him in your party.

I say Inigo is ahead of his time because I firmly believe that Bethesda based their later followers, such as Serana and the followers in Fallout 4, on Inigo.

This was awesome. Because of Inigo, we got followers with better AI, more usefulness in combat, and actual backstories. Though, sadly enough, Inigo is still made better than those followers! The followers in Fallout 4, for instance, still need a mod to actually be useful in combat.

Inigo basically revolutionized followers in Bethesda games.

Inigo Made Me Brave

That time I dressed Inigo like Dovah Kitty.
That time I dressed Inigo like Dovah Kitty.

Yes, I'll admit it: I used to be afraid of draugr. I hate zombies. There isn't much I'm afraid of in this world, but zombies scare the crap out of me. I mean, what sane person wouldn't be afraid of them?

  • They're already dead so you can't kill them except to blow their head off.
  • They're super strong and bust through walls.
  • Oh, and they want to eat your brains.

I used to hate doing draugr ruins in Skyrim because the draugr creeped me out. Then I took Inigo into a ruin. A draugr stepped off the wall. Inigo screamed, "Zooooooombieeee!!!" I died laughing and I was never scared again.

I decided to be brave for Inigo. And after a while, I found killing draugr so fun that I started going into the dungeons on purpose. Inigo didn't like it, and I enjoy that he has a fear. Having a flaw makes him so, er, human and relatable.

The best characters are.

From one writer to another, Gary did a good job creating this three-dimensional character who is so likable, relatable, and flawed that you just want to protect him.

Also, Gary's voice is so cute. For me, it's the voice that really made Inigo likable. To me, he's like a little brother I've got to look after.

Inigo Is the Dragonborn's Equal

My khajiit hunter riding with Inigo using a mod.
My khajiit hunter riding with Inigo using a mod.

I remember thinking how refreshing it was to have a follower who was the Dragonborn's equal in combat. Rather than getting quickly knocked to a knee or fleeing combat altogether (coughTorvarcough), Inigo was a seasoned warrior and adventurer who could hold his own and sometimes even protect me.

I thought it was pretty awesome. And, cutely enough, Inigo states that he feels safe around you because you are capable. So he feels the same way!

Once I did his quest with Langley and understood his backstory, it was even cooler to think that my powerful friend was some kind of hero too.

I know I wrote that article here about Inigo being the Doomstrider, but that's just a theory in good fun. I hope Inigo is not the Doomstrider but at the same time, I think it would be a cool twist.

Just my opinion.

The Mod Had a Wholesome Lesson


According to Gary, Inigo was specifically designed to teach people a lesson about judging a book by its cover, aka racism and profiling. Gary made Inigo blue so that people would realize how often we miss out on good things by jumping to conclusions.

Sad to say, I was one of many judgmental people who jumped to conclusions. I've been playing Skyrim since it came out, but I only started using Inigo in 2017, because in all that time, I had brushed him off as just another silly mod. I mean, why the fuck was he blue? I just kind of rolled my eyes and moved on. And because of that, I missed out.

My screenshot of Inigo complaining about Windhelm.
My screenshot of Inigo complaining about Windhelm.

The second I "met" Inigo in the game, I wanted my character to ask him why he was blue. Then I reflected on how rude that was, and I realized that Gary had (cleverly) placed me in the position of an ignorant racist.

I thought it was very well-done, and I was surprised how many people loved this mod, even though its central theme would have been deemed "SJW trash" had it come out only a few years later.

My screenshot of one of the books from Inigo's quest.
My screenshot of one of the books from Inigo's quest.

In fact, I was glad that so many people loved this mod and understood it and didn't attack Gary for the moral he was trying to convey. (Some did if you check the comments section of the mod, but it happened very sparsely from what I can tell.)

Even if you don't agree with the mod, attacking other people over a difference of opinion is immature and unnecessary (in fact, verbally attacking someone is never necessary. It's possible to always be kind).

Gary made a wonderful mod and tried to do something good for the gaming community with it. Because we all know how moral and upstanding and kind-hearted and not sexist and not racist and not homophobic the gaming community is!

But what do I know about prejudice? I'm just a black lesbian.

© 2019 Ash


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