Skyrim: The Dark Brotherhood Radiant Quests Walkthrough

Updated on March 1, 2018
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The Dark Brotherhood Radiant Quests and Contracts

Here is a collection of all the Dark Brotherhood Radiant Quests, including all of the available contracts you can receive from Nazir.

Players will have a limited time-frame to complete these contracts, but many of them are required in order to move on to other quests.

This article also includes the alternate quests for those of you who decide to wipe out the Dark Brotherhood starting from the Dark Brotherhood Quest - With Friends like These..., or available side quests with Olava's Token.

Finally, after completing all the major quests for the Dark Brotherhood, you can continue to work with them to make money and rebuild the fallen family.

The Dark Brotherhood knows
The Dark Brotherhood knows | Source

Dark Brotherhood Contracts

Kill Narfi

Location: Ivarstead

Found outside a home in Ivarstead, find a position around a corner in sneak mode to kill him without being seen.

A long-range bow attack from the surrounding mountains may work as well.

Kill Ennodius Papius

Location: Anga’s Mill

Kill Beitild

Location: Dawnstar

Find Beitild in or around her house on the main path.

If you can, pick the lock to her home to get the sneakiest kill you can, preferably at night.

Kill Hern

Location: Half-Moon Mill

This target is a vampire, so be prepared to take him on if your first attack doesn’t take him down. He is also accompanied by his wife who is also a vampire, so use caution.

Daytime is better for defeating them both since they will be weak from the sun and will often be asleep.

Make sure to cure Vampirism at a local temple if you are infected and don’t want to become a bloodsucker. You have three days to do so.

Kill Lurbuk

Location: Morthal

This bard is found in Morthal at the Moorside Inn.

Try to kill him without being seen, preferably with a poisoned dagger or arrow in the dark or while he is asleep.

Kill Deekus

Location: Hela’s Folly

Hela’s Folly is near the ruins of Yngvild on the Northern Coast.

He is alone, so his death should prove easier than finding him.

Kill Ma'randru-jo

Location: Solitude

Ma’randru-jo is part of a caravan outside Solitude, so be prepared to kill his other two friends that are with him if you are seen.

It is safer to use a long-range bow attack than to kill him up close.

Kill Anoriath

Location: Whiterun

Find Anoriath in the Drunken Huntsman in the market circle close to the Bannered Mare.

The easier spot is inside the Drunken Huntsman, but a secret bow attack will suffice if you can get a good shot.

Kill Agnis

Location: Fort Greymoor

If you take on this contract before doing anything with the Civil War quests, the Fort will be occupied by Bandits.

If you have started or completed any of the Civil War quests, it will be populated by the faction that controls Whiterun.

If you are sided with that faction, you can easily walk in and assassinate Agnis without any conflict. If not, be prepared to spend some time fighting or sneaking your way through.

Kill Maluril

Location: Mzinchaleft

Maluril is deep within the Dwemer Ruins of Mzinchaleft, so take on the Daedric Quest - Discerning the Transmundane if you can to save time.

This area is one of many entrances to Blackreach, a large underground area under the central part of Skyrim.

He will be found behind an Average lock in a corner building of the area.

Kill Helvard

Location: Falkreath

Helvard is a Housecarl for the Jarl of Falkreath, so be careful where you kill him.

It is easiest to find him sleeping in the Jarl’s Longhouse and taking him out quickly and quietly unless mayhem is on your mind.

Kill Safia

Location: East Empire Company Warehouse

Safia is inside the Red Wave pirate ship docked in the East Empire Company Warehouse.

She will be expecting you, so be prepared for a fight if she or anyone else sees you.

Dark Brotherhood Side Quests

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood


  • Report Astrid’s Death to a Guard
  • Speak with Commander Maro
  • Kill Everyone in the Sanctuary!
  • Report Back to Commander Maro

If you’ve decided to take this route, the Dark Brotherhood must have made you angry somehow. Remember that if you do this, you will no longer be able to complete any more of the questline and you will have to forsake any of the great things you received along the way.

After defeating Astrid at the Abandoned Shack, take the Blade of Woe and the Abandoned Shack Key off her body and leave. You can untie the prisoners inside if you want to.

Travel to any town and find a guard to inform them of the fact that you killed Astrid, and they will tell you to inform Commander Maro of her death immediately.

Find Maro inside the Penitus Oculatus Outpost in Dragon Bridge and he will tell you to visit the Sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood to finish off the rest of the group.

With the passphrase from Maro, visit the Sanctuary in Falkreath and answer the door’s riddle with “Silence, my Brother” to get inside.

This will be a bloody and difficult battle, so come prepared with potions and your strongest weapons. Each member of the Dark Brotherhood is powerful and can easily defeat you on their own, so facing a group of them all at once almost guarantees death. Retreat to empty rooms or run outside the Sanctuary if you get overwhelmed.

There are five members you need to defeat:

  • Veezara
  • Arnbjorn
  • Nazir
  • Gabriella
  • Festus

Don’t worry about Babette (another member of the family), as she is nowhere inside.

After defeating all of them, loot their bodies and return to Commander Maro for 3000 gold pieces.

Honor Thy Family


  • Rejoin the Dark Brotherhood

If at any point after completing the Dark Brotherhood Quest - With Friends like These... and joining the Dark Brotherhood ranks you happen to attack any member of the Sanctuary, you will be required to speak with Nazir and pay 500 gold to rejoin the family.

While it is a small price to pay, try not to make it a habit.

The Feeble Fortune


  • Receive a Reading for Olava the Feeble
  • Locate the Assassin of Old

After completing the Dark Brotherhood Quest - Breaching Security with the added bonus gained by killing Gaius Maro inside a city, you will receive Olava’s Token.

NOTE: You must be careful with this token because if you sell it in a game without having the 1.4 update on the consoles, you will not be able to complete the quest.

Visit Olava the Feeble at her home in Whiterun to cash in on the token. Sometimes, she will lock herself in her house and you won’t be able to speak with her without her thinking you are trespassing. This bug can be fixed if you attack her in her home and then sheath your weapon, causing her to be outside and not angry at you anymore.

After some information on the impending problems for the Dark Brotherhood, she will tell you about a ruin that holds possible treasure at Deepwood Redoubt inside Hag’s End.

Locate the area west of Dragon Bridge, a place you may be familiar with since you’ve completed the Dark Brotherhood Quest - Breaching Security. The trek goes up a mountain and through some Forsworn, so keep your weapon at the ready.

Find the door and enter the ruins. Up some stairs and through some dart traps is more Forsworn to the southeast. Make sure to pick up the Deepwood Redoubt Key from any corpses you loot, since the Iron Door to the next area is an Expert lock.

Avoid the Rune Traps by summoning creatures on them or luring enemies over them, because these can mean instant death for some levels.

Inside the Iron Door, avoid the trigger plates and make your way across the bridge and to the northeast to more stairs. Head through the large iron door into the Deepwood Vale.

Inside are more Forsworn, but your objective is in the south. Heading up to the next level, defeat the special Forsworn and head through the iron door to Hag’s End.

The next area could be dangerous for low-level characters or those with little defense against large groups. If you want to avoid being mobbed, immediately head right and go through the lower door to the tower. This gives you the opportunity to head straight for the stairs and have an advantage over the large group inside.

Make your way to the doors to the northeast and enter to find three witches and a Hagraven. The Hagraven will teleport, but the witches must be killed quickly to avoid serious damage from their magic attacks.

Don’t bother with the door at the opposite end since it is a dead end, instead go southeast and climb the stairs. Continue to look out for traps while you look for a chest on a shelf, then head southwest.

You will be greeted with two more witches and the Hagraven in the throne room. After defeating them, find the handle behind the throne to open the alcove where the target assassin lays dead. Make sure to take the armor off his body and whatever else you find of use.

To complete this area, lower the bridge with a lever next to the raised bridge you passed. At the end of the bridge is another witch to defeat and more stairs to climb.

Find the Hag’s End Key in the side bedroom on a mantle or on the body of the Hagraven if you can defeat her. Use it to open the gate atop the stairs and find a handle to the northeast.

Pull it to open an entrance to a chamber with two witches and a Hagraven standing in flammable oil. Set them all on fire with the pot hanging above them, then find a statue with a chain.

Head through the new hole and into the grand hall. Find the Word Wall inside for the Dragon Shout: Word of Power: Slow Time, then exit through the door ahead. Before you head through the door, suck down any magic resistant potions; the last Hagraven is ahead and there is little room to run.

After the epic battle is over, take the Hag’s End Key off the Hagraven if you need it and also search the sacrificed witch to find the Bloodthorn Dagger.

Before leaping off the uppermost platform, use Whirlwind Sprint to reach a small valley where a waterfall starts to find the Predator’s Grace Boots.

You are now free to leave.

Where You Hang Your Enemy's Head


  • Employ Delvin Mallory’s Services

This quest involves visiting Delvin Mallory at the Thieves Guild to buy improvements for the Dawnstar Sanctuary.

HINT: A total of 19,000 gold pieces is needed to buy every extra improvement, which is 1000 gold pieces less than you received from Amaund Motierre for assassinating the Emperor.

The Dark Brotherhood Forever!


  • Approach the Night Mother
  • Speak with the Contact
  • Kill the Target

Every time you approach the Night Mother, she will give you a randomly generated quest. These quests involve visiting a contact who invoked the Black Sacrament to kill someone who has crossed them.

Visit the contact to find the location of the person you are to kill, then make a visit to the doomed NPC. Kill them, return to the contract giver to receive your gold reward, then return to the Night Mother at the Dawnstar Sanctuary to repeat the process.

Each contract wields a nice sum of money and can be randomly selected at one of 10 places. These contracts are infinite and have no effect on any aspect of the game, so kill and make money to your heart’s desire.

The Torturer’s Treasure

When you buy the available improvements from Delvin Mallory for the Torture Chamber, four people will appear on the torture racks.

Each of them holds information about hidden treasure somewhere in Skyrim, so speak with all four to receive four marks to search out.

Each stash holds 1000-2000 gold pieces.

The Dark Brotherhood Poll

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