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The Fastest and Easiest Ways to Make Money in "Cyberpunk 2077"

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My Personal Netrunner

My Personal Netrunner

Especially when starting out, you’re going to be on the look for ways to make cash and buy everything you can get your hands on—but some ways are easier than others.

In this guide, I'll go over an assortment of ways that will help you earn hundreds of thousands of dollars before you ever make it past the starting area.

A Penny Saved

First, make sure not to buy the crafting perk that automatically dismantles your Junk. Junk generally comes in two types—those which are worth 3$, and those that are worth $750. So while you’re thinking that it might make your life easier, you’ll lose out on thousands by not simply dismantling things on your own.

NCPD missions are all over the map.

NCPD missions are all over the map.

It All Starts With Blue Missions

While there are plenty of ways that you can earn money, one of the best ways, early on, is to simply help the police. There are several types of NCPD missions, but most of them have a crate which you can loot that has somewhere around $1000 dollars. This is just the icing on the cake, however, as there are several other ways that you can milk these missions for cash.

Some of these missions are repeatable, and some are not. When you're driving around Night City, you might see a flash of blue on your minimap, letting you know you're close to one of these events. The random events can disappear, while the ones on the world map will not.

Gigs and Side Gigs

Making money is also possible with Gigs and Side Gigs. Both of these types of missions provide ways to make money, but you might want to take caution. These missions might have extra flavor dialogue to them after Act 1. If you want to experience everything, there are plenty of NCPD missions to go through so you don't have to worry about this.

Hack the Planet

Hacking is where the real money starts coming into play. There are several Access Points that you can find all over Night City which you can jack into. When you jack in, you’ll have three Datamine options you can attempt. By default, these will give you $100, $200, and $300 for levels one through three respectively. The grid is randomized every time you jack in, so don’t be afraid to reload and pick at least two options. if you’ve got a decent Cyberdeck, you can get all levels at each access point relatively easily.

By getting your Intelligence up to level 7, you’ll be able to get two levels of a perk that increases how much money you get from Access Points, and one that will highlight these spots when you get close to them. While these access points can technically be located anywhere, you can usually find at least one at every blue mission location. Sometimes you can even find a handful. Getting $1200 from these access points early game can be a real help.

To make this even easier, you should upgrade your operating system. Several of the Ripperdoc's around town have great options, but they can be locked away behind a Street Cred requirement. For $15K, however, you can get the one in the image above that will really speed up your revenue generation.

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Look out for weapons with mod slots.

Look out for weapons with mod slots.

Sell Your Guns

Another reason why blue missions pay off is that you'll get weapons from your enemies there. At the lower levels, you’re going to find lots of pistols that aren’t exactly profitable. You’re likely going to want to break down anything under $50 for their parts. However, when you start getting rifles, this changes. Even basic White sniper rifles will sell for $100. But keep an eye out for any weapon with a Mod slot. These always sell for a significant amount more than their similar counterparts.

Sell Your Crafted Items

This all starts of course with buying crafting schematics from stores. As your Street Cred goes up, you’ll get access to more and more items you can buy. You can also find schematics from crates and fallen enemies. Not all crafting specs are equal, however. Many of the things you can build at the same tier level have vastly different values. For example, Sniper Rifles will give you the best return on your funds in the gun's category. As you level, your items will also become more valuable, so don't start crafting like mad at level one.

At the beginning of Cyberpunk 2077, it’s easy to get White and Green level crafting components, and nearly impossible to get Purple and Gold until your Street Cred is high enough to buy them from vendors. This means you should stick to crafting items that only require White and Green components in the beginning. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your resources when you’ll want them later in the game.

Dumpster Dive

Since the game only tells you once, it can be easy to miss. If you briefly tap your scan button, all of the junk around you will get highlighted. Normally, things that are more valuable will get highlighted, even if they're far away. But White junk items won’t unless you get close to them. This is one of the ways you can find those $750 items that are just laying out in the world.

Exploit the System

Not the route that I would personally use, but in a game as big as Cyberpunk 2077, there are bound to be plenty of things that you can take advantage of that were not really intended.

Disassemble Crafted Items

The first of these that I’ll highlight is a relatively simple one. Craft the white Bounce Back healing item, and then dismantle it. Given that you get more components back than what you spent to create it, each button press makes you money. There are several of these items, but this is something that you can do right at the start.

Break Down Consumables

The second is to find a drink vending machine that sells its items for $10, and then hit the buttons on it till nothing else comes out. Take all of those drink items and dismantle them for their components. Using this method will give you 6 Common and 3 Uncommon components for each drink.

If you take the perk that gives you more crafting components, this will help you out even faster for both of the items above. The more points you put into crafting, the more profit you can make in this way.

Space Odyssey

The last of these involves the mission Space Odyssey. You get a valuable junk item, sell it for a very high amount of money, and then buy it back for pennies on the dollar. This isn't the only junk item that you can do this with, but it is one of the easiest to get to.

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