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Updated on February 27, 2019
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The Lady Stone
The Lady Stone | Source

Lady Stone

The Lady Stone is one of the 13 Standing Stones in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which can be activated to provide a permanent buff to specific attributes of the player's character, or provide unique bonuses in other ways. The Lady Stone in particular grants a health and stamina regenerating bonus that will remain active until switched to another bonus from one of the other Standing Stones, as only one may be active from any of the 13 stones at a time.

Nearby Items:

  • Mountain Flowers
  • Blue and Monarch Butterfly
  • Iron Ore Vein x1

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How To Find The Lady Stone

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The Lady Stone on the world map with nearby important locations highlighted.The Lady Stone on the local map.
The Lady Stone on the world map with nearby important locations highlighted.
The Lady Stone on the world map with nearby important locations highlighted. | Source
The Lady Stone on the local map.
The Lady Stone on the local map. | Source

In the Falkreath Hold area there is a massive lake called Lake Ilinata, west of both Riverwood and The Guardian Stones and north of the capital city of Falkreath itself. The lake itself is shapped in a way making it reminiscent of a giant eagle with it's wings spread, The Guardian stones being on the right tip of the wing and South Brittleshin Pass being at the head and beak. The Lady Stone is on the largest island in the center of this lake and can be easily found just by looking at the world map, even without the location discovered yet.

Make your way around the edge of the lake and pick a point from which to swim over to the island from, being cautious to watch out for Slaughterfish which although hard to combat when in the water, are still just more of a nuisance, even at lower levels.

Blessing Info

Activating The Lady Stone to receive its blessing.
Activating The Lady Stone to receive its blessing. | Source

The Lady Stone grants a blessing granting all characters that use it a 25% bonus to the rate at which both your Health and Stamina regenerate. This kind of boost is best used on tank type charters that need as much health regeneration as possible to shirk off damage while also providing the stamina needed to keep up the heavy attacks in melee.

Compared to the Standing Stones which boost skill gain, it would probably be best for characters of later levels to choose this blessing, since they may be less interested in gaining levels quickly or opt to find alternative methods like training to compensate. Also you will probably have better equipment later in the game to amplify you're overall regeneration to provide a truly useful bonus that you can take full advantage of.

Nearby Items

The single Iron Ore Vein on the island.
The single Iron Ore Vein on the island. | Source

There isn't much to speak of on the island item wise, however alchemists will be able to find a handful of some Mountain Flowers to pick along with a few Butterflies to catch that tend to hover around them. Probably more valuable than that however, is a single Iron Ore Vein located on the western tip of the island that can be seen in the picture to the right.

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