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The Locations of the Most Abundant Amounts of Blisterwort in "Skyrim"

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Blisterwort is used in many different potions and recipes to help create many different items within The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is a mushroom, and therefore, it will grow best in dank shaded areas or in the underground. Underground is where it can be most commonly found, and it can be found in the largest quantities as well. Caves are the perfect place to find them, and these caves may well be teeming with large spiders, Skeevers, skeletons, and bandits that are looking to kill you, or kill and eat you, or kill you after eating you. Either way, these caves are the number one location for Blisterwort.

Chillwind Depths

Chillwind Depths is the number one place to find Blisterwort. This is due to it being a very large and partially underwater cave. It can be found between Dragon Bridge and Morthal. You can enter this amazing loot spot via an entrance that is next to a waterfall.

Players with arachnophobia should beware when entering this location. You will find a lot of spiders inside. The upside of this is that they can be killed and you can harvest their Frostbite Venom. This can be used in recipes and portion creation, as well as applying it to your weapons and making them drain enemies' health, stamina, or magic depending on how you were to use it.

Here you will find no less than 45 Blisterwort.

Tolvald's Cave

Tolvald's Cave is fairly large, and with that comes a large amount of Blisterwort. You can access this cave by making your way from Ansilvund or from Shor's Watchtower. While you are down in the cave, be careful of the Falmer who live down there. A larger word of caution would be to look out for the two trolls that hang around this area. They are pretty tough, and they can regenerate health very quickly.

Here you will find no less than 14 Blisterwort.

Halldir's Cairn

You can find the Blisterwort and Halldir's Cairn to the southwest of Falkreath. This is one of the nicest looking locations you can find Blisterwort. It's not the nicest, but it is certainly up there in the list.

Here you will find no less than 10 Blisterwort.

Lost Prospect Mine

Lost Prospect Mine can be found by heading east from Riften. It lies right next to a mountain that is on the cusp of the furthermost mountain. There will be things lurking in the dark, so expect a fight to get your hands on that Blisterwort.

Here you will find no less than nine Blisterwort.

Fallowstone Cave

Fallowstone Cave is another cave that lies east of Riften. I would call it more northeast from Riften to be honest. You should be able to find no less than seven Blisterwort down here, along with some other useful items.

Robber's Cove

Robber's Cove is located by accessing Robber's Gorge. Robber's Cove itself is located between Dragon Bridge and Rorikstead. However, you can only access it via Robber's Gorge, which can be found south of Solitude and southwest of Morthal. You will have to kill off the bandit's at Robber's Gorge and loot a chest, which has a key to a hatch that will take you to Robber's Cove.

You will find a minimum of six Blisterwort here.

Graywinter Watch

Graywinter Watch can be found east of Whiterun. If you go exactly east, you will hit a mountain. Do not be fooled and look in this area though. Make your way along the mountainside. As you head north, you will find Graywinter Watch.

Here you will find no less that six Blisterwort.

Dead Drop Falls

In order to get to Dead Drop Falls, you will need to go to Fort Dawnguard. If you only have the base game, you will not be able to access this location. If you do have the Dawnguard DLC, you will find Dead Drop Falls inside the Fort. However, that's not the end of it. You cannot access Fort Dawnguard by simply walking in the gate. You have to access it via Dayspring Canyon, which has no locator icon on the map. The entrance to Dayspring Canyon can be found by crossing the bridge on your way to the Fort and keeping an eye on the left side of the road. It is not very long at all after the bridge.

Here you will find no less than six Blisterwort.

Darklight Tower

Darklight Tower is located southwest of Riften. It can be easily pinpointed by following the edge of the lake to the west of Riften. When you are aligned with the furthest part of the island above you, head straight south.

There are at least five Blisterwort in this location.

White River Watch

White River Watch is another location where you can find Blisterwort. This is at a location that is pretty close to where everyone will generally start the game. It can be found east of Whiterun. This is a similar direction to somewhere mentioned earlier, but instead of heading north when you hit the mountain's edge, go south. There is also a bandit's hideout, so expect a fight before you can pick your Blisterwort.

Here you will find a fair amount of Blisterwort.

Wolfskull Cave

Ah yes, another cave. And by now we all know what you can find in caves. Wolfskull Cave is no different to any other cave. You will be able to find yourself some Blisterwort if you head west from Solitude or northeast from Dragon Bridge. If you leave from Solitude, you will have to walk along the base of a mountain (still east) and head north when the terrain allows.

Here you will find a fair amount of Blisterwort.

Proudspire Manor

As the priciest house in the Skyrim universe, Proudspire Manor sure doesn't seem like anyone cares about it on the inside. And this I guess is why the Blisterwort likes it here. You will find this building next to the Bards College within Solitude.

Here you will find a fair amount of Blisterwort.