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The Locations of the Most Abundant Amounts of Blue Dartwing in "Skyrim"

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Blue Dartwing are basically dragonflies. They will generally be found hanging around water. Lakes are the best place to find them, but they can also be found near rivers and smaller bodies of water.

Steamcrag Camp

You should be very wary of this area which lies to the northwest of Windhelm. Here you will find a Giant, or even multiple Giants wandering about. They will not be happy to see you. Just one hit from these Giants and you will be launched into the stratosphere.

There are pools of water about around this camp, and here you will find a lot of Blue Dartwing hovering about.

Lost Knife Hideout

The location is a cave. You will find a lot of pools of water, which means plenty of Blue Dartwing will be around. You should be wary as there are bandits hanging out at this location. You will probably want to take care of the bandits before chasing down your Dartwings.

Lund's Hut

You will find that Lund's Hut is overrun by Skeevers. They are easy enough to deal with, and you can then harvest Skeever Tail from them. You can also get your arrows back if that's how you dealt with them.

You will find the Blue Dartwing inside the house of one of the shelves. The house is small, and it should be easy enough to find the Dartwing. There's also some Blue Dartwing hiding behind the bed.

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What it looks like inside

What it looks like inside

Drelas' Cottage

Entering is easy enough—it is unlocked. However, as soon as you enter, be ready for a fight. I would advise you draw your weapon of choice before entering as you get straight into it right from the start.

Once you have dealt with Drelas (they are not a walk in the park, but if you have a companion or a few health potions, it'll be easy enough), you can loot the house. Among the bits and bobs, you'll find your Blue Dartwing.

The Apprentice Stone

There is a collection of stones which have Blue Dartwing flying about. The only enemies you will encounter here are mudcrabs, which are very easy to finish off.

Abandoned Shack

There is a lot of water around this shack, so you'll find yourself a few Blue Dartwing. There are also some inside that are pre-picked. However, you will need to get the key before you can enter. You will need to complete a mission called 'With Friends Like These..." to get the key. This is quite an early mission to take on, so you might have the key fairly early on anyway.

Bodies of Water

There are quite a few wet places in Skyrim. The coastlines do not have many Blue Dartwings, but lakes and rivers are safe bets. A good rule of thumb is that the more water present, the more Blue Dartwing you will find. As we should know by now, if the thing you are looking for is naturally occurring, then it will respawn in the same location. Skeevers are not included in this, nor are the NPCs.

It is always worth having a look about near some water if you are passing. If you are looking to get as many as possible, then visit a large body of water and then return. Just remember, these guys are flying, so they might not always be in the exact same place as before.

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