"The Outer Worlds" - Five Science Weapon Locations

Updated on July 15, 2020
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Numerous weapons exist within The Outer Worlds game. Regular weapons have a level that can be increased by tinkering with them at a workbench. Less common weapons can be found that have better damage, durability, and other stats. They are unique guns that cannot be found by looting bodies.

Science weapons in The Outer Worlds are even rarer than unique weapons. Only a few can be located in the game. They are fantasy weapons that are inspired by science fiction. Most of the conventional weapons are the typical assault rifles, shotguns, or sniper rifles. Science weapons, on the other hand, place strange and silly effects on your enemies. Unlike other guns, your character's science stat will determine how much damage science weapons do and how powerful the effects are.

How to Find All Science Weapons

Typically, you can obtain a quest to acquire a science weapon in The Outer Worlds by accessing your computer logs inside the Captain's Quarters. To access your ship, named The Unreliable, complete the main quests in the Emerald Vale Region, the first hub world of the game. You'll need to visit a community called Edgewater. Eventually, you'll find out you need a power regulator, but it can only be obtained by making a different choice that involves rerouting power.

Shrink Ray at Phineas Welle's Laboratory

While you won't be able to visit every area of The Outer Worlds right off the bat, you can visit the laboratory where Phineas Welles is located. He is the man in the introduction of the game that frees you from a type of cryogenic sleep.

Access the world map on The Unreliable ship. It's next to ADA, the ship's advanced artificial intelligence The map works very similar to the galaxy map from the Mass Effect series. You choose a destination, then the game loads. By looking out the window, you'll get a nice view of space.

Once inside the laboratory where Phineas is, proceed until you find him behind a glass panel. The shrink gun is right beside a table. It does not cost anything! It fires a continuous beam that does plasma damage. If you maintain the beam, it will make enemies smaller, lowering their armor and damage stats. The shrink gun can be utilized by your companions as well.

Prismatic Hammer at the Groundbreaker Location

After departing from the Emerald Vale Region, you'll be able to fly your ship to an area called the Groundbreaker. The Groundbreaker is a massive ship that serves as a hub area in The Outer Worlds. You'll find people, side quests, vendors, and enemies in certain areas.

Once you get to Customs, head towards the Crew Quarters behind the storage room to the left. Climb over the beds and go through the vents. You'll have to face enemies, so be prepared.

After eliminating all enemies, one of the outlaws will have a key for a door nearby. Inside the room is a container that has the Prismatic Hammer. It's a one-handed melee weapon that alternates between every type of damage. Performing a power attack will deal every type of damage simultaneously with a monumental blast!

Mandibular Rearranger on Scylla

Access the world map in The Outer Worlds and travel to Scylla. It is a massive asteroid that you can explore. Head down the road towards the buildings on your left. Clear out the enemies. One of the buildings will have the Mandibular Rearranger inside a safe on the floor. The actual area on Scylla is on the right side of your map.

The Mandibular is a two-handed melee weapon that staggers and freezes targets. Additionally, it warps the faces of your enemies and makes their voices sound goofy.

Gloop Gun at the UDL Lab in Monarch

The Gloop Gun cannot be obtained until you have access to Monarch in The Outer Worlds. You'll need to come up with 10,000 Bit Cartridges to access Monarch. The best way to obtain enough money is by completing side quests. People often reward you with Bit Cartridges for aiding them.

The Gloob Gun is inside the secret UDL Lab. The UDL Lab is northwest of Fallbrook. You may arrive there during the Errors Unseen quest. It is an optional Faction Quest.

The science weapon is shielded by a case. It's locked by a terminal that requires 100 Lockpicking. The keycard is upstairs on a table. After retrieving it, return to the terminal with the keycard. You can either hack the terminal or answer the security questions. The answers are 4, 1, and 2. The case will open. The Gloop Gun is a grenade launcher with an anti-gravity effect.

Mind Control Ray in Cascadia on Monarch

The last science weapon in The Outer Worlds is at Rizzo's secret lab near Cascadia. You can go there optionally or when doing the quest for Lilya Hagen called Space Crime Continuum. Lily Hagen is on the Groundbreaker in an office area off to the side.

At the final terminal, where you siphon the gas in the lab, jump into the empty elevator shaft onto a platform with a ladder. Climb the ladder where you'll find the Mind Control Ray in a safe. The gun turns enemies into allies. It's especially useful for turning weaker enemies against a large and powerful enemy.

The science weapons in The Outer Worlds are meant to be silly compared to the more conventional guns. Make sure to get the two perks that increase the damage of science weapons by 50%.


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