"The Outer Worlds": How to Get the Unique Weapon Named Ol' Reliable in the Emerald Vale

Updated on July 13, 2020
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Unique Weapons

There are several dozen unique weapons in The Outer Worlds. Some of them can be purchased from vendors or found when exploring in the game. With repeated use, weapons degrade over time. When the condition of a weapon decreases, it deals less damage in combat. Weapons must be repaired with parts at the workbench. They can also be repaired via the menu if you have Field Repair. Upgrade your Tech Skills until they are at least level 20.

Fortunately, the unique weapons in The Outer Worlds possess both superior damage and superior durability. It can be somewhat annoying to repair or replace a weapon due to poor condition. The Ol' Reliable is a light machine gun that will last a long time before needing to be repaired because the condition lasts over 12 times as long as a regular light machine gun! The Ol' Reliable shoots a tad slower than a standard light machine gun, but it still deals more damage per second.

This guide will explain where to find Ol' Reliable in The Outer Worlds. It's possible to get this weapon in the first few hours of the game. You can even get it later on the game if you backtrack to the first area.

Ol' Reliable in the Emerald Vale

The first area in The Outer Worlds is called the Emerald Vale. The main quest requires you to fix your ship before you can depart from the planet. One of the major settlements in the Emerald Vale is called Edgewater. The Ol' Reliable is north of Edgewater in a location called the Primal Nest.

The Primal Nest has many hostile creatures that are reminiscent of primates. If you're a low level or don't have many resources, the enemies can prove quite challenging.

The Primal Nest is in a ravine area that is surrounded by twisted obsidian and large structured columns. On the map, the Primal Nest is in the central north, so start traveling in that direction. Look at the screenshots below if you're having trouble finding the location.

Location of the Ol' Reliable in the Primal Nest

The gun itself is next to a corpse of a corporate commander troop, but you'll be attacked by a huge group of Primal enemies. The enemies are the toughest in the whole Emerald Vale Region.

Before fighting the enemies, equip yourself with a few healing items and some ammo. Ideally, you'll want to shoot the Primal foes from a distance because they charge at you. If you're farther away, they will hurl huge boulders at you! Make sure to sprint or keep moving to avoid the rocks.

If you happen to possess a sniper rifle, shoot the enemies from a great distance. You'll be able to deal some damage before they close the distance.

Having companions will help make the fight easier. You can recruit Parvati during the main quest when you visit the leader of Edgewater.

Grabbing the Ol' Reliable Without Fighting

It's not absolutely necessary to fight the Primals to obtain the Ol' Reliable in The Outer Worlds. If you're careful, you can hide behind some rocks and approach stealthily to some extent.

Once you find the Ol' Reliable next to the corpse of the dead soldier, grab it, then speed off quickly! Fortunately, enemies will not pursue you for eternity in The Outer Worlds. Once you're far enough, the enemies will stop following you.

I'd suggest saving your game before trying to get the unique weapon, especially if you're trying to get it on Supernova difficulty or you're simply a low-level character.

Don't worry if you've already left the Emerald Vale Region. You can always return later (via the ship) to acquire the Ol' Reliable light machine gun. But getting the gun early in the game gives you a major advantage. Acquiring ammo for the Ol' Reliable is easy because the weapon takes light ammo which is common.

Additional Weapons

While there are better unique weapons, many of them cannot be obtained until you progress farther in The Outer Worlds main quest. After you depart the Emerald Vale Region, you'll go to other planets, ships, and hub worlds. Make sure to search the other regions thoroughly to locate indispensable and unique weapons like Ol' Reliable. Rare and powerful weapons have a golden background on the thumbnail pictures. Check the vendors and merchants for rare items too.


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