"The Outer Worlds" - How to Recruit All Companions

Updated on October 31, 2019

While The Outer Worlds is not the most technologically advanced game, it is very complex when it pertains to the role-playing aspect. As you travel to planets, ships, and other hub worlds, you'll encounter many characters that you can speak to. The game gives you many dialogue options. The dialogue choices can range from a witty response, a mean retort, a compliment, and many more. You can create your own character, but the main character is not voiced by a voice actor or actress. It is similar to Skyrim and New Vegas in that regard. All other characters, including minor ones are voiced, though.

There are a total of six companions that you can recruit in The Outer Worlds. They each have their own morals, motivations, ideologies, and unique personalities. Companions act as followers that will aid you in combat. They can be very useful for covering you in combat, but they are not invincible. If their health drains, they will go down and be wounded. They won't actually die when their health drains unless you're playing the game on the highest difficulty, Supernova.

Quests for Companions

Companions in The Outer Worlds will occasionally share their opinion with you on different situations. They might not approve of certain actions that you take. Sometimes they have quests that you can complete for them. For example, you can take Parvati to a bar on the Groundbreaker ship to help sort out her personal issues.

Most of the companions are relatively easy to find and recruit, but it's possible to miss certain quests. This guide will explain how to recruit all the companions in The Outer Worlds. Two of them are on the first planet at the beginning of the game.

Parvati in Edgewater

Parvati is the first companion you can acquire. She's in the Edgewater settlement. Initially, you must travel to Edgewater on foot, but you will have the option to fast travel later. During the main quest, Stranger in a Strange Land, you meet Reed Tobson in Edgewater. He is located in the large tower. After speaking to Reed Tobson, Parvati asks to join you. She is an engineer who is kind, but is sometimes awkward when speaking to other characters. Before you leave on your ship, make sure that you allow her to join you. She'll confront you before you enter the ship. Parvati is basically not that happy with her life in Edgewater, providing her motivation to adventure with you.

Vicar Max

If you don't explore or pay attention, you might miss Vicar Max. He is located inside the church in Edgewater. Initially, he does not even seem like a companion because he does not mention joining you. Parvati actually mentions him if you speak to her. That's how I found out about him in my game.

In order to recruit Vicar Max, you must compete his side quest called The Illustrated Manual. Tell him that you'll look for his book to start the quest. After retrieving the book and returning it to Vicar, it turns out that the book is in French. He ends up joining you because he needs to find someone that will translate the book. You can meet him on your ship later.

SAM (Robot)

Once you activate the power on your ship called the Unreliable, go to the upper floors above the stairs. You'll find a decommissioned robot named SAM. Interact with the robot, then speak to AI of the ship. The AI will suggest to check the Captain's Quarters of the ship. Check the log to find out that you require a Acid Steeper to reactivate the robot SAM. You can find the Acid Steeper in Roseway later on. Once you get the item, return to the robot to recruit SAM.


You can recruit a female companion named Ellie on the massive Groundbreaker ship. She is in the Medical Bay on the far left side of the hub area. Offer your help to Ellie. You need to speak to a woman named Jesse.

Pick up the ID cartridge at the end of the room in the Medical Bay. It will allow you to disguise yourself when entering the restricted area. You have a limited amount of time before the disguise wears off and people get suspicious. Go down the hallways and convince Jesse to let you in the room she's in. She explains that she got in trouble and is in debt with the board.

Speak to the board member with the mustache. He is across from the Medical Bay. You can resolve the issue by intimidation, bribery, or by another method. It does not matter too much. The choice is yours.

Return to Ellie after you solve Jesse's problem with debt. Ellie will offer to join the crew. Tell her she's welcome aboard.


Recruiting Felix is easy. As soon as you arrive on Groundbreaker, you'll see Felix in a small conflict with other characters. You cannot recruit him quite yet. Complete the main quest until you're allowed to leave on your ship. He will be waiting by your ship, eager to join your crew. He actually wrote a speech. You can listen to the funny speech or hire him right off the bat.


The last companion you can recruit in The Outer Worlds is Nyoka. She is a female character with dark pink hair. You can find her in Monarch. During the main quest, you are told to speak to her in the Yacht Club. Complete her quest that involves getting her medicine to sober her up. It can be very easy depending on how you decide to complete the quest.

Using Companions in "The Outer Worlds"

The game allows you to have up to two companions at once. Before leaving the ship on a mission, you choose who you want to take with you via a menu.

Equip your companions with weapons and armor by swapping their equipment in the menu. The Outer Worlds allows you to issue a few basic commands to companions when you're exploring or fighting enemies in combat. You can tell them to attack or move to another position. The system is very similar to Mass Effect, especially because both games are science fiction role-playing games with action.

Unique Attacks

What makes the companions useful in combat is their special abilities that deal extra damage. Press either the left or right d-pad to issue their special attack. There will be a small animation of them attacking the enemy. Companions will level up and acquire perk points if you use them often. Make sure to give them perks in the menu. The special abilities have to recharge, but you can attack an enemy twice if you're with two companions.

Lastly, remember to speak to your new crew members on your ship. Sometimes they have quests or something interesting to say. The Outer Worlds frequently has sequences where characters have conversations with each other randomly.


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