"The Outer Worlds" Money Guide: How to Get More Bit Cartridges

Updated on October 31, 2019
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David is a freelance writer who primarily writes about videogames and fitness topics. He is currently working on a Dark Epic Fantasy novel.

A Science Fiction Adventure

The Outer Worlds has a currency system throughout the hub worlds. The majority of role-playing games have some type of item that is utilized as money. Bit Cartridges are used to buy weapons, armor, healing items, repair stuff, or purchase key items in the story. You can buy or sell items at vending machines or merchants in The Outer Worlds. Some quests reward you with Bit Cartridges, but you can explore the planets and other hub worlds to find more. Additionally, it's possible to steal Bit Cartridges from characters either directly or indirectly. There are moral and immoral ways to make money in the game.

Character Stats

Before you start a new game in The Outer Worlds, assign points to the attributes called Strength, Dialog, and Stealth. If you want to maximize the amount of money you can make, then those attributes ideally should be higher, but you're going to have to sacrifice something else.

Strength is good because it increases your carrying capacity. That means more loot that you can sell to vending machines or merchants. Dialog decreases the cost of items and the Stealth attribute gives you more opportunities to loot things.

If those attributes are not high in your game, don't worry! You can still level up your skills and acquire perks to increase carrying capacity or lower prices in The Outer Worlds. Attributes cannot be reset unless you make a new character, but you can redistribute your skills by going to a special machine that's located on your ship.

Useful Perks in "The Outer Worlds"

Ideally, you should acquire the Pack Mule and the Negotiator perks in The Outer Worlds as soon as possible. Pack Mule allows you to carry 50kg more items. The Negotiator gives you a 20% discount at vendors. Both perks are tier 1, meaning you can get them relatively early in the game if you level up a few times. Just remember, you don't get a perk point every time you level up. It's every other level.

Once you unlock tier 2 perks, unlock Snake Oil Salesman and Pack of Pack Mules. The Snake Oil Salesman allows you to sell your loot for more Bit Cartridges. The other perk increases your carrying capacity a second time.

Valuable Skills

The Pickpocketing and Lockpick skills are are very useful. When you level up in The Outer Worlds, spend points on those perks. Level 40 Pickpocketing enables you to steal Bit Cartridges from people's pockets. Level 40 Lockpick gives you 25% more Bit Cartridges from containers that can be opened.

Looting for Valuables

As you explore The Outer Worlds, you'll come across containers that are locked. You can open them if your Lockpick skill is high enough and you have Mag-locks. Sometimes the containers have valuable items that you can sell. They may even have Bit Cartridges.

Make sure to loot every enemy you eliminate. They have weapons, armor, and other items that you can sell. As mentioned earlier, having a high carrying capacity will help tremendously when looting frequently.

Bit Cartridges can be found on shelves, tables, or other little nook and crannies. Sometimes you'll come across valuable items that are automatically marked as junk for you to sell. I once made about 2000 Bit Cartridges just by selling my junk that I found.

You can steal Bit Cartridges and other items from people, but don't let anyone see you, otherwise you'll have to face a confrontation or retribution from the guards. You can bribe people or convince them to look the other way, though.

Selling Weapon Parts and Armor Parts

While you'll need weapons and armor to survive in The Outer Worlds, you don't need every single item that you loot. Sell weapons and armor across the Halcyon Colony by visiting vending machines and merchants. You can breakdown the weapons and armor for parts. Once you get a hundred or so parts, sell the ones you don't need for Bit Cartridges. It's another decent way to make money if you horde everything that you loot in the world.

Completing "The Outer Worlds" Side Quests

The Outer Worlds is packed with a ton of side quests! Some characters will compensate you for completing side quests. Sometimes they reward you with an uncommon item or give you a lot of Bit Cartridges. Many characters will give you more than one side quest. Besides money, you'll acquire experience points for helping characters.

To find side quests, speak to every major character that you can find in hub areas like Edgewater and Groundbreaker. You cannot carry on conversations with the minor NPCs that walk around the world. If the game does not zoom in after interacting with someone, then they probably are not a major character.

Saving Money

If you want to maximize the amount of money you have in The Outer Worlds, then don't buy weapons, armor, or other miscellaneous items at vending machines. It's very easy to find weapons and armor by looting or completing the main quest. Weapons and armor do degrade over time, but you can simply repair them at a workbench or within the menu system. Purchasing a lot of weapons is not necessary because it just wastes the amount of Bit Cartridges you possess.


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