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"The Outer Worlds": Secrets and Options You Might Not Know About

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The Outer Worlds has a relatively robust menu system with many options. The game itself is also quite large and spans multiple hub worlds with their own settlements, communities, unique landscapes, and hidden areas. The Outer Worlds is not a true open world game, but it plays very similarly to one. Occasionally, the game provides minor tutorials, but it does not explain everything. The game text is very small as well. Even on a large television, the text will appear small relative to the entire screen. It's easy to miss out on a vital piece of information about the mechanics of the game.

If you've played No Man's Sky or Fallout: New Vegas, then this game might look familiar to you. The colors and environments have a similar aesthetic to No Man's Sky. And the role-playing system plays like Fallout: New Vegas. That's no surprise considering The Outer Worlds was developed by Obsidian Entertainment.

This article will cover a few options or secrets that you may not have been aware of. The game can be a bit overwhelming at first, but experimentation is encouraged to experience different results.


Companion Helmets

You'll encounter multiple companions during your adventures in The Outer Worlds. Equipping them with better weapons and armor will make them more effective against enemies. For some strange reason, it's not possible to unequip their helmet. You must swap out their helmet for a different one.

Helmets prevent you from seeing your companions when you speak to them directly or explore with them. Fortunately, you can change the options in the settings. Once you're in settings, go to the gameplay tab and uncheck "Show Companion Helmets." The stats of the equipped helmets will still apply, but now you'll be able to see the faces of all your companions.


Repairing weapons and armor is fundamental if you wish to survive in The Outer Worlds. Upgrading Engineering to level 20 unlocks Field Repair, allowing the repair of weapons and armor without a workbench. You'll also be able to breakdown weapons during looting when the Engineering skill is high enough. Note, using a workbench takes fewer parts to repair stuff. Field Repair is more convenient, but it requires more resources.


Sorting Inventory by Category

The Outer Worlds menu system can become a bit confusing if you are carrying a lot of items. There is an option to sort by different categories to manage your items easier. You can sort by name, value, weight, and value to weight ratio. Sorting is a useful option if you're looking for high-value items to sell or want to know what is taking up a lot of carrying space.

Some items found in the world automatically go to the junk because they are meant to be sold for Bit Cartridges, the currency in the game. Mark items as junk if you don't use them. Marking items as junk is a convenient feature when you want to make money or clear up space in the future. Junk can be sold at merchants or at vending machines.

Drawing Weapons

Don't hold the interaction button when opening doors or using other objects. Otherwise, you'll draw a weapon automatically. Tap the button instead. The game does not allow you to unequip all your weapons. Unfortunately, trying to interact with random people or using a ladder still makes you pull out your weapon. Characters in The Outer Worlds don't seem to be intimidated or infuriated when your weapons are drawn, but it might be annoying or less immersive when you're walking in a town. Just make sure not to accidentally shoot the weapon by mistake. Characters become hostile if attacked. In the future, the game may be updated to resolve the issues associated with drawing weapons.

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Dodge Forward Skill

Some crates or hidden areas of The Outer Worlds can only be accessed by jumping and dodging forward. Initially, your character can dodge backwards or to the sides, but you must upgrade dodge to level 20 to unlock the Leap ability. Leap allows you to dodge forward in midair after jumping. It's a useful ability when you have to jump onto a platform or reach a secret area that might have crates to unlock or loot to pick up.

Using Snipers for Stealth

If you want a stealth character, then you should find a sniper rifle. If you're far away enough, you can actually shoot enemies from a distance without putting others on full alert. Simply hide and wait until they are not suspicious anymore. Look for the indicator on top of their heads.

Use the Time Dilation ability to place accurate shots on enemies. Use the correct damage type before firing to exploit enemy weaknesses. For example, plasma is effective against unarmored opponents and shock is good against robots.

Dumb Dialogue Responses

If you're interested in unconventional or goofy dialogue options, take a point away from the Intelligence stat to unlock dumb dialogue. When it is set to below average, you can choose silly and stupid dialogue responses in The Outer Worlds. The dumb dialogue was originally featured in the old Fallout games.



The Outer Worlds does not really explain what occurs if you steal items. While there is not a complex justice system in the game like Red Dead Redemption 2 or GTA, you'll get in trouble if you're caught stealing in the game.

If you're confronted about your crimes, you can bribe, lie, intimidate, persuade, or attack your way out of the predicament. Some items are easy to steal, but others are out in the open and impossible to take without alerting someone. If there's an item that you really want, steal the item, then bride the character that confronts you.

Saving in Supernova Difficulty

The Outer Worlds has four difficulties. The most difficult one is called Supernova. You must eat, sleep, and drink to survive. Enemies are much stronger and deal more damage. You can only fast travel, sleep, and manually save within your ship.

Luckily, there is a way to kinda exploit the game. When you fast travel to your ship, the game autosaves. If you're about to attack a group of enemies or simply need to save, then just fast travel to your ship. If you die after, load your game. Supernova difficulty will still be challenging, but consistently fast traveling to your ship makes the game a bit easier to handle.

Companions can actually die permanently on Supernova difficulty if their health bar drains the whole way. To increase their chances of survival, set their behavior to ranged and defensive. Make sure to level up their stats that increase health and damage too.


Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on November 11, 2019:

Great article! My copy of this game arrived today and I'll be getting stuck in when I've finished with Death Stranding. Interestingly, Dragon Age: Inquisition also had a "Show Companion Helmets" setting. I'm glad other games are doing it, too. Nice work!

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