"The Outer Worlds" - Tips for Mastering Combat and Tactical Time Dilation

Updated on November 4, 2019
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First-Person Combat

The combat in The Outer Worlds is surprisingly good for a role-playing game set in a science-fiction world. While the first-person combat is not as refined as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, there are many weapons and options at your disposal. Obsidian Entertainment was working with a lower budget when they developed The Outer Worlds.


Fortunately, the game usually runs at a solid 30 frames per second on consoles. The game does have some very minor slowdowns when loading into new areas, but they don't happen often enough to detract from the overall experience. If you're on a powerful and competent PC, then The Outer Worlds should run smoother with better graphics and resolution. Anyone who plays shooters knows how jarring it is to have frame rate issues or other technical issues. Most major glitches are absent from the game, but your experience may vary.

For those curious, you can't go into a third-person perspective in The Outer Worlds like Fallout 4 or Skyrim. The only way to view your character is from the menu. Remaining idle will temporarily show your character in third-person, but the game can't be played in it.

Tactical Time Dilation

One of the best abilities you have at your disposal in The Outer Worlds is Tactical Time Dilation or TTD. When using TTD, the world around you slows down, allowing you to accurately target a variety of enemies. The system functions like V.A.T.S. from the Fallout series. Additionally, the effect itself is similar to the slow-motion from F.E.A.R. or Max Payne.

Tactical Time Dilation is an ephemeral ability, but you can use it longer if you're stationary. Ideally, you should shoot your gun in TTD when remaining still. It's a good time to heal yourself when using TTD as well. Adreno Syringes work quickly when time slows down. Add consumables to the Adreno Syringes to make them more effective.

Inflicting Status Ailments

The most beneficial way to use TTD is to target specific body parts of an enemy. You can cripple creatures that charge at you by shooting their limbs. If you're outnumbered, slow down time and target the heads of enemies to blind them. Unlock perks after leveling up to increase the effectiveness of TTD. Combat will be easier and more fun if you utilize TTD strategically.

Weapons and Armor

After prolonged use with weapons and armor in The Outer Worlds, the condition suffers from degradation. When degradation occurs, weapons are less effective in combat, causing them to deal less damage. It will be necessary to replace or repair your weapons.

There are two primary ways to repair weapons and armor, but it comes with a cost. You'll need parts that can be obtained by breaking down weapons and armor at a workbench. A workbench can be found on your ship, the Unreliable. Use it to repair any weapons and armor that have a very poor condition.

For a quicker way to repair your equipment, acquire the Field Repair ability. Once your Tech Skill is level 20, you'll be able to repair weapons from the menu system, making the workbenches unnecessary.

The Outer Worlds has a plethora of weapons that you can find or purchase. You can obtain assault rifles, shotguns, plasma weapons, flamethrowers, sniper rifles, pistols, and other fictional weapons. Some weapons are unique and rare. If you explore carefully, you'll find science weapons.

Each weapon has different damage and ammo types. If you want to prevail in combat, then make sure you understand the different damage types. Some damage types are either effective or ineffective against certain enemies.

Five Damage Types

  • Physical: Deals less damage to armored opponents.
  • Plasma: Good against most feral creatures with flesh.
  • Corrosion: Deals damage over time and is good against armor and robots.
  • Shock: Robots take more damage.
  • N-Ray: Ignores armor and deals more damage to robots.

Three Ammo Types

  • Light
  • Heavy
  • Energy

Ammo in The Outer Worlds can be found by looting bodies or purchasing it from vending machines or merchants. Alternatively, you can steal ammo or break open containers with Mag-Locks. Weapons require the proper ammo type.

Tinkering or modifying weapons or armor at the workbench makes them more powerful in combat. If you're enjoying a particular weapon, but it's a lower level, use tinkering at a workbench. Your science skill must be high enough to upgrade, though. Additionally, an item can only be raised 5 levels above your character's level. Eventually, you'll inevitably require better gear when your character level raises much higher.

Unique Attacks for Companions

In many games, the AI teammates often get in the way. Fortunately, the companions in The Outer Worlds have a practical purpose in combat. Not only will they shoot at your enemies, but you can press the D-pad to make them use their special attacks. Their attacks are unique to them. For example, Felix will dropkick an enemy and Parvati will deal devastating damage with a melee weapon.

In order to get the best use from your companions in combat, upgrade their Determination and Inspiration stats. At level 20, the special attacks for all the companions will be unlocked.

The companion's special attacks feel like an extension of your character. Once you press the D-pad, they will attack instantly. If you're fighting a formidable foe or are low on health, then the special abilities will prove to be indispensable during most situations.

Passive Perks for Companions

As long as a companion in The Outer Worlds is following you, they will gain experience in combat. As they level up, perk points will be unlocked for you to distribute. Some perks can increase their health or make their special attacks available faster.

If you're going to be tagging along with companions, invest in the Pack of Pack Mules perk. The perk will increase your carrying capacity when you have companions following you. Lastly, don't forget to equip superior armor and weapons to your companions. Without good equipment, they may go down in combat.


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