"Diablo 3" Event Location Guide: The Revenge of Gharbad (Southern Highlands)

Updated on February 28, 2019
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Possible spawn location for the "Revenge of Gharbad" event in the Southern Highlands.
Possible spawn location for the "Revenge of Gharbad" event in the Southern Highlands. | Source

This guide will cover The Revenge of Gharbad event in Diablo 3, providing information on how to complete and find it. Events like this are essentially small mini quests that often provide gold, experience and sometimes item rewards for completing a short task or series of closely related ones.

Finding the Event

You can find The Revenge of Gharbad in a camp named the Ancient Pyre located with the Southern Highlands location, traveled through during the quest Trailing the Coven. If backtracking, it is best to take a quest after this, then use the Highlands Crossing waypoint and entering this location by crossing the bridge which is usually to the west/northwest of the waypoint exit. If it spawns, it will be near the central of the map, and it is a big location. See the picture to the top right.

In the Southern Highlands, there always seems to be a single large Goatmen camp of some kind and always just the one, but the type of camp it is rotates from a selection. The camp you are looking for will have the Ghost of Gharbad, an altar in the center of the large circular like camp and be otherwise barren of all life. The telltale yellow exclamation mark is another good sign. If you come across the other large camps populated by living Goatmen, its probably best top leave and try again, since there never seems to be 2 different camps spawning in the same game.

There is an achievement for completing this event and another specifically for doing so in co-op.

The "Revenge of Gharbad" achievement.
The "Revenge of Gharbad" achievement. | Source

The Revenge of Gharbad

The Ancient Pyre and the Ghost of Gharbad.
The Ancient Pyre and the Ghost of Gharbad. | Source

"Power sleeps in the dead one. We can share it, yes. You will help?"
- Ghost of Gharbad

1. Destroy the Shamanic Wards around the Khazra Mummy

There is a pair of Shamanic Wards that up to this point were untargettable. Once this objective appears, you can take them out quite quickly. Each one will spawn four Dark Moon Clan Ghosts. If you are having some difficulty in this area, you will want to take each one out separately, dealing with the pack of ghosts before destroying the second, otherwise if you are having an easy time handling mobs around here, take them both out at once and deal with the whole cluster of ghosts simultaneously. These mobs only seem to be slightly stronger then the others in the area, by not by much if so.

One of the Shamanic Wards
One of the Shamanic Wards | Source

Once the ghosts are cleared, Gharbad will apparoach the altar and transform into a unique Blood Clan Warrior named Gharbad the Strong, then make known his intent to betray your assistance.

"Give it here. Give me power."
"I get life. You get... Death."
- Gharbad the Strong

Dealing with the Dark Moon Clan Ghosts.
Dealing with the Dark Moon Clan Ghosts. | Source

2. Kill Gharbad the Strong

Watch out if you are a squishy character and make sure to back away from him before he transforms, as the reincarnated Gharbad hits pretty hard and has a lot of life. Luckily, like most uniques, he is still easier to tackle versus elite or rare monsters, plus he also lacks a host to back him up. Kite him around the large event area, which gives plenty of room for maneuvering and a circular path for endless kiting if needed. To top it off, the dude is kind of slow. As long as you don't suicide run yourself into him, this fight should be easily handled if not a bit longer than the first half. Once finished you'll get a nice loot drop from the downed Gharbad and your typical Diablo 3 event bonus experience and gold.

Gharbad the Strong attacks.
Gharbad the Strong attacks. | Source

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      7 years ago

      Got it at first try! lol

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      8 years ago

      I found thr location but there is always minions there. No quest npc.


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