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The 10 Best Trinkets in "The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth"

In this article, I am going to explain what I think are the top 10 best trinkets in "The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth."

In this article, I am going to explain what I think are the top 10 best trinkets in "The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth."

What Are Trinkets?

There are many types of items in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

One of the types of items you can find in the game is trinkets, and there are many trinkets.

There are hundreds of trinkets to find! But in this huge pool of trinkets, some are better than the rest.

In this article, I am going to explain what I think are the top 10 best trinkets in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

I have updated this guide for the "Repentance" game update.

List Rules

I am listing the trinkets from weakest to strongest. Some of these trinkets need to be unlocked or require downloadable content (DLC).

Also, with any list or post online, you may disagree with my choices. I picked these trinkets as they are the most helpful based on the way I play the game!

Rotten Penny

Rotten Penny

#10 Rotten Penny

You need to have the Afterbirth Plus expansion to find this trinket.

To unlock this trinket, you need to have 20 flies at the same time.

While holding this trinket, picking up coins will create blue flies.

This trinket is great because, during the late game, coins become almost useless.

But with this trinket, you still have a reason to grab every coin you see. The flies created will help you clear rooms much easier.

I will keep this trinket until I find a trinket that gives stats.

The Locusts

The Locusts

#9 Locusts

There are five locust trinkets. There are the Locust of Death, Famine, Pestilence, and War.

All five trinkets require the Afterbirth Plus DLC.

To unlock all the trinkets, you need to best bosses while playing Apollyon. You need to beat boss rush, The Lamb, ???, Satan, and Issac.

These trinkets create one fly when entering rooms with enemies. The flies have different properties, depending on what trinket you have.

  • The Locust of War creates one fly that explodes.
  • The Locust of Conquest creates one to four flies that do double your current damage.
  • The Locust of Death flies does quadruple your current damage over two hits.
  • The Locust of Famine creates one fly that does double your current damage and slows enemies.
  • The Locust of Pestilence creates one fly that does double your current damage and positions enemies.

The strength of this trinket is getting the flies often. Since you get one fly in almost every room, that will greatly help during the early game.

With this trinket, I will try to clear as many rooms as possible.

I often will replace these trinkets for something that raises stats.

Faded Polaroid.

Faded Polaroid.

#8 Faded Polaroid

Faded Polaroid randomly turns you invisible. Enemies will not see you and be able to target you while this is happening.

Faded Polaroid helps you avoid damage semi-frequently. This trinket is pretty nice. I originally did not think much about it. But after playing the game and using it for a while, I started to like how useful it is.



#7 Perfection

The only way to get Perfection is to complete three floors without taking damage. Then it will drop after beating a boss.

Perfection gives you 10 luck. After taking damage, you lose the trinket, and it is destroyed.

Perfection is a great trinket. With 10 luck, tear effects will happen often. You will get many drops from clearing rooms.

If you are playing as The Lost or The Tainted Lost, you will always get this trinket. Since you will die from taking any damage most of the time.

The reason why Perfection is good but not the best is because of how hard it is to get.

Also, you will lose the trinket pretty quickly, as never taking damage is pretty hard to do.

The trinket is risky to keep, but it is good that I would pick it up and use it if I did not have anything better.

Viborant Bulb

Viborant Bulb

#6 Vibrant Bulb

You need the Afterbirth Plus expansion to find these trinkets.

When you have a full charge bar, you get bonus stats.

You get the bonus from not using your active item and leaving it charged. This bonus is more helpful during the late game when you don't need to use active items as much.

If you have an active item that has no charge bar, then Vibrant Bulb will always be active.

I often will hold onto this trinket for most of a run. Since very few trinkets give stats bonuses.

Lucky Toe

Lucky Toe

#5 Lucky Toe

To unlock this trinket, you need to blow up 20 Shopkeepers.

Lucky Toe increases your luck stat by one.

It increases your chances of getting more items from golden chests, machines, and tinted rocks. It also increases the chances of getting more drops from clearing rooms.

To unlock this trinket, you need to destroy 20 dead Shopkeepers.

The 1+ to luck alone makes this item decent. The extra chance of getting more items is adding delicious frosting to an already great-tasting cake.

I might drop this trinket for the top three trinkets. I am more likely to do this late game.

Since this trinket increases your chances of finding things, the main strategy is to open more chests and explode more machines with bombs.

Nose Goblin

Nose Goblin

#4 Nose Goblin

You need the Afterbirth Plus expansion to find this trinket.

Nose Goblin adds a chance to fire a booger tear that sticks to enemies and does damage over time. These boogers fall off if the enemies jump or go underground.

This trinket gives you a nice damage increase. These booger tears do a lot of damages to bosses.

I often will keep this trinket for a whole run.

Curved Horn

Curved Horn

#3 Curved Horn

Curved Horn increases your damage by two.

To unlock Curved Horn, you need to Defeat The Lamb as Judas.

You can never have too much damage in this game. So a trinket that increases your damage is one of the best trinkets to find.

More damage means less time fighting things, and you will have to avoid getting hurt less often.

Curved Horn is the kind of trinket I will hold for the entire game. The only other trinket I might consider swapping this one out for is Cracked Crown.

Cancer (trinket)

Cancer (trinket)

#2 Cancer

"Yay, cancer!" Edmund McMillen clearly has a dark sense of humor.

Cancer is a very good trinket. So maybe the description is quite accurate.

Cancer lowers your tear rate by two. But it does it in a way different than most items. Holding this trinket allows you to get tears lower than the standard tear cap of five.

Being able to get the tears stat down to three is a big deal, and this is why Cancer is a great trinket to find and hold for the whole game.

I consider this trinket to be better than a curved horn. It is harder to get your tears lower than five than it is to get more damage.

Also, with very low tears stat, even weak damage will seem strong.

While holding this trinket, I want to grab items that lower the tears stat. I often will keep this trinket for the whole game.

Cracked Crown

Cracked Crown

#1 Cracked Crown

Cracked Crown boosts your stats based on the number of items you have that are already boosting your stats.

Cracked Crown also boosts your tears in a way that allows you to get lower than the standard cap of five tears.

To find Cracked Crown, you need to have the Afterbirth Plus DLC. You also need to win five times in a row while playing daily challenges.

Cracked Crown is the best trinket in the game.

If you have any items that raise your stats, this trinket makes the bonus even better.

I rarely think of finding trinkets as "I have won the game" moments. But Cracked Crown is the one trinket that gets that level of emotional response from me.

While holding Cracked Crown, you want to find as many items that boost stats.

I will hold this trinket the whole game. There is no better trinket.

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