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The Worst Ten Trinkets in “The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth”

Eric loves to play "The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth" on Steam, and it is one of his favorite games. He wants to teach others about the game.


Not All Trinkets in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Are Good

There are many trinkets in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Most of them are good or at least OK.

But there is a special group of trinkets that are bad or disappointing when compared to the rest.

In this article, I am going to list what I think are the worst trinkets in the game.

These trinkets are bad or don't do very much and are only helpful in certain situations.

List Rules

I am going to list the trinkets in alphabetical order. Trying to rank them is too hard for me!

If the trinket requires expansion packs or has to be unlocked, I will note this.

Black Feather

Black Feather

Black Feather

Black Feather requires the Afterbirth expansion to find it. You need to defeat Ultra Greed as Eve.

Black Feather increases your damage while holding certain items.

This item could be useful. But the number of items that give you a bonus is too small. You can play a whole run and not find a single item that makes this trinket helpful.

I don't like very situational trinkets like this. So I will often drop it for something else.

Unless I happen to have one of the items that give extra attack, there is no reason to hold onto this trinket.

Bob's Bladder

Bob's Bladder

Bob's Bladder

This trinket requires Afterbirth expansion.

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Bob's Bladder reminds me of the Holy Water item. Both items are not bad but quite disappointing.

The pool of creep is too small to be of any use! Using bombs for this seems like a waste.

I guess there are some special situations where having this trinket is useful. But I don't have time to worry about that!

I suppose if you like using bombs often and have many bomb related items, the trinket becomes more useful.

If this is the only trinket I have found so far, I guess I will keep it. But I am dropping this trinket the first chance I find something better.

Broken Remote

Broken Remote

Broken Remote

Broken Remote teleports you to a random room when you use an activated item.

I can't think of a good reason to use this trinket. It only teleports you to visible rooms.

Maybe you could try to use this item to skip rooms? But there is a chance it will toss you into a room further away from where you are trying to go.

I think this trinket is junk, and I toss into the corner of an empty room.




You need to have the Afterbirth Plus expansion to find this trinket. You also need to complete two victory laps and start a third.

While holding this trinket, using an active item will drop it. After taking damage there is a 2% chance you will drop your current active item on the ground.

For being quite a hard to unlock trinket Butter! does very little. Why would I want to drop my current active item?

I guess if you somehow pick up something you don't want, this trinket could be useful?

But you can also hold onto active items you don't want to replace them with something else. You don't have to use any item you are holding.

There is one extremely situational reason I would want to use this trinket.

If you have Diplopia and Schoolbag, you could use Butter! to drop an active item and then double it. Then you can pick up the same item and be able to use it twice.

But don't expect this happen ever.

This is a trinket to skip.

Cursed Skull

Cursed Skull

Cursed Skull

Cursed Skull teleports you to a random room when you have less than a full heart of health.

I think I rather just die than be stuck with half a heart in some random room.

This trinket saves you, but it leaves you in a worse state. I wonder if that is worth it.

I guess if you have explored every room already, then the teleport is much safer.

Maybe with enough health items around, it could be useful?

If I see this trinket, I make sure to drop it somewhere far away in a corner. So I can't accidentally pick it up.




Equality! requires the Afterbirth Plus DLC.

If you have the same number of coins, bombs, and keys, you will find two of these items when picking them up.

This item is far too situational.

It is only useful if you happen to find it while holding none of these items. Otherwise, the odds of you having the exact same number for all three items is extremely low.

Also if you find Humbling Bundle this trinket becomes useless.

I guess if there is nothing else to hold, there is no reason to not pick up this trinket. But I won't keep it if I find other trinkets.

Lost Cork

Lost Cork

Lost Cork

Lost Cork requires the Afterbirth Plus expansion.

This trinket increases the size of creep made you and your familiars.

This item is not bad. So much as it is very situational.

There are few ways to create creep puddles, and holding a trinket just for these items is usually not a good plan.

With the right items, this trinket is OK. But even then, I still would drop it for anything slightly better.

I don't see this trinket as being worth it when compared to many of the other trinkets in the game.

Mom's Toenail

Mom's Toenail

Mom's Toenail

Every minute Mom will use a stomp attack. This attack will randomly target an area of your current room.

The trinket could be useful at the start of the game? But it seems too random to be much help.

Also, the stomp can hurt you if it gets you.

This game already has a lot going on in it. I don't also want to worry about some random foot trying to stomp me.

I hide this trinket so it can never be seen again.

Poker Chip

Poker Chip

Poker Chip

You need to have the Afterbirth Plus expansion to find this trinket. You also need to complete challenge #26 I RULE!

While holding these trinkets, chests have a 50/50 chance to either drop extra consumables or a blue fly.

I have never been much of a gambler. Maybe that is why I don't like this item. The odds should be OK. After all, it is a coin flip.

But in practice, I often am much more disappointed by finding nothing when compared to the items I do get something extra.

Maybe late game when you don't care about getting as many items this trinket could be useful?

The trinket doesn't change your odds of getting pedestal items. So I guess it doesn't change that much.

Either way, I don't see much reason to hold this trinket when compared to the better ones you can find.

I often will skip this trinket and forget about it.

The Worm trinkets

The Worm trinkets

The Worm Trinkets

I am grouping these trinkets because they all are annoying for the same reasons.

  • Hook Worm
  • Rainbow Worm
  • Ring Worm
  • Ouroboros Worm

Note Rainbow worm requires the Afterbirth expansion. Ouroboros Worm requires the Afterbirth Plus expansion.

There are some situations where these odd shots might help. But I rather just stick to shooting in a straight line in front my character.

Normal shots might be boring, but it is easy to aim and dependable. Consistency what matters when trying to win the game often.

© 2020 Eric Farmer

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