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6 Things You Must Do Before Any Quest in “Monster Hunter: World”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

Thousands of players around the world are continuing to enjoy the latest action-packed role-playing game, Monster Hunter: World, by Capcom. The multiple types of monsters, collectible items, and the ability to forge and upgrade different kinds of weapons and armour make it a fun and entertaining game that can be enjoyed alone or with friends.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World

A large part of the game is going on Quests and Expeditions from the headquarters. On Quests, you have a goal, such as slaying or capturing various monsters or gathering items. Failure usually includes fainting three times or running out of the assigned time.

On Expeditions, you can explore freely, and Investigations involve finding out more about specific monsters by hunting or catching them. Assigned Quests move the story along and increase your Hunter Rank.

Going on any of these types of missions involves basically the same drill - posting a quest, waiting for it to load, and whistling for your flying monster to carry you to your quest. But before you rush off to hunt, take these important steps to make the most of your adventure and avoid fainting. Here are things you must do before embarking on a quest in Monster Hunter: World.

1. Check Your Ammo

If you're using a long-range weapon, that means that you use coatings or ammo to make your shots more powerful. Be sure to check that you have topped up your ammo supplies by crafting them or buying them from the Provisions Stockpile.

You can craft ammo by yourself on the go, but it is better to have a supply in case you run into any tricky monsters out in the field.

Check Your Ammo

Check Your Ammo

2. Stock Up On Defense Boosting and Healing Items

As well as ammo, you might want to check that you have everything to boost and maintain your health. Fainting means lower rewards and if you faint three times, you fail Quests and Investigations automatically.

Check that you have the following items with you:

  • Nutrients. These boost your overall health. Craft them by combining a Blue Mushroom and a Bitterbug.
  • Mega Nutrients. These are more effective than Nutrients. Craft them by combining Nutrients and Honey.
  • Max Potions. You can make these later in the game. If you can't make them yet, take Potions (crafted using a Herb) and Mega Potions (crafted using a Potion and Honey).
  • Herbal Medicine. Antidotes can be crafted with Antidote Herbs but they take time to drink. Herbal Medicine can be crafted with an Antidote and a Blue Mushroom and is much quicker to consume than its drink counterpart. These are especially important if you are fighting Poison monsters such as the Pukei-Pukei or Rathalos.
  • Life Powder. This is especially good if you are playing multiplayer. Life Powder has a similar effect to a Vigorwasp - it releases a green substance that heals you. Unlike consumable healing items, Life Powder also works on other players if they are standing near you. A Life Powder can be crafted with a Godbug and a Blue Mushroom.

Be sure to set Auto-Crafting on these items so that they appear in your inventory as soon as you have collected the materials. The above are not the only healing items available; see this list on for all of them. Always check you've got some in your pouch before leaving!

This list isn't all of the Defense Boosting items you can get in this game. For a full guide, see the video below.

3. Get Traps and Spare Materials

Capturing monsters is always better than slaying them because it reaps better rewards. Even if you are out to capture just one, there is a chance that you'll see another one you also want. In this case, be sure to stock up on traps and trap-making materials.

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  • For the Shock Trap, you will need a Trap Tool and a Thunderbug, which can be purchased from the Provisions Stockpile and picked up at the Ancient Forest, respectively. You can only carry one Shock Trap at a time, so be sure to have spare Thunderbugs and Trap Tools in your inventory so you can craft more if needed.
  • For the Pitfall Trap, get a Spider Web and some Ivy. These are good for monsters who are resistant to the Thunder Element.

For catching monsters, you also need Tranq Bombs. Craft a maximum of eight by combining a Sleep Herb (which you can get from the Wildspire Waste, among other places) and a Parashroom. If you're using the bowgun, you can make Tranq Ammo by combining a Tranq Bomb and Normal Ammo 1.

4. Equip the Right Weapon

You might be the type of player who sticks with one weapon throughout, or you might have one or two favourites. What kind of monster will you be facing? Large monsters that can fly might be better suited to a ranged weapon. If it's a tough beast with a severable tail, a sword might be the better option.

Some monsters have elemental weaknesses, so it's good to keep an Ice Bow, for example, on hand for a bonus. If you don't know the elemental weakness, that is what items and neutral weapons are for. Be sure you have the best weapon available on hand for upcoming battles.

5. Wear the Right Armour

Armour is essential when playing Monster Hunter: World. You constantly have to upgrade and forge new gear to keep up with the tough battles.

If you are not using guides, it is likely that you will have to fight monsters at least once to understand their damage type. The Rathalos, for example, can breathe fire and has poison-tipped talons. The base defense stat is important, but it's also a bonus to equip any relevant elemental-resistant armour, too. It can make a big difference.

If you are struggling with armour, check out the useful guide below.

6. Eat a Meal

This is an important step that too many hunters forget to take! Before going on any Quest, Investigation, or Expedition, be sure to head to the canteen and eat a meal. Check the effects before you choose which meal to eat; they can give bonuses to your HP, your Palico, your Defense, Attack, and more, giving you the added boost you need before a hunt.

You can also eat at the camp outside if you forget to do it before you go. Make it a habit to chow down before every mission.

Chow Down!

Chow Down!

Being prepared before you go can be the difference between failure and success! Monster Hunter: World doesn't provide many hints or tips on the way, so a lot of these things you have to work out for yourself. Be sure to follow this essential checklist before you leave and boost your chances of completing missions and becoming a first-class hunter!

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Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on May 09, 2018:

Thank you as always, Liz. ;)

Liz Westwood from UK on May 09, 2018:

Great set of tips. I could have done with reading tips like this before taking on my son at his Sonic games on his Megadrive many years ago!

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