Top 10 Strongest Keyblades in "Kingdom Hearts"

Updated on August 7, 2020
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Sora's Kingdom Key and King Mickey's Kingdom Key D
Sora's Kingdom Key and King Mickey's Kingdom Key D

What Are Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts?

Keyblades are mysterious melee weapons in the Kingdom Hearts video game universe, that bear unique abilities and are seemingly shaped by one's heart. Exactly how these sword-like armaments are forged isn't clear, but keyblades can be passed between users through the bequeathing ritual or gifted when deeming one's heart worthy. To quote Harry Potter, "the wand chooses the wizard," and the keyblade often chooses the wielder.

Keyblades are versatile weapons, often boosting the user's strength, magic, and latent abilities. Keyblades are also useful at opening locks, whether literal tangible chains or pathways between entire worlds. Keyblades can be summoned and dispelled at will, making them accessible at all times and allowing for sneak attacks (as Sora exploited against Roxas). Throughout the numerous entries in the Kingdom Hearts series (including the three main games and about a zillion spin-offs), we've seen hundreds of mystical soul-forged weapons, but which weapons reign supreme? These are the ten strongest keyblades in Kingdom Hearts! This article contains spoilers for the games up to KH3.

End of Pain
End of Pain

10. End of Pain

First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Obtained by: Clear all special portals

End of Pain's downside is that it lessens the chances for a Reality Shift to occur, a sort of minigame that pauses the action and grants various benefits if preformed successfully. However, it compensates with a good strength boost, great magic attack, longer length, and ability to land frequent critical hits. Plus, its design is based around demon wings—can't get much cooler than that.

An end to pain may sound like a good thing, but when that end comes through death, I'll pass, thank you.


9. Oblivion

First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts
Obtained by: Found in a chest within Grand Hall

A black blade obtained through various means depending on which game you're playing, Oblivion is particularly strong in KH2, where it boosts strength by 6, magic by 2, has a long reach, and offers the helpful Drive Boost ability, letting your Drive Gauge fill more quickly while your MP meter recharges. Accessing your ultimate transformations like Valor, Wisdom, and Final Form faster, in addition to nice base stats, makes this dark weapon one of the game's premier choices. Even if you don't equip it as your main, it makes a handy twin weapon for one of your dual-wielding forms.

While Oblivion symbolizes Sora's memories of Riku and can be found in the first game, many fans associate it with Roxas, who dual-wields it in Kingdom Hearts 2 alongside Oathkeeper. Speaking of which . . .


8. Oathkeeper

First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts 2
Obtained by: Speak to Kairi in the Secret Waterway

Symbolic of Sora's memories of Kairi as well as Roxas's memories (or lack thereof) of Xion, Oathkeeper is another of Roxas's twin swords. It's first obtained in KH1, where it grants an extra MP meter, stronger summons/magic, and can deal rapid critical hits.

In KH2, Oathkeeper grants 3 to both strength and magic, and it offers the valued Drive Boost ability, extending the duration of your drive forms and making an excellent dual-wielding choice. I won't go over every exact stat boost for every game (we'd be here all day), but Oathkeeper also impresses in 358/2 Days and Re:Coded.


7. Lionheart

First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts
Obtained by: Beating Leon and Cloud in the Hades Cup

Based on Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy 8, Lionheart grants several tempting bonuses. It ups strength by a massive 10, adds an extra MP gauge, has decent reach, and enhances magic/summon power. Once you unlock this, you're probably not switching for a very, very long time.

It's also useful in Chain of Memories, having powerful strike, thrust, combo finish, and break recovery attributes as well a latent fire element.

Vanitas Remnant's Void Gear
Vanitas Remnant's Void Gear

6. Void Gear

First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Obtained by: Defeating Vanitas Remnant

Kingdom Hearts loves its secret bosses, and to obtain Void Gear you'll need to beat the optional Vanitas Remnant encounter in BbS. After conquering Remnant and mugging his keyblade (who's the real villain here?), you're treated to a superb blank-slate weapon that grants 8 strength, 4 magic, a long length, and a boost to critical damage. It'll even slightly alter its appearance depending on which character uses it. Way to be a poser, Void Gear. You be you.

No Name
No Name

5. No Name

First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Obtained by: The Unknown

Also called Master Xehanort's keyblade, No Name was originally a gift to Luxu by the Master of Masters (ego much?), which you can learn more about in Kingdom Hearts X. But basically, when told it had no name, Luxu jokingly used his master's words to create its ironic title.

Terra, Aqua, and Ventus can obtain a copy for themselves by defeating The Unknown, a mysterious secret boss (although considered canon) later revealed to be Young Xehanort, and their version grants an extraordinary boost to magic, a long reach, and an increased chance of critical hits.

Omega Weapon
Omega Weapon

4. Omega Weapon

First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Obtained by: Buy Pandora's Gear as Roxas or Xion in the Moogle Shop

Based on the reoccurring Final Fantasy superboss of the same name, Omega Weapon ironically correlates to the Ultima Weapon in FF; both grant extra abilities when you have full health. In this case, untouched HP grants extra power, staggers enemies with each hit, and reduces the damage you take by a third. Make sure you heal frequently if struck to get back to full health and access your intimidating bonuses once more.

I'm surprised we haven't seen Omega appear in more KH games, but I suppose this over-sized house key's rarity only adds to its value.


3. Unbound

First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Obtained by: Clear all secret portals

Typically considered the ultimate weapon in 3D, Unbound offers the highest strength, highest critical ratio, and highest reality shift chance. Its magic is only eclipsed by a few other keyblades, but Unbound is unparalleled in damage output and the preferred weapon for most if not all situations. Its in-game text even describes it as "keyblade perfection", though we'll soon see no keyblade has yet captured the strength of the original.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Ultima Weapon (KH2)Ultima Weapon (KH1)
Ultima Weapon (KH2)
Ultima Weapon (KH2)
Ultima Weapon (KH1)
Ultima Weapon (KH1)

2. Ultima Weapon

First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts
Obtained by: Fused through item synthesis

Usually the best blade for the games it appears in, Ultima Weapon requires some item grinding to synthesize, but provides excellent strength regardless of which game you're playing. In the original title, Ultima has great strength, critical rate, reach, and gives two extra MP slots. In KH2, it's called "the keyblade above all others" and bestows 6 strength, 4 magic, and the coveted MP Hastega ability, letting your magic meter recharge more quickly, letting you heal and attack from range with greater frequency.

Ultima is typically the strongest offensive magic in Final Fantasy titles, and I'm glad it retains its power in this epic crossover.


1. X-blade

First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Obtained by: Uh . . . clashing a soul of pure light against one of pure dark and hoping for the best.

You actually don't pronounce this one as "ex-blade" but as "key-blade"; this is the original keyblade after which all others are imperfectly modeled. While we haven't yet been able to wield it in gameplay, it's by far the strongest weapon, able to summon the door to the true Kingdom Hearts.

Plenty of interesting lore to explore with this one. X has always been a prominent letter in the franchise; remember that Nobodies have the names of their originals, just rearranged with an added X (Sora-Roxas, Lea-Axel, and so on). Additionally, the two swords of X-blade's base look exactly like Sora's default Kingdom Key.

Which keyblade do you prefer?

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Future of Keyblades

There's our list of the best keyblades available. While Kingdom Hearts is generally regarded as a family-friendly franchise, keyblades play an important part in the story, where a mass Keyblade war apparently wiped out most keyblade users around. Like lightsabers in Star Wars, keyblades are a rare yet portable and versatile weapon that grant many edges in battle, and with their customized elements, how awesome would it be to discover a keyblade that suited our real-life selves?

In the future, we'll undoubtedly discover more awesome keyblades, as well as new weapon transformations to increase Sora's repertoire, but for now, vote for your favorite sword and I'll see you at our next Kingdom Hearts countdown!

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