Top 10 Best-Looking Shiny Pokémon (Generation 2)

Updated on July 13, 2020
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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament." She lives in Enoshima and likes to read novels and play video games, especially open-world RPGs.

Pokémon is a fantastic franchise involving battling, catching, and training many different kinds of monsters. Starting in the 1990s with Game Boy games and an anime series, Pokémon has evolved (no pun intended) to become the internationally renowned franchise it is today.

With regular releases of new Pokémon species, anime episodes, and games, the fun never ends, and generation after generation of players are enjoying trying to catch 'em all and become Champion.

Generation 3 Pokémon Starters
Generation 3 Pokémon Starters | Source

Shiny Pokémon have been around since the Gold and Silver game installments. Though being a Shiny doesn't affect a Pokémon's stats or abilities, they are incredibly rare and very exciting to encounter!

Some Shinies have quite boring designs, such as just being a shade lighter or darker than their originals. However, some Shinies have great colors that make finding and catching them all the sweeter! Here is a countdown of the top ten best-looking Shiny Pokémon from Generation 2.

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A shiny Houndour and Houndoom
A shiny Houndour and Houndoom | Source

10. Houndoom

Pokédex number: 229

Type: Dark

Houndoom is a powerful dark type Pokémon resembling a large dog. He has made major appearances in the anime and is even a Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He can also Mega-Evolve.

Shiny Houndoom is pretty cool-looking. His black coat is dark blue and his mouth yellow instead of orange, making him look quite exotic!

Shiny Slowking
Shiny Slowking | Source

9. Slowking

Pokédex number: 199

Type: Water/Psychic

One of the few Pokémon in the movies who can speak, Slowking is depicted as a wise evolution of Slowbro, the Shellder that initially evolved Slowpoke now living on its head. The Shiny edition of a majestic Slowking is a sight to behold.

A regular and Shiny Spinarak
A regular and Shiny Spinarak | Source

8. Spinarak

Pokédex number: 167

Type: Bug/Poison

Spinarak is a sort of Caterpie of the second generation, and not that exciting in terms of stats and looks. However, this cute little bug does have a pretty cool Shiny design. His fairly standard green and yellow palette changes to a charming blue and pink. Super cute!

Shiny Snubbull
Shiny Snubbull | Source

7. Snubbull

Pokédex number: 209

Type: Fairy

Snubbull is a sort of cute-ugly Pokémon likely based on a French bulldog. In its Shiny version, its bright pink coat is replaced by a blueish-purple and its nose and ends of its ears turn magenta. Adorable!

Shiny Steelix
Shiny Steelix | Source

6. Steelix

Pokédex number: 208

Type: Steel

Steelix was one of our first introductions to the steel type and the evolved form of Onix, a much-loved Pokémon from people who watched the anime. Its Shiny form is a bright shade of yellow, making it seem this metal snake had upgraded from silver to gold!

Shiny Politoed
Shiny Politoed | Source

5. Politoed

Pokédex number: 186

Type: Water

Politoed is an optional evolution of Poliwhirl and is a stark contrast to the other option, Poliwrath. This yellow and green frog-like creature's palette changes to a charming blue and pink, making him go from deadly venomous frog to cuddly new friend!

Shiny Bellossom
Shiny Bellossom | Source

4. Bellossom

Pokédex number: 182

Type: Grass

Bellossom rose to fame with her cheerful "Bellossum" song in the movie Pokémon The Movie 2000. This cute dancing flower is sweet enough in her original design, but her Shiny form is the cutest and pinkest thing I've ever seen!

Shiny Slugma
Shiny Slugma | Source

3. Slugma

Pokédex number: 218

Type: Fire

This fiery slug has so much personality! Whereas the regular form is orange, Slugma's Shiny design is a pale white or grey, contrasting greatly and making him really stand out! There's no doubt this fire Pokémon has one of the coolest designs in Gen 2.

Shiny Mareep
Shiny Mareep | Source

2. Mareep

Pokédex number: 179

Type: Electric

Who doesn't love this cute little zappy sheep? Mareep is one of the fluffiest cuties in the Pokémon world and his Shiny design is no different! His pale wool turns a vivid pink and the rest of him a cute dark blue.

Shiny Furret
Shiny Furret | Source

1. Furret

Pokédex number: 162

Type: Normal

I know. I never thought I'd see Furret as a number one on any list. This fairly basic ferret-like Pokémon has a regular-looking coat, but its Shiny form is nothing short of genius!

Shiny Furret immediately caught my eye with its brown stripes replaced with an adorable pink and beige. This is definitely the coolest-looking Shiny of Generation 2 and should be used as an example of all good Shiny designs!

Which One Is Your Favorite?

It's enormous fun and very exciting to encounter a Shiny in the wild, and even better if you manage to catch it! Generation 2 brought a bunch of new great Pokémon to our lives, along with some decent Shiny designs. Which one is your favorite?

© 2019 Poppy


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    • profile image

      Ozzie Bennett 

      8 weeks ago

      Maybe Do Best looking Mythicals/Legendarys for every Gen or Best feauters of legendary Pokémon kinda like a cool feature of Steelix is that it has a crystal form

    • poppyr profile imageAUTHOR


      2 months ago from Enoshima, Japan

      Yes! Do you have a suggestion?

    • profile image

      Ozzie Bennett 

      2 months ago

      Poppy do you include Legendaries/Mythicals?


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