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Top 10 Fun Games You Can Play on “Habbo Hotel”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima with her husband and young son.

Habbo Hotel was developed by Finnish company Sulake and first went live on the internet in 2000. Over the two decades it has been online, the virtual world has gone through many changes and updates, and thousands of people across the world continue to enjoy it today.

"Habbo Hotel"

"Habbo Hotel"

On Habbo Hotel, you can roleplay, build rooms, chat with other players, and change your avatar's looks. Another great feature of this highly addictive game is the ability to play mini-games which people host in real-time.

With the introduction of new furniture (called "Furni" in-game), new games have been introduced over the years. An example of this is the banzai, a tile that teleports the player to a random place or a place previously decided by the person to which the banzai belongs.

Some of these games depend on skill or creativity whereas others are just blind luck. Here are the top most fun mini-games that you can play on Habbo Hotel.

10. Danger Pod (DP)

How to win: pure luck

Danger Pod involves the host having a row of pod chairs of different colours. The host announces which pod chair is the "danger pod," sometimes referring to it as the "DP." All players step onto the banzai (warp tile) and you are teleported to a random pod chair.

If you land on the Danger Pod, you're immediately out! Most hosts have a teleportation system where you are automatically kicked out of the playing area to avoid cheaters.

There is no skill involved with this game; just hope and pray you don't land on the DP!

"Danger Pod" Screenshot

"Danger Pod" Screenshot

9. The Balloon Game

How to win: pure luck

To play the Balloon Game, pick a balloon and then go to the tile of the corresponding colour. You'll be moved to the area, where you wait until the host picks a balloon. If the host's balloon is the same colour as yours, you are out.

This game can be over very quickly! There is no skill involved—unless you count getting into the correct room. Don't pass your balloon to anyone else. You have a 75% chance of getting through to the next round (four colours are usually used) so good luck!

A typical "Balloon Game" room.

A typical "Balloon Game" room.

8. Higher or Lower

How to win: luck and skill

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Higher and Lower involves mostly guesswork. The host rolls a number and you have to guess whether the next rolled number will be higher or lower. Go to the respective areas, which the host will indicate.

It's always funny to see someone "risk it" (for example, by going to the Lower area if the rolled number was 2) and to see them win. Higher or Lower is a lot of fun because the unexpected can sometimes happen!

7. Fridge Race

How to win: luck and speed

Fridge race involves a row of chairs, several banzai tiles, and a row of fridges. The host decides which item she wants the players to get from the fridge, and the players race to get to the fridge and back in time with the correct fruit. Because the banzai tiles teleport you to random other tiles, you have to be lucky about landing on the fridge side of the room. The slowest to grab the correct fruit and gets back to their seat is out.

The banzais have to be on your side for this game, but you also have to be able to quickly click on the fridge and the chairs to get there in time. Fridge races is incredibly exciting and tense, and definitely worth playing.

6. Costume Change/Cozzie Change (CC)

How to win: skill

Costume "Cozzie" Change is one of the longest-standing games on Habbo Hotel and became popular when more hairstyles and clothing were added. The host says a theme and you dress your Habbo to match the theme. The most creative and interesting players pass the round, and the host usually leaves it up to other players to vote after the last two are left standing.

Cozzie Change remains an incredibly fun game, though due to the fact that people tend to vote for their friends and the fact that it takes a long time to play a full game, the popularity seems to be declining. Despite that, it's still one of my favourite games to play on Habbo Hotel.

Themed Costumes in "Cozzie Change"

Themed Costumes in "Cozzie Change"

5. The Mole Game

How to win: guesswork and some skill

The mole game involves a group of players and the host chooses who is to be the mole. Using the whisper feature, the owner whispers to the mole that they're it. Each round, players must guess who the mole is and the mole "kills" one player each round.

If more than half of the players manage to correctly guess who the mole is, the mole is out and a new mole is selected. If the mole survives the whole game, they win.

This game is really fun to play but unfortunately, easy to cheat on if people play in teams. That being said, you can also distract players by pretending to wonder who the mole is (if you're chosen). It's a lot of fun to play!

4. The Fridge Game

How to win: luck and some strategy

The Fridge Game is different to Fridge Races, although similar furniture is used. A pura fridge (containing ice cream, water, and a carrot) is used and each player takes turns taking an item from the fridge.

  • Water means "safe," so you can go back to your seat and wait for your next turn.
  • Ice cream is "p2k" (pick to kick) meaning you choose one other player to be removed from the game.
  • Carrot means you lose. You can't recover from this.

The Fridge Game is quick and exciting, and if you play with friends, you're less likely to get picked to be kicked.

"The Fridge Game" Screenshot

"The Fridge Game" Screenshot

3. Falling Furni (FF)

How to win: skill

Falling Furni(ture) is probably the oldest game on this list. The host drops a seat and you have to sit on it, similarly to Musical Chairs. The last person standing is out.

Falling Furni has gone through a lot of changes over the years. In the past, p2p (pay to play; someone who wants to join a game that has already started pays the host to join), rev (revenge; the player pays for another player to take their place if they lose), and auto (auto-win; the play pays to automatically win the game.) However, all these have now been removed, and if you lose, you lose.

This is much better because people aren't just paying to win anymore; simply don't be the last person standing! To make it fair to the last few people, the final three must make a triangle (standing so that there is one square between the three of them) and then "one space" for the final two (standing with one square apart).

This game is incredibly fun and when people "seat troll" (quickly standing up and sitting to tease other players), I find it incredibly entertaining. Most hosts don't like it, though, and if you attempt to seat troll, there's a chance you'll lose your seat.

Falling Furni has lasted years and is still a fun and popular game today on Habbo Hotel.

2. Telephrase (TP)

How to win: skill and some luck

Telephrase is a fun and challenging game that is easier to play if you're a native or very fluent English speaker, which almost all Habbo players are. The host says a theme (fruit, for example) and players have to guess which word the host is looking for, such as banana, grapefruit, etc.

If a player says the correct word, they are teleported to the "winning chair" in a different area of the room. The last person to be teleported is out.

Unfortunately, if people play in teams they can whisper the answers to each other, so you have to be very quick or play with friends!

"Telephrase" Screenshot

"Telephrase" Screenshot

1. Banzai Bank Game

How to win: pure luck

Sometimes just called "Bank Game," this gets the number one spot for most fun games to play on Habbo Hotel. Prizes can be huge and because it all depends on a dice, there is no way for players to cheat.

Usually, players start with two bronze coins (2 credits). During their turn, a player rolls the dice, and each number has different rules.

  1. "Gain." You get another coin from the host.
  2. "Lose." The host takes a coin away.
  3. "P2K." Stand on the banzai tile and the person you land on is removed from the game.
  4. "Bankrupt." You're out
  5. "Steal." Stand on the banzai tile and you'll land on a random person. You gain the top coin or item on their pile.
  6. "Donate." Stand on the banzai tile and you'll land on a random person. You give the top coin or item from your pile to that person.

Some hosts offer "FP" (Fast Pass) which allows players to become immune to 3s and 4s in the first round and other benefits. These usually cost a couple of coins each.

Banzai Bank Game is quick to play, very exciting, and you can potentially win a lot of coins! Some hosts have gold bars (50 credits) as prizes and your Habbo can become very rich playing this game. The high risk and inability to cheat definitely makes this the best game on Habbo Hotel.

A screenshot of "Banzai Bank Game"

A screenshot of "Banzai Bank Game"

Habbo Hotel is a great way to kill some time and can be a very fun and addictive experience! Playing mini-games is my favourite thing to do on this online virtual world and with fansites and veteran players constantly hosting games, there is always a game going on no matter what timezone you're in. Which Habbo Hotel game do you enjoy the most?

© 2018 Poppy

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