Top 10 Strongest Hoenn Pokémon

Updated on June 29, 2020
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Lewis is a freelance writer and video game connoisseur, with a passion for reviewing the latest titles. His favourite series is Pokémon.

Gardevoir, the "Emrace" Pokémon
Gardevoir, the "Emrace" Pokémon

#10: Gardevoir

Gardevoir has always been regarded as somewhat weak and fable, but with the introduction to the Fairy-type, it added on this new typing creating a Psychic/Fairy typing, only being weak to three types. Gardevoir's superb Special Attack stat in combination with its fantastic offensive typing leaves it as a ferocious offense. Moonblast is a solid STAB attack, easily defeating Dark-types and with a chance to drop the opponent's special defence by one stage. Calm Mind boosts Gardevoir's Special Attack and Special Defence stats, allowing it to tear through slower teams while becoming quite specially bulky. Psyshock heavily damages Pokémon who are weaker on the physical side, which relies on their high Special Defence to check special attackers. Substitute lets Gardevoir dodge status effects, such as Will-O-Wisp and Thunder Wave, and is fantastic against stall teams, as Pokémon on those teams often lack the offensive presence to break Gardevoir's Substitute. Focus Blast obliterates Steel-type Pokémon. Alternatively, Shadow Ball allows Gardevoir to deal heavy damage to Ghost- and Psychic-types. Trace is useful for copying the opponent's ability, or for scouting out the ability before it has been activated.

Upon mega evolution, Gardevoir gains a brand new ability in Pixialte. Similar to Aerialte, the only difference instead of Normal-type moves being Flying-types, they're Fairy instead.

Milotic, the "Tender" Pokémon
Milotic, the "Tender" Pokémon

#9: Milotic

In order to get Milotic in Emerald, the player must catch a Feebas and evolve it with high enough friendship. It did take me a long while, but it was so worth it seeing this majesty on my GBA screen. Milotic is a good defensive Water-type because it has an amazing matchup against bulky offensive teams. This is because unlike other bulky Water-types, Milotic isn't thwarted by status conditions thanks to Refresh, which, when combined with the move's high PP and Recover, allows Milotic to PP stall Pokémon that rely on status conditions to deal damage. In addition to its defensive prowess, Milotic possesses decent offensive presence for a bulkier Pokémon, with fairly high Special Attack and Speed stats at base 100 and 81, respectively.

Scald serves as a consistent Water-type STAB attack with a high chance to burn the foe, aiding Milotic in taking on physical attackers. Ice Beam is a good coverage move alongside Scald, hitting Dragon-types and Grass-types such as Hydreigon and Whimsicott for super effective damage. Recover provides instant recovery and more longevity, allowing Milotic to remain at high amounts of health throughout the match. Marvel Scale allows Milotic to gain a Defense boost in case it is afflicted by a status condition, which can make it harder to take down.

Breloom, the "Mushroom" Pokémon
Breloom, the "Mushroom" Pokémon

#8: Breloom

Once a mediocre Pokémon, Breloom has shone through in recent generations with the advent of buffs left, right and centre. Boasting too impressive abilities in Poison Heal and Technician. Technician Bullet Seed has the potential to be the strongest attack for a Grass-type, a 187.5 Base Power attack coming off of 394 Attack. Compounding that is Technician Low Sweep, which gives Breloom a free second attack against many faster opponents switching in. Combine this with Swords Dance and Breloom is a serious force to be reckoned with. And for those with a touch of nostalgia, it's still as threatening as ever with Poison Heal, which can be incredibly tough to crack. Spore provides excellent utility in putting foes to sleep and boasts perfect accuracy. Mach Punch is a priority that is boosted by Technician, allowing Breloom to deal with faster threats

Breloom works well with two flavours: Life Orb and Choice Band. Life Orb powers up Breloom's attacks and makes Mach Punch especially formidable against quad weak targets, such as Tyranitar. While a Choice Band rewards prediction more. Breloom is a perfect example is a legend in the making.

Shiftry, the "Wicked" Pokémon
Shiftry, the "Wicked" Pokémon

#7: Shiftry

Shiftry is exclusively used as a sweeper under sun that is capable of breaking through most teams by virtue of its fantastic coverage and ability to effectively run a mixed set thanks to Growth boosting both its offensive stats by two stages under sun. Shiftry has a terrific offensive typing and mixed stats, which allow it to threaten many bulky Pokémon in battle. It also has a powerful offensive movepool that contains strong STAB attacks such as Knock Off and Leaf Storm as well as numerous coverage options such as Extrasensory, Explosion, and Focus Blast. Access to STAB Sucker Punch lets Shiftry circumvent its rather average Speed. These qualities make Shiftry a fearsome offensive force, especially if backed by Chlorophyll with sun support. Shiftry even makes for a good offensive Defog user because it is able to threaten and force out the opponent with its powerful STAB moves. One of Shiftry's flaws is that its average Speed makes it more reliant on Sucker Punch than it would like to be.

Life Orb gives all of Shiftry's moves a bit more power, at the cost of some of its health for every attack. Black Glasses is an alternative that doesn't deal recoil damage to Shiftry and still boosts the power of Knock Off and Sucker Punch, but it doesn't give Seed Bomb a boost in power.

Manectric, the "Discharge" Pokémon
Manectric, the "Discharge" Pokémon

#6: Manectric

Sporting great coverage with solid Special Attack and Speed, Manectric is able to threaten defensive and offensive teams alike. Thunderbolt is Manectric's strongest reliable STAB move, dealing solid neutral damage, as well as super-effective damage to Water and Flying-types. Volt Switch allows Manectric to pivot out against Pokémon it cannot adequately deal with, gaining momentum in the process. Overheat hits the Grass-types that resist Electric-type attacks. Hidden Power Grass hits Water- and Ground-types, which Manectric otherwise can't touch. Lightning Rod should always be used as it grants Manectric an immunity to all Electric-type moves, including Thunder Wave. The resulting Special Attack boost can even aid a possible late-game sweep.

Mega Manectric exploits its speed and offense even further, with the addition of Intimidate, to extend its longevity against physical attackers for longer.

Swampert, the "Mud Fish" Pokémon
Swampert, the "Mud Fish" Pokémon

#5: Swampert

Swampert has reasonable 100/90/90 bulk which makes it an ideal defensive wall alongside its unique Water/Ground typing, which gives it one weakness in Grass, while sporting several resistances and one immunity to Electric. In addition, it can hit a wide variety of foes thanks to its access to Ground and Water-type STAB moves, the most prominent being Earthquake and Scald. Ice-type coverage in Ice Punch is excellent to target it's only weakness. Stealth Rocks and Toxic are both great options to wear the opponent down and to prevent a multitude of switches, perfect for Swampert to punish with its astounding 110 base attack. Swampert also has a respectable 95 base special attack, making the case for Waterfall Vs. Scald. Superpower can hit like a truck, with the only downside being an attack and defence drop, but that amount of power is often required to take down the biggest physical walls, like Snorlax, during battle. All these offensive moves can work well alongside Choice Band, which allow for a much-appreciated boost, since 110 attack is certainly good, but not the best.

Just like the other Hoenn starters, Swampert was granted a mega evolution, bestowing it with the added Fighting-type and those huge arms, literally. An exceptional new ability in Swift Swim, doubling Swampert's speed in the rain, as well as increasing the power of its Water-type attacks, and suddenly Swampert isn't so slow anymore. However, playing around with the duration of rain can be difficult, as in the current generation it can only last five turns, it then returns to its regular speed. Nevertheless, that buffed 150 base attack stat alone, coupled with Swift Swim allows Swampert the permission to dominate in battle.

Flygon, the "Mystic" Pokémon
Flygon, the "Mystic" Pokémon

#4: Flygon

Flygon is a decent Pokémon thanks to its offensive and defensive traits. For one, its incredible typing of Dragon/Ground and ability in Levitate provides a resistance to Rock and immunities to sand, Spikes, and Electric and Ground-type attacks.

Its offenses are also quite good, as its Earthquake is strong enough to hit offensive Pokémon quite hard. Outrage is an important secondary STAB move due to its ability to crush the Flying-types, Grass-types, and Levitate users that attempt to switch into Earthquake. U-turn gets valuable chip damage on checks and counters to Flygon while also building momentum for its team. Since Flygon has most of its bases covered in just three moves, Dragon Claw is chosen as the last move in order to give Flygon a reliable Dragon-type STAB move to use early in a game where there are numerous Pokémon with a Ground-type resistance but few Dragon-type resistances outside of a possible Fairy-type. This offensive prowess is furthered by Flygon's very good base 100 Speed. A Choice Band is required so that Flygon is capable of breaking down bulky foes with its powerful STAB moves and U-turn.

Salamence, the "Dragon" Pokémon
Salamence, the "Dragon" Pokémon

#3: Salamence

Salamence is, without a doubt in my mind, one of the strongest Dragon-types, with the exception of legendaries. Its attack and speed are exponentially strong in tandem with Outrage, a 120 base power move, ploughing through opponents with ease. Earthquake is essential in order to combat Rock-types, who punish Salamence with strong moves such as Stone Edge. Dragon Claw and Fire Blast provide additional coverage in battle. Intimidate is required to drop the attack of the opponent when switched in, or a more powerful option would be Moxie, boosting the attack stat by one stage every time an opponent is defeated. With Salamence's incredible 130 base attack and 100 speed, combined with Moxie, it can be difficult to defeat once it gets into the swing of things. A Choice Scarf supports Outrage and Moxie to increase Salamence's attack by at least three stages.

Mega Salamence gains Croissant shaped swings, and as such, enhanced speed and attack power. Aerialte is a rare ability which turns all Normal-type moves into Flying-types. In addition to boosting their power by 1.2x, this and Double Edge push Salamence's destruction to new heights.

Metagross, the "Iron Leg" Pokémon
Metagross, the "Iron Leg" Pokémon

#2: Metagross

Metagross, the greatest Pseudo Legendary from Hoenn, and long time companion to Steven, is a devastatingly powerful threat in battle. With an enormous 135 base attack and 130 base defence, alongside its good typing in Steel/Psychic, very few Pokémon can penetrate its defence, and as such, Metagross can sweep teams without much thought. Metagross has the option of slugging an opponent with the bone-crushing power of Meteor Mash. In addition to being its STAB move of choice, the chance of raising Attack is always a boon for something with such a high Attack stat. In order to complement its bulk, Pursuit and Earthquake are added in the other move slots. Bullet Punch is a priority move that Metagross can put to good use, as it's slow speed is indefinitely a struggle for Metagross, allowing other faster Pokémon to switch in and revenge kill. Clear Body is an ability that prevents Metagross's stats from being lowered by the opponent, and preventing other Intimidate users from dropping its attack. In order to retain as much bulk as possible, Leftovers is really the only item to consider. Metagross is meant to lay down Stealth Rock when needed thanks to its handy resistances and excellent bulk. There are other choices to survive a super-effective hit. An Occa Berry lessens the damage from super-effective Fire-type attacks, and lets Metagross survive the likes of Fire Blast and Flamethrower.

Mega Metagross floats in the air using its Psychic powers, and as such increases it's speed from 70 to a respectable 110, allowing it to finally outspeed dangerous Fire-types, such as Charizard in battle.

Blaziken, the "Blaze" Pokémon
Blaziken, the "Blaze" Pokémon

#1: Blaziken

With the advent of the fifth generation, Blaziken became the first starter in history to achieve a place in the "Ubers" tier, the highest position in the competitive battling community called Smogon. Two Words: Speed Boost. Protect gives Blaziken the ability to gain a Speed boost without taking damage or status, letting it outspeed prominent threats. Flare Blitz is one of Blaziken main STAB moves, 2HKOing almost every Pokémon that doesn't resist it; while the recoil along with Life Orb recoil does wear down Blaziken very quickly, it is still a necessity. Swords Dance can be used to hit harder, but it is hard to set up and utilize. Low Kick is Blaziken's main sweeping move: after a Swords Dance, it will OHKO all common Pokémon. High Jump Kick is insanely strong against everything that doesn't resist it but is risky when the opponent has a Ghost-type or a Protect user.

Mega Blaziken is the strongest mega there is, with the exception of Mega Rayqauza, which doesn't need an item to mega. This additional stage is essentially an enhanced Blaziken, who can take on powerful legendaries with a Swords Dance boost.

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