Top 10 Strongest Kanto Pokémon

Updated on June 30, 2020
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Lewis is a freelance writer and video game connoisseur, with a passion for reviewing the latest titles. His favourite series is Pokémon.

Starmie, the "Mysterious" Pokémon
Starmie, the "Mysterious" Pokémon

#10: Starmie

Starmie has always been useful in playing both an offensive or supportive role on the team. Water/Psychic is an excellent combination because of the variety of moves belonging to those two types. Hydro Pump and Psychic are the best STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves that Starmie can utilise. However, Scald can also be useful due to it's higher accuracy and chance to burn the target. Other options include Thunderbolt and Ice Beam for Flying, Water- and Ground-types. From a defensive position, access to Rapid Spin allows Starmie to eliminate entry hazards, such as Stealth Rocks, which is always beneficial to survive a long match. Recovery can provide more health to Starmie and when taken advantage of, this can allow Starmie to sweep more effectively during battle with its impressive move variety. In addition, Leftovers can ensure more support due to the item healing very small amounts of HP after every turn.

Starmie has two good abilities that it can put to use, with Natural Cure, which allows Starmie to recover from its status ailment when switched out, and Analytic, boosting the power of moves when moving last, giving it the power to truly threaten some of its switch-ins.

Jolteon, the "Lightning" Pokémon
Jolteon, the "Lightning" Pokémon

#9: Jolteon

Jolteon has been renowned throughout the generations as a "lightning-fast" Pokémon (no pun intended), and its clear why, with that shocking (okay I will stop now) 130 base speed stat, coupled with a great 110 special attack, allows Jolteon to hit hard and fast. It was the second-fastest Pokémon in the first generation, behind Electrode, but unfortunately for it, it has nothing else to be proud of.

Jolteon's blistering speed allows it to revenge kill weakened targets and reliably pivot with Volt Switch, meaning it can switch out easily while still causing damage. Thunderbolt is it's strongest STAB outside Thunder, but this is generally not advisable due to its only 70% accuracy. Whilst not having the greatest move pool, it does get access to Shadow Ball and Hyper Voice, both strong special attacks. By giving Jolteon the Choice Specs, an item that boosts its special attack but only locking into one move, it can fully optimise its potential power.

Gyarados, the "Atrocious" Pokémon
Gyarados, the "Atrocious" Pokémon

#8: Gyarados

Gyardos has always been a threat since the very beginning, and rewarding for Trainers who train up their Magikarp enough to see it evolve. Gyarados's stats are respectable, with its 125 base attack stat being its main strength, and an admirable 100 special defence and 95 HP, so it can easily live at least some neutral hits. To bring out its power, is the move Dragon Dance, a move which boosts its attack and speed by one stage. For STAB, Waterfall is a reliable physical move with the chance to flinch the target, as well as Bounce, to cripple enemy Grass- and Bug-types. Ice Fang and Crunch are both great moves for Gyarados, with Ice Fang having the chance to freeze the target. You could even use Substitute to provide a shield whilst also boosting its stats. Its primary ability is Intimidate, dropping the attack stat of the opposing Pokémon by one stage, increasing Gyarados's longevity in battle. Moxie is a better option for revenge sweeping, as it boosts the attack stat by one stage every time a Pokémon is defeated by Gyarados. Life Orb, a held item which boosts the power of moves for the cost of some HP, synergizes well alongside Dragon Dance.

Gyarados was granted a mega evolution, upon doing so, it replaces it Flying-type with Dark-type instead. Having Mold Breaker in its Mega form, allows Mega Gyarados to break through certain abilities, such as Unaware, Sturdy, Magic Bounce, and Water Absorb. However, both Gyarados's base form and Mega form are prone to residual damage, especially Stealth Rock, and its lack of reliable recovery means that this damage will be present throughout the battle.

Arcanine, the "Legendary" Pokémon
Arcanine, the "Legendary" Pokémon

#7: Arcanine

Arcanine's strength derives from its ability to play both offensively and defensively. It's base 110 attack, paired with physical moves like Flare Blitz and Wild Charge, allow Arcanine to shred through some of the biggest defensive walls in battle. It has a plethora of moves available, giving Arcanine more options when facing an opponent, such as Close Combat and Solar Beam to name a few. Extreme-Speed is an excellent revenge kill move on Pokémon that are low of health when switching into battle.

Arcanine's primary ability is Intimidate, dropping the attack stats of the opposing Pokémon by one stage, this is crucial for boosting its overall longevity against Ground-types, who generally attack on the physical spectrum, with moves like Earthquake. For defence, it can use the move Morning Sun, which restores half of Arcanine's HP minimum, and some more in the sun. Another option is Will-O-Wisp, a move that burns the target and half of their attack stat. Arcanine can work well with almost any item. Good options include Life Orb or Choice Band, which does more damage than Life Orb, but with the downside of being locked into only one move.

Nidoking, the "Drill" Pokémon
Nidoking, the "Drill" Pokémon

#6: Nidoking

On the surface, Nidoking appears to be average at best, none of its stats are inherently impressive. However, what really allows Nidoking to shine is the variety of move at its disposal. Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Surf, Rock Slide, Fire Blast, and so on and so forth. There's literally no type in the game that isn't super effective against one of its moves, it's just unfortunate it only gets access to four in battle.

It's main ability Sheer Force removes additional effects incurred using moves. Nidoking's best move when using this ability is Head Smash, a 150 base power Rock-type attack, while usually causing half damage on recoil, this is removed with Sheer Force. To extend this potential even further, Life Orb can boost the power of moves, with Sheer Force negating the effect completely. Nidoking is a truly powerful force during battle.

Venusaur, the "Seed" Pokémon
Venusaur, the "Seed" Pokémon

#5: Venusaur

By itself, Venusaur is a formidable member to any team. A special attack and special defence stat of 100 is relatively good, but what grants Venusuar as much popularity as it does, is its hidden ability Chlorophyll. When the sun is active, Venuaur's speed is doubled, turning Venusuar from a slow tank, into a tremendous wall breaker. It's best STAB options include Solar Beam and Sludge Bomb. Not to mention Growth, which increases Venusuar's attack and special attack stat by one stage, allowing it to become the greatest Starter Pokémon of all time.

Venusaur can also optimise a stall strategy, using Leech Seed, Toxic and Giga Drain, the opponent will be immediately drained of their health while struggling to retaliate in return. Synthesis grants a recovery option, which can be used more efficiently under the sun. Black Sludge is Venusuar's best item, granting some health back to all Poison-type Pokémon, expanding its capabilities as a staller.

Mega Venusaur gains access to the ability Thick Fat, reducing super effective fire and Ice-type moves, both of which would cripple regular Venusaur. All stats across the board are raised upon its mega evolution, aside from HP and speed. Gifting Venusaur this option provides another layer of bulk and power, both necessary for sweeping the opposing team. Gigantamax Venusuar has a unique G-Max move called G-Max Vine Lash, causing additional damage for four turns after usage, dwindling the opponent's health while still maintaining Gigantamax form.

Snorlax, the "Sleeping" Pokémon
Snorlax, the "Sleeping" Pokémon

#4: Snorlax

Just like when you couldn't get around it on your way to the Cycling Road, its stats also tell a similar story. Snorlax is a phenomenal wall in battle, bolstering an impressive 160 HP stat, in conjunction with 110 attack and special defence. There are two possible options when utilising Snorlax, either being a tank, or hitting as hard as possible. Curse grants Snorlax an increase in attack and defence, whilst dropping its speed. This move helps alleviates Snorlax's poor physical defence somewhat, but the Rest/Sleep Talk set can allow Snorlax to restore all of it's HP during battle and then strike back using one of its moves at random. Recycle is a move which can be used in conjunction with a berry, once Snorlax consumes one, it can then recycle to gain that berry back.

It's best STAB option is Body Slam, which has the chance to paralyse the opponent, and also cuts the opponent's speed. For a more offensive presence, Snorlax can get access to Earthquake, Crunch and for a nuclear option, Self-Destruct. Using Choice Band, whilst locking into one move for greater power, can take advantage of an impressive attack stat and good move pool. For longevity, the best item that Snorlax can use are the leftovers or a berry, such as Sitrus or Wiki to restore health after a certain amount of damage has been taken. Snorlax's main ability is Gluttony, which makes Snorlax consume it's berry earlier, so it can restore the same berry using recycle quicker. Otherwise, Thick Fat is helpful to extend Snorlax's bulk.

Gigantamax Snorlax can get access to G-Max Replenish, which has a 50% chance to restore the berry that Snorlax has consumed. As a result, if you decide to Gigantamax Snorlax, a berry is often the better choice as a held item.

Dragonite, the "Dragon" Pokémon
Dragonite, the "Dragon" Pokémon

#3: Dragonite

The original Dragon, and third on this list is Dragonite. There's a reason why there was only one Dragon in the first generation, and you only need to take a look at its stats to understand why. An attack stat of 134 is nothing to scoff at, and combine this with Dragon Dance, a move which boosts attack and speed, and Dragonite unleashes his fullest potential in battle.

Dragonite's wide move pool provides it with many coverage options, ranging from the elemental punches, such as Fire Punch to Superpower, as well as Outrage for a powerful STAB move. A move that stands out, however, is Extreme Speed. Extreme Speed's +2 priority allows Dragonite to revenge kill an opponent when switched into battle. Dragonite's ability, Multiscale, is also one of its selling points. Multiscale halves the damage Dragonite takes at full health, allowing it to safely set up Dragon Dance without fear of incoming damage. A Choice Band is the item of choice to considerably increase Dragonite's damage output, or the Weakness Policy, an item which boosts the attack and special attack stat when the holder is hit by a super-effective attack.

Gengar, the "Shadow" Pokémon
Gengar, the "Shadow" Pokémon

#2: Gengar

Throughout the generations, no Ghost-type has come close to exceeding Gengar, the first and only Ghost-type obtainable in Red/Blue and Yellow. A whopping 130 special attack stat combined with a respectable 110 speed stat, are what makes Gengar an unstoppable force in battle. Just like previous entries, Gengar can run a host of different moves. It's strongest STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) option is Shadow Ball, a base 80 power move that includes the 20% chance to lower the special defence of the opponent by one stage. Energy Ball, Thunderbolt and Sludge Bomb are just some of moves available to Gengar.

Gengar can optimise the Choice Scarf, granting extra speed with the allocation of just one move, so it can outspeed almost anything in its path. Prior to the seventh generation, Gengar had Levitate, allowing Gengar to avoid Ground-type moves, which combined with its Poison-typing, grants Gengar a layer of protection against enemy attacks. This is vital as Gengar is somewhat of a "Glass Cannon", it's crippling defence does it hold it back, nethertheless, a fantastic choice when building a team.

In the sixth generation, Gengar was granted a mega evolution, boosting all its special attack stat to 170, and as a result, became one of the strongest Pokémon that isn't a legendary ever. Its ability upon mega is Shadow Tag, preventing the opposing Pokémon from escaping the field, an ability exclusive to only some in the entire game. Gigantamax Gengar utilises its unique G-Max move called G-Max Terror, which deals damage whilst also preventing the opponent from escaping.

Mewtwo, the "Genetic" Pokémon
Mewtwo, the "Genetic" Pokémon

#1 Mewtwo

If you understand Mewtwo's potential already, then it should come as no surprise to you that it made the number one placement. The classic god of Pokémon has always been one of the most fearsome combatants in battle, holstering the greatest stats of any legendary Pokémon. An impressive 154 base special attack stat, combined with Psychic, it's greatest STAB, can sweep an entire team if the opponent isn't prepared. Furthermore, Calm Mind boosting its special attack and special defence undermines the phrase "too good to be true". It's move pool is fantastic, with moves such as Focus Blast, to deal with Dark-types, and Shadow Ball to destroy Ghost-types. If you prefer optimising it's powerful special, then Choice Specs is your best option, or alternatively, Choice Scar to cover for its speed. Leftovers can also be useful on set's revolving around Calm Mind boosts.

And if that wasn't enough power, Mewtwo was granted not one, but two mega evolutions: Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y. Each mega works fundamentally different to the other, but both still provide phenomenal strength in battle. Mega Mewtwo X increased it's attack power instead of it's special, and added the Fighting-Type, making it Psychic- or Fighting-type. This addition converted all Fighting-type moves into STAB, such as Drain Punch and Low Kick. Other options include Ice Punch, Earthquake and Stone Edge. Mega Mewtwo Y retains its roots and becomes an even stronger special attacker than ordinary Mewtwo. It gains Insomnia as an ability upon mega, preventing Mega Mewtwo Y from sleeping, which protects it from enemy status moves like Sleep Powder and Spore.

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