Top 10 Strongest, Most Powerful Pokémon of All Time

Updated on August 27, 2019
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The Pokémon universe is ever-expanding. Find out which 10 are the strongest and most powerful!
The Pokémon universe is ever-expanding. Find out which 10 are the strongest and most powerful! | Source

The Need to Organize Pokémon

The Pokémon universe has become rich with all different kinds of creatures, Gods, realms, continents and even dimensions, so I felt the need to pick and sort the best Pokémon with the highest power level.

This wasn't an easy task, as there are many powerful Pokémon out there, but I hope you find your favorites somewhere on this list! Now, it's time to see which Pokémon comes out on top!

The Original Dragon
The Original Dragon

10. The Original Dragon: A Powerful Fusion

Starting off our list of this top 10 list is the 'Original Dragon'.

The original dragon was the one and only fusion of Zekrom, Kyurem and Reshiram.

These three original legendary parts are strong enough on their own, but when you consider their combined power, their level is over 9000.

I have to point out that this Pokémon is one of the strongest ever, and it was even responsible for the creation of the Unova Kingdom.


9. Regigigas: The Continental Titan!

Regigias is a legendary Pokémon that hardly needs an introduction. This Pokémon is known to have pulled the continents through the oceans—imagine the power needed to do that!

He proved himself even more by doing this while Kyorge and Groudon, two other legendaries, were guarding the land and sea.

Lunala and Solgaleo
Lunala and Solgaleo

8. Lunala and Solgaleo: As Different as Night and Day

Solgaleo gives a whole new meaning to the title 'Sun God', and while Lunala isn't Sailor Moon level strong, she is no pushover either.

These two Pokémon represent the two shiniest objects in the sky, and due to the fact they have signature Z-Powers that are even stronger than most legendaries'.

Ultra Necrozma
Ultra Necrozma

7. Ultra Necrozma: A Legendary Combination

Take everything we've told you about the last entry about Solgaleo and Lunala. Then consider the fact that Ultra Necrozma can take control and fuse with both of these legendary Pokémon, and you've got yourself a recipe for number seven.

Mega Mewtwo X and Y
Mega Mewtwo X and Y

6. Mega Mewtwo X and Y: A Pokémon Created to Be the Best

Mewtwo was artificially created to be the very best of the non-god Pokémon, and his Mega form makes him even better.

Although he isn't as strong as some other legendary Pokémon, as far as "regular" Pokémon go, he is the total MVP.

Kyogre and Groudon
Kyogre and Groudon

5. Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon: Enter the God Pokémon

We arrive at the half-point of our list with the first entry of the God-tier Pokémon. Kyogre, the Lord of Water, created the sea, while Groudon, the Lord of Land, created the earth.

Needless to say, they are absolute powerhouses—after all, they had a heavy-duty function in the formation of the planet.

Their Primal forms make them even stronger, so naturally they deserve number five, no questions about that!


4. Mega Rayquaza: One of the Coolest Pokemon

It may be personal preference as far as Mega Rayquaza's looks are concerned, but I really think he is one of the coolest Pokémon in existence.

We already discussed the Lords of Land and Water, and now I introduce to you the Lord of the Sky.

He was made to stop the fights between the Pokémon of our last entry, so he has the power levels of both Kyogre and Groudon combined.


3. Giratina: This Is Where Controversy Really Begins

As a guy who has loads of experience with writing lists like this, I know two things for sure:

  1. That making these lists is insanely difficult.
  2. That it is impossible to please everyone reading it.

Having said that, this is the top three, so it's naturally where the controversy starts.

For the bronze medal, I picked the Lord of Antimatter, Giratina. This Pokémon controls antimatter and the Distortion World, which he was banished to for being unstable (and unbelievably strong).

Dialga and Palkia
Dialga and Palkia

2. Dialga and Palkia: The Firstborns

Dialga and Palkia are the Lords of Time and Space. They were the firstborns of Arceus, alongside number three, Giratina.

Their function tells you just how powerful they are—managing the whole universe.

In comparison to these two, Giratina is just too unstable. And what is Kyogre or Groudon's land or water without time and space?

However, I can't rate one of these Pokémon above the other, so they will have to share the silver medal.


1. Arceus: The First and the Last

Arceus was the first Pokémon that ever existed, and he will probably be the last.

He is literally GOD.

What more do you need to know?

Final Considerations

These top 10 lists are hard to write, and even more so when the list pertains to Pokémon . . . but why?

Well, you must consider that we don't have official power levels to go off of here, and that we don't have a sure shot way to gauge strength unless they fight one-on-one or if a character explicitly tells us that one is stronger than the other.

Even on that chance, it could just be that character's opinion.

Also, Pokémon can have different strengths and weaknesses that make power gauging very difficult. There are a lot of things to consider—stats, types, moves and abilities.

Thus, different people tend to weigh these variables, well, differently. As such, you're prone to see a lot of different Top 10 Strongest, Most Powerful Pokémon of All Time around the web.

This is mine, though, and I stick by it. Leave me a comment on the comments section to let me know what you think!

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        2 weeks ago

        I agree

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        3 months ago

        I think you should have placed Lugia and Ho oh in the 8th position because not only are they the guardians of the sea and sky but also the trio masters of their own legendary trio also they have one the best abilities in multiscale and regenerator


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