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The 5 Worst Final Fantasy Characters

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With over 15 entries in the main series, Final Fantasy seems to be never-ending. With a ridiculous amount of games come a ridiculous amount of characters, and while many of them are great, there were bound to be a few misses in there. It takes a lot for me to hate a character; however, some characters are just too much. Whether it’s their grating voice, awful character design or poorly told backstory, some characters just don’t click. Here are the five that drove me nuts.


Disonhourable Mention: Irvine (VIII)

Really, the main reason I dislike Irvine comes from one scene in VIII. When in space, Ellone sends Squall back to the past. There, we witness a scene where Irvine has just picked up Rinoa from the D-District Prison and is taking her back to her father. Rinoa, however, wants to go back and help her friends escape from the prison. Rinoa has to scratch Irvine’s eyes out (almost literally) to get him to turn the car around.

You could say: “Well, Irvine only just joined the party—he isn’t as close to the others as Rinoa is yet”. Except later in the game, you discover that Irvine is closer to them than Rinoa could ever be, and he still didn’t want to go back and rescue them. You could also say: “He’s just following orders”. Which is a fair thing to say, so I guess I’ll go easy on him and leave him off the list.

What I find funny, though, is that even Squall hates Irvine’s guts. I know the joke here is “Squall hates everyones’ guts”. Seriously, though, there are two points in the game where Squall completely forgets Irvine exists. One is when future Squall is reminiscing about the past and you are able to talk to each of your party members. When you interact with Irvine, Squall says something to the effect of “sorry, don’t remember you”. The second time is when Squall has to call his members together during the war of the gardens, and he just blatantly forgets about Irvine.

It’s pretty sad when even the main protagonist couldn’t care less about you.


5. Gau (VI)

Maybe hate is too strong a word, but with how amazing the cast of VI is, Gau stands out as one of the weaker party members. He speaks in broken English, isn’t very important to the plot and his gameplay is odd, to say the least.

To obtain new abilities with Gau, you must “Leap” onto enemies in an area known as Veldt. The issue is that Veldt is the only place you can use Leap. It’s similar to how Quina in IX can “Eat” her enemies to learn new skills. And while that had its annoyances, at least Quina could stuff her face anywhere on the map.

Usually, I enjoy the more quirky characters in the series, but Gau can go Leap off a bridge (I had to make that joke).


4. Oerba Dia Vanille (XIII)

I don’t have any deep reason to dislike Vanille—I just find her annoying. Her voice, her mannerisms—they just irritate me. She’s an amalgamation of the worst aspects of Yuffie, Selphie and Rikku. And while I like those characters, Vanille is a little too much for me. The way she runs annoys me, the way she talks annoys me and I don’t have anything else to add. Next.


3. Seymour Guado (X)

One look at Seymour should be enough to tell you why most people dislike him. A lot of character designs in the Final Fantasy series border on ridiculous, but I believe they went a step too far with Seymour.

The ridiculous hair aside, Seymour is just a weak villain. He believes the only way to end suffering is with death, a motive I've heard many times before.

But my main issue with Seymour is just how un-threatening he is. I like to compare him to James from Team Rocket (without the charm and charisma): he appears, gets his butt kicked and runs away (or… blasted away in James’ case). You fight Seymour four times during the game. The first time is fine. The second time he has a new form, so I’ll give it a pass. By the third encounter, it’s getting a little sad but it’s a tough fight, at least. The fourth time, however? It’s just embarrassing.

Here’s something fun you can do: watch any let’s player or streamer that has played Final Fantasy X and you’ll see they all have the exact same reaction to Seymour’s appearances.

The only thing I like about Seymour is his backstory. He was shunned as a child for being half-human, half-guado, and so his father sent him and his mother to the island of Baaj. The two of them travelled to Zanarkand where his mother wished for him to defeat Sin by making her the final Aeon. It’s a really tragic backstory and almost makes you feel for him. But I’m afraid it’s not enough to save him in my eyes.


2. Brother (X-2)

X-2 is a highly underrated game, in my opinion. I loved the upbeat atmosphere and general vibe of the game. The dressphere system was a lot of fun and it had some beautiful music.

But I can definitely understand why the characters might have turned some people off the game. I could easily have had Nooj here, what with his horrific design. Ultimately, Brother makes my list. I quite liked him in X… because he didn’t talk. Brother’s voice is so ridiculously grating, I’d rather listen to a 10-hour loop of Real Emotion. His worst line? “Party! (insert ear-splitting laugh here) Party!”

He also has a creepy obsession with his cousin, Yuna.

Overall, he’s just an unpleasant character. I enjoyed stepping on his unconscious body in that one part of the game (see above).


1. Cait Sith (VII)

I wish I had a more original choice for number one but… it’s Cait Sith. This moogle/cat/robot/monster is the worst Final Fantasy character, in my opinion. I doubt very many people will disagree with me. I’m sure Gau and Vanille have their fans but Cait Sith seems to be universally hated. Some people hate his design—I actually quite like it. Others hate using him in battle—I enjoyed the randomness factor of his dice limit break.

The reason I hate him is just that I have absolutely no idea how this character works. I have so many questions and I’m going to list them all.

Is Cait Sith a monster? Is it a robot? Is the cat itself a monster and the mog a robot, or vice versa? Supposedly, the thing that the cat sits on is a moogle, yet it’s the strangest moogle I’ve ever seen. It is revealed later in VII that Reeve is controlling Cait Sith from Shinra headquarters. By remote control? By magic? There’s a scene in the game where Reeve is taken to prison. Is he still controlling it in prison? In the movie Advent Children, we only see the cat. Is Reeve still controlling this thing? It made sense in the game because he was a spy, but in Advent Children? That’s just weird.

Not to mention the scene at the Temple of the Ancients where Cait Sith "sacrifices" himself and then a new copy appears five minutes later. Was that supposed to be emotional or something?

So if anyone can answer all of the questions above, I will happily call myself a Cait Sith fan. But for now, I vote Cait Sith as the worst Final Fantasy character of all time.

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