6 Games Like Diablo for PC

Updated on March 27, 2016
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Ever since the epic hack-and-slash role-playing game was launched in 1996, there were quite a few good and bad games like Diablo released for PC. While the bad games disappeared into oblivion, the good ones are still played and admired for being worthy clones of the original game. Here are some of the best RPGs that have wowed the gaming crowd for their brilliant level design and visuals.

1. Sacred

Sacred has multi-layered role-playing elements and an open-ended environment. With a medieval setting and huge mythical monsters, the RPG is exploration-based.

In Sacred, there are 6 characters to choose from. Each character offers a variety of skills and abilities. There are a few gameplay innovations, especially in the combat department. But the combat still lags behind if we compare it with Diablo.

Sacred’s visuals are excellent, and at par with the first two games of the original series, in fact much better. It offers a good multiplayer mode and a nice skill system. Battles are fast-paced and quests provide lots of challenges. All in all, Sacred is a decent RPG, in spite of a poor combat system, and a definite thumbs-up from me if you are looking for a good solid role-playing game for your PC.

2. Darkstone

Like the cult hack-and-slash title, Darkstone features a nasty antagonist, random quests, dungeons to explore and some cool character classes to choose. What sets it apart from the original is the character combination feature. Yes, you can play two characters at a time to fight monsters.

There are 8 character classes, and each character class can be combined with another to create a wonderful double team against enemies. This also increases the replay value. There are also plenty of dungeon levels and random quests to complete.

Multiplayer mode is excellent, allowing you to team up with your friend, who assumes the role of the second character. My only gripe about the game is the poor spell system.The game can be replayed with new character combos and a randomly generated quest.

The game visuals are polished and allow players to change camera angles. In comparison to its “clone”, the original RPG title has a rather fixed isometric view. Combat is decent and adds more depth, thanks to the two character combo system.

3. Torchlight

Torchlight is a stripped-down Diablo clone that sticks to standard role-playing formula. The game has unique cartoonish graphics and hack and slash combat system, which makes gameplay more fun and engaging.

TorchLight offers three classes to choose from and fun customization options. There are mini side-quests and plenty of unique steam-punk weapon choices. The enemies, from the evil looking minions to the huge out-of-the-box boss monsters, are wonderfully illustrated and animated. This dungeons crawler has randomized levels, offering a new gameplay experience every time a player chooses a new character and plays.

The only drawback is that it doesn't have a multiplayer mode. However, some dedicated gamers have developed a multiplayer mod that can be installed after a little tweaking. With simple controls, good comic book-like visuals and some awesome monsters to kill, Torchlight is a game you will love to play.

4. Din’s Curse

Din’s Curse is an indie hack-and-slash dungeon crawler game. There are plenty of character combinations and an endless number of randomly generated levels to play. Some excellent tweaking options allow players to change the game settings. Players can switch to fast-paced actions or monster skills and even change the difficulty settings.

The game does not have a main villain (No, Din is not the main villain, but a “God” who needs to be pleased by the “Hero” to save himself from the curse). After each successful mission, the player gets an opportunity to explore the new world, where a brand new set of quests awaits.

When compared to other games like Diablo for PC, Din’s Curse’s visuals aren’t up to the mark. The unpolished visuals look poor on the laptop screen. The 3D graphics are a bit primitive. Serious RPG fans will still adore everything that the game offers.

5. Throne of Darkness

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With a medieval Japan setting, Throne of Darkness breathes fresh air into the traditional RPG formula. While there are many gameplay elements similar to the isometric title, it’s the combat that stands out from the crowd. Instead of the usual hack and slash combat, there is some tactical team-play involved. Gamers can choose up to 4 characters in real-time and can launch a variety of preset formations to fight monsters.

Throne of Darkness’s isometric perspective is quite similar to the original game. The visuals are neat and the Japanese setting done really well. The tactical combat is what makes it unique and engaging. With a good combat system, a neat spell system and a medieval setting, this game offers a satisfying gameplay experience.

6. Loki: Heroes of Mythology

Featuring mythic heroes, Loki has a great medieval myth-inspired environment, but does not have any unique gameplay mechanic to be proud of. There are 4 great campaigns, of which the final campaign tasks players to defeat the evil Seth.

The character classes are heroes from ancient Norse, Aztec and Greek mythos. The monsters too have a Greek, Egyptian and Aztec myth connection. You will fight deadly tarantulas, troublesome scarabs and strange desert creatures on your way and finally get to meet the campaign boss.

Loki's level design and atmospheric music is top notch. All 4 campaigns are diverse and compelling. Mythology-inspired quests are varied and won’t bore you at all. Overall, Loki: Heroes of Mythology is good solid role-playing game with some excellent Greek mythology-inspired plot.

All in-game screenshots, courtesy of their game publishers.


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  • Paul Garand profile image

    Jake Clawson 

    2 years ago from Kazakhstan

    Grim Dawn and Titan Quest are awesome too.

  • profile image

    Diablo Fan 

    7 years ago

    What about Forgotten Elements?

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    You forgot Titan's Quest, arguably the best Diablo clone ever.


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