Top 10 Legendary Pokemon

Updated on September 3, 2018
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In-between Pokemon journeys, Jeremy enjoys working as a pharmaceutical chemist and campus manager.

Legendary Pokemon

Rare, powerful, and supposedly one-of-a-kind, legendary Pokemon have long captivated fans of the Pokemon universe. Although each game offers several to capture in regular gameplay, many can only be found in special real-world Pokemon events. This frustrates some trainers, but it admittedly adds to the feelings of awe when obtaining them.

With dozens of options spanning all elements, which mythical creatures reign supreme? These are the top ten legendary Pokemon!


10. Lugia

Type: Psychic/Flying
Base Stat Total: 680
Introduced in: Pokemon Gold and Silver (Generation 2)

Surprisingly, despite being the guardian of the seas, Lugia bears no Water element, although it helpfully learns some potent Water techniques. Its defensive prowess combined with a useful hidden ability that reduces damage when at max health (Multiscale) make it a strong tank. Offensively, signature move Aeroblast inflicts high damage with a good critical chance, and Lugia's other attacks encompass a variety of types, shaping it into a surprisingly competent all-around battler.

Compared to Johto counterpart Ho-oh, Lugia bears more overall weaknesses, but a greater range of offensive moves. It also has no moves that hit it for quadrupled damage (watch out for Rock, Ho-oh) and it was particularly powerful back in its day, where Steel and Dark types capable of type-trumping it were rare. Lugia proved popular enough among fans to star in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, where it gained a unique Shadow Lugia form.


9. Zekrom

Type: Dragon/Electric
Base Stat Total: 680
Introduced in: Pokemon Black and White (Generation 5)

With its sleek black design, Unova's Zekrom electrified many fanatics. Its type bears four weaknesses but six resistances, and no type deals 4x damage to it, making the rare Dragon/Electric combo a useful pairing. Its stats are fairly balanced, with the exception of a superb Attack, offering Zekrom impressive physical power.

Its movepool is neither great nor terrible, hitting all the right beats without going beyond. Sadly, a lackluster ability (Teravolt) and the introduction of the Fairy type (which trumps dragons) in Generation 6 slightly hinder this still-formidable beast.

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Giratina (Origin Forme)Giratina (Altered Forme)
Giratina (Origin Forme)
Giratina (Origin Forme) | Source
Giratina (Altered Forme)
Giratina (Altered Forme)

8. Giratina

Type: Dragon/Ghost
Base Stat Total: 680
Introduced in: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (Generation 4)

A Pokemon from Sinnoh with its own unique typing (ironically being weak to both its own elements), Giratina possesses five weaknesses but six resistances and two immunities, limiting adversaries' aggressive options. It brandishes a variety of Ghost moves, including signature attack Shadow Force, alongside a few other types. Thanks to its twin forms, Giratina also affords several abilities to choose from, like Levitate to negate Ground moves or Telepathy to avoid damage from allies in team matches.

Overall, Giratina satisfies Trainers searching for a great tank considering its stupendous Hit Points, Defense, and Special Defense, plus its potential defensive ability and numerous resistances.

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RayquazaMega Rayquaza
Rayquaza | Source
Mega Rayquaza
Mega Rayquaza | Source

7. Rayquaza

Type: Dragon/Flying
Base Stat Total: 680
Introduced in: Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire (Generation 3)

Stemming from Hoenn, the original legendary Dragon Rayquaza descends with incredible offensive powers and good typing, although it must beware the 4x multiplier from pesky Ice moves.

Rayquaza wields stupendous Attack and Special Attack, but learns only a few types of moves while leveling, and will need to be augmented with TMs and other technique-developing methods. Its default ability, Air Lock, negates weather effects, which can be helpful but is too situational to rank among the best abilities. Overall, it's a fearsome predator only detrimented by those darn Ice attacks and a stale ability.

Mega Rayquaza
Type: Dragon/Flying
Base Stat Total: 780

Retaining its type, Mega Rayquaza not only increases its stats to monstrous amounts, it also gains a much better ability, Delta Stream, which prevents Flying Pokemon from suffering increased damage against otherwise super-effective types. In essence, both issues with the base form are solved, skyrocketing Rayquaza to new heights even in modern contests.


6. Yveltal

Type: Dark/Flying
Base Stat Total: 680
Introduced in: Pokemon X and Y (Generation 6)

A rare Dark-typed legendary, Yveltal's high Attack and Special Attack allow it to effectively assault foes with both direct and indirect strikes. Signature move Oblivion Wing uses this offense to great effect by restoring 75% of the damage it deals. Sadly, the technique is Flying type, which won't stack with the Dark Aura ability that powers up all Dark moves on the field. Nonetheless, Dark Aura is still a great attribute that can aid both Yveltal and its allies.

While leveling, Yveltal learns the expected Flying and Dark moves alongside a scattering of Dragon, Fighting, and Psychic attacks. If compared to its Kalos counterpart, Xerneas, well...


5. Xerneas

Type: Fairy
Base Stat Total: 680
Introduced in: Pokemon X and Y (Generation 6)

A rare Fairy legendary, Xerneas brandishes several boons. Its type is only weak to Poison and Steel but resists three elements and is completely immune to Dragon! Furthermore, the ability Fairy Aura boosts the power of Fairy moves, which coupled with the same-type-attack-bonus and Xerneas's offensive stat-spread (interestingly, the exact same as Yveltal's) makes it Fairy techniques absolutely lethal.

Beyond that, Xerneas learns a fantastic number of non-Fairy moves while leveling, increasing its type coverage and always keeping opponents on their toes.


4. Solgaleo

Type: Psychic/Steel
Base Stat Total: 680
Introduced in: Pokemon Sun and Moon (Generation 7)

Unlike most of its brethren, Solgaleo belongs to an evolution chain, and is one of the most well-balanced legendaries stat-wise, slightly favoring HP and Attack. In later levels, the lionlike beast acquires Fire, Rock, Grass, and Normal moves to round out its Psychic and Steel arsenal, and its useful ability Full Metal Body prevents stat reduction. The technique Morning Sun also lets Solgaleo heal itself, recovering additional health during the intense sunlight weather condition.

Solgaleo holds a huge advantage over Alola counterpart Lunala when it comes to typing, where Solgaleo harbors a jaw-dropping nine resistances—plus an immunity—with only four weaknesses and no 4x damage weaknesses.

Dialga | Source

3. Dialga

Type: Dragon/Steel
Base Stat Total: 680
Introduced in: Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (Generation 4)

One of several legendaries able to control time, Dialga serves as the mascot of Pokemon Diamond. Its stats are well-balanced, but favor Special Attack. Couple this with its indirect unique attack, Roar of Time (basically a Dragon version of Hyper Beam), and you've got an easy way to deal astonishing damage with little effort.

While Dialaga can only select from the lukewarm Pressure and Telepathy as its abilities, it enjoys arguably the best type combination of all legendaries. Being weak (and not 4x weak) to only Fighting and Ground, Dialga resist nine elements and completely ignores one! This gives the offense-oriented battler a surprising degree of vitality, surviving long enough to recover from the recharge period Road of Time demands.

Primal Groudon
Primal Groudon

2. Groudon

Type: Ground
Base Stat Total: 670
Introduced in: Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire (Generation 3)

A rare Ground legendary, Groudon's intimidating form appropriately focuses on Attack and Defense. While its base stat total is a pinch lower than today's other entries, Groudon possesses a tantalizing ability, Drought, that automatically creates sunlight (like the Sunny Day move). This powers up Fire, weakens Water, and lets it use its Grass-typed attack Solarbeam without needing to charge, a fine addition to its arsenal as it makes Water foes eager to attack a Ground Pokemon nervous. Finally, Groudon learns Fighting and Fire moves in addition to Ground, and its Rest technique heals itself fully at the cost of falling asleep for two turns.

Primal Groudon
Type: Ground/Fire
Base Stat Total: 770

Primal Groudon, functioning similarly to a Mega Pokemon, lumbers in with impressive stats and a terrific ability, Desolate Land, which amplifies the effects of regular harsh sunlight by entirely negating Water-type attacks (which would otherwise hit Primal Groudon hit for quadrupled damage). Bearing that in mind, it wields a fantastic number of resistances (seven!), suffers double damage only from fellow Ground-type moves, and tears foes asunder with its awesome Attack stat.

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Mew and MewtwoMega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y
Mew and Mewtwo
Mew and Mewtwo
Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y
Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y

1. Mewtwo

Type: Psychic
Base Stat Total: 680
Introduced in: Pokemon Red and Blue (Generation 1)

A manmade Pokemon cloned from Mew's DNA, the iconic Mewtwo has long terrorized opponents. With incredible Special Attack and Speed, it often vanquishes foes before they can strike back. Mewtwo can also heal itself with Recover, and when it first debuted, Steel and Dark types didn't yet exist, making Psychic monsters the undisputed kings of Kanto.

If Mewtwo has a weakness, it's an underwhelming ability (Pressure) and a limited-type movepool. However, TMs and such can expand its options, and like Charizard, Mewtwo can morph into one of two Mega forms, further increasing its versatility.

Mega Mewtwo X
Type: Psychic/Fighting
Base Stat Total: 780

As of this writing, Mega Mewtwo's forms share the highest stat total (along with Mega Rayquaza). X's Attack is skyrocketed here, making the additon of the Fighting type more than welcome, although Special Attack remains high enough to stay viable. Both defensive scores are balanced, making it to difficult to exploit a weakness in this fearsome fighter.

Mega Mewtwo Y
Type: Psychic
Base Stat Total: 780

Retaining its original type, Mega Mewtwo Y's Special Attack increases to ungodly proportions. Its Special Defense and Speed also exceed that of X, but its Defense actually drops from its base form, exposing a potential weakness of an otherwise fantastic Pokemon.

Which Pokemon is your favorite?

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With dozens of legendaries to browse, narrowing the list to just ten was a daunting challenge. As strong as these fellas are, remember that most competitions ban or restrict their usage, so adjust accordingly when constructing your ultimate team.

As we count the days until our next Pokemon expedition, where we'll undoubtedly encounter more mystifying mythical monsters, vote for your favorite legendary, and I'll see you at our next Pokemon countdown!

Questions & Answers

  • Why isn’t Lunala on the list?

    Lunala simply didn't quite make the cut. There are so many legendaries, but so few spaces.

  • Is Golurk a good Pokemon?

    He's okay. He is immune to three types and has several resistances. But his base stat is only decent base, and he has five weaknesses.

  • Which pokemon is better, Lunala or Mewtwo?

    I'd say Mewtwo.

  • Why is Mega Rayquaza not in first place?

    Hey, at least Rayquaza made the list. When looking at these Pokemon, I factored in both their Mega and regular forms where applicable. In my humble opinion, Mewtwo's normal state (plus two different Mega options) definitely trumps Rayquaza in overall usefulness.

    Plus, there's no denying Mewtwo's iconic status and absolute superiority in the generation where it debuted thanks to Dark and Steel's absence, and unlike Rayquaza's Ice fragility, it doesn't have a quadruple weakness.

  • Isn't Arceus powerful? It's a legendary right?

    It's true that Arceus currently has the highest total base stat total of all Pokemon, excluding mega evolutions. So why isn't it here? Well, first, there's its lackluster ability that can shift its type to whatever type of Plate its holding. This lets you alter Arceus's element, sure, but doing so uses both an ability and a held item slot that could have been used for better purposes.

    Then, Arceus's base type (Normal) isn't particularly good defensively, and Arceus doesn't learn many important moves while leveling, although its broad access to TMs helps there. Overall, it's definitely strong, but a different legendary with a useful ability and cleverly held item could probably take an Arceus.

© 2018 Jeremy Gill


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      7 weeks ago

      It running hypnosis and dream eater or dark void is OP

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      2 months ago

      Finnally someone remebers zekrom i love zekrom and now that he should have a gx card i cant wait zekrom is also my favorite pokemon


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