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"Torchlight II": High Strength No Dexterity Berserker Build

Arc is a self-help author/speaker and AI thinker. He also make apps as a side hustle.

This build is all about raw strength and letting your charge provide the critical strike.

The damage output that this build unleashes is surprisingly brutal. Especially when your charge bar is full (frenzy state) and every attack you throw lands critical strike.

The Berserker is capable of delivering heavy damage.

The Berserker is capable of delivering heavy damage.


  • Strength (395 Stat Points): The main stat for this build. It increases weapon damage and critical hit damage.
  • Vitality (100 Stat Points): Since the lack of dexterity means low dodge chance, more vitality will cover you.


Here are the skills needed for this build.

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Hunter (46 Skill Points)

  • Battle Rage (15 Skill Points): This skill is your offensive and defensive buff. The more enemies around, the better your damage output will be. You'll also receive less punishment. The buff lasts for a minute and the cooldown is lower, so you can always have this skill on.
  • Ravage (15 Skill Points): Ravage damages all foes within reach using a fierce series of slashes. The high strength from this build makes this skill deadlier. You can cast this skill almost infinitely with Battle Standard’s mana regeneration.
  • Executioner (15 Skill Points): This build still stick to dual wielding. Executioner makes you strike with two weapons frequently, even without focus stats. It also increases your charge rate, which this build really needs.
  • Rampage (1 Skill Point): This passive skill grants a chance to have faster attack, cast, and movement speed when you kill an enemy. A single point for this passive skill is enough. You get more chances the more enemies are around.

Tundra (24 Skill Points)

  • Cold Steel Mastery (15 Skill Points): A good reason to add ice damage bonus to your melee weapon is because of this skill. It provides a massive bonus to melee ice damage and a slight bonus to physical damage.
  • Shatter Storm (1 Skill Point): I put a single point on this passive skill for a bonus chance to freeze or immobilize whenever you kill frozen enemies. Since this skill is not your priority, don’t waste more points.
  • Rage Retaliation (8 Skill Points): Let enemies regret attacking you when they feel your high damage. Put your remaining points on this skill. It grants you the ability to counter attack when struck by nearby enemies.

Shadow (62 Skill Points)

  • Wolf Shade (15 Skill Points): Summon Wolf Shade to assist you in dealing with enemies. This companion can also steal health for you.
  • Savage Rush (1 Skill Point): Resource wise, a single point for this active skill is enough. You mainly use this skill for faster movement speed.
  • Battle Standard (15 Skill Points): Summon this skill to increase you and your allies dodge chance, knockback resistance, charge rate, and mana recovery. The active skill covers your low dodge chance, your charge rate, and mana.
  • Frenzy Mastery (15 Skill Points): Since this build relies on its critical strike on frenzy, this passive skill can increase the duration of state.
  • Shred Armor (15 Skill Points): Stealing your enemies armor makes them squishy and lets you become harder on each hit. Combine this with high weapon damage, and the bosses will be dead in no time.
  • Red Wolf (1 Skill Points): The skill provides a chance to deal extra damage when you land a critical strike. I just put single point in this skill since you won’t land critical strikes often when not in a frenzy state.

Spell Tome

  • Spell: Heal All - You need healing for survivability, especially on elite difficulty. Sharing it to your allies is better.
  • Tome: Dual Wielding - Improves your damage when dual wielding.
  • Tome: Weapon Expertise - The tome improves the damage of your melee weapons, like claws, swords, axes, maces, and polearms.
  • Tome: Willpower - You need resistance to slow and immobilizing effects since you are a melee build.

Equipment Affixes Priority

  • Dual wield melee weapons: I actually discourage using claws for this build since its requirements are dexterity. But it’s up to you.
  • Bonus ice damage on weapons: You can usually have ice damage by adding ice gems (embers) to socketable weapons.
  • Health stolen on hit: You need this for survivability, especially on elite difficulty.
  • Attack speed: More attack speed means better damage and lots of health stolen.
  • Bonus charge rate: It's better to fill up your charge bar faster since you need to be in a frenzy state.

Feel free to try your own variants. Suggestions are always appreciated.

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